Lajoie, Jon - High As Fuck Lyrics

Have you ever watched the sun go down?
And you're thinking bout' the world spinning round
Have you ever been high as fuck?

You're in the bathroom mirror talking to yourself
And your dog's looking at you like you need help
Have you ever been high as fuck?

And then you feel your heart pumping really fast
And you're convinced that you're gonna have a heart attack
Have you ever been high as fuck?

You close your eyes and you're on a chicken farm
The only problem's that the chickens have human arms
You say "that's fucked up, why do the chickens have human arms?"

You need snacks so you walk to the corner store
But you're scared because you think that they will know you're high
So you walk around the block to buy some time

You finally decide to go into the store
But you're so high you don't know why you're there anymore
So you just buy a pack of gum and get the hell out of there

You're walking home and you're mouth is dry
You should have bought some juice and snacks
But you were too high

Thinking 'bout ketchup chips
And for some reason the game Battleship

And you start thinking about how fun it was to play games
like battleship when you were a kid
and how, as we get older we forget how to play and just to enjoy ourselves
so you say "Guess What? I'm gonna make up a game right now
and it involves a baseball bat and a porcupine
and I'm gonna try to kill a porcupine with a baseball bat
but then you don't know where to find a porcupine so
you do a search on ebay but people don't sell porcupines on the internet
and you say "You know what world? You've got me cornered again!"
I'm gonna roll another joint

You ever eat a whole bag of crackers that were so old
That they weren't crispy anymore?
Have you ever been high... as fuck?

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Lajoie, Jon High As Fuck Comments
  1. Mike Lemay

    I am high as fuck right now in late 2019!!!! Anyone with me!?!?!?!!!!???

  2. skOsH

    One time...I jedi flipped...and I think I got too high.

    I had fractals and glyphs as closed eye visuals for a month.

    Thought I was tripping for seven straight days--actually, 16 hours. Complete ego death for an hour or so.

    I wouldn't recommend it unless you're very comfortable with your set and setting and know your dosages.

  3. Aaroni Pepperoni


  4. Aiming_For_Gaming

    my anthem

  5. shin akuma

    z house

  6. Niko Bellic

    Z House

  7. THE FriendlyPotato1

    Wasn’t he in “the league?”

  8. S Mudge

    This is song is so good

  9. Hater Hater

    This song will shoot you right down out of a bad high❤️

  10. A A

    Man this is really, really a good candidate as a persisting Jon lajoie song. Everyone can relate to this. I can show my porcupines grand daughter this - it's a one in a mil. Nah but its stood the test of time k gonna do other stuff thanks again jon peace

  11. Jonathan Li

    Whoever made this is definelty high as fuck

  12. Tom Paulie


  13. GroovyYoshi

    I'm very certain that i'm the only person here who hasn't smoked weed

    Devilish Lyrics

    nope you're not alone

  14. Darrell Latham

    Purple Punch brought me here. EDNCS!

  15. Pink Guy

    im here for fishtank

  16. Ziedrych Roe Baltazar

    this guy had the best drugs.

  17. Sir Meliodas!

    This video needs 100,000,000 views. It's so funny and perfect 😄

  18. Devils Kinx

    I’m high and this is making me feel like I’m gonna get a heart attack

  19. Starving Bruddah

    Yes i always am high as fuck i maintain that status pretty steady pacing myself tho so no worries

  20. Anthony Truman

    this song is deep

  21. Alan Ibanez

    I'm high as fuck

  22. Anthony Settee

    This song is still one of the most beautiful things i've ever heard

  23. Katherine Knight

    Omg YAS

  24. Daniel Briseno

    Ive once ate an entire bottle of vitamin c cause i was out of snacks

  25. 911LILMAN

    I feel like I’ve heard this in a movie tho I knew this song before I knew this song but where??? If that makes sense...

    Anthony Truman

    911LILMAN it was in the Wizard of Oz

  26. Antony Courtney

    who is high as fuck literally right now?

  27. Youssef Refaat

    I love this song

  28. Jacob Summers

    Solid ass legend !!

  29. Nathaniel Boerigter

    "That's fucked up, why do the chickens have human arms?" Kills me everytime.

  30. James Strong

    In Sophmore year high school I smoked 50 bucks worth of meth in a period of 8 hours all by myself I’m 36 now. I was High af ever hehe. I only did it very rarely I don’t do that no more though.

  31. jason robertson

    Is there a download for this on ITUNES ?

  32. Bojan Gnjidic

    Sad.....time flies by.... I remember when in high school i was like 16 and listen this thinking im soo cool and that whole world is mine .... Now I'm 23 and tryiny to find a reason not to kill myself....

    Van Kallahan

    Be like Nike; just do it!

    tucus • 14 years ago

    Dont care about what he says bro

  33. Wolffenhaus Merry

    Still the best.


    So relatable

  35. Cyberian Biohazard

    Lol! Perfect! 😆

  36. BaboonMF

    I'm on eBay right now, looking for porcupines. No luck so far.

  37. emotional_support_ghost


  38. PAW Team

    This is lowkey good

  39. Lorenzo Gonzalez

    Best. Pot. Song. Ever.

  40. Chrissy Mccauley

    Never gets old.

  41. Chris Walsh

    high school(the movie)

  42. cmmcdonald326

    How the eff does this only have 1.1M views?

  43. ThatSly B

    Sad this video came out 8 years ago. It would have 200 mil views nowadays

  44. Sannin of the Sound

    Yes, yes I have.

  45. SilenceOf TheYams

    Jon Lajoie made me the man i am today. don't know if i should admit to that or not though lol

  46. Jimbo .B

    This is still a classico!!

  47. Ray Stevenson

    You're just great...

  48. Tony Long

    Does anyone else use youtube like its social media?

  49. gegervary

    Where’d you go bro!?

  50. XenoTitan246

    Thinking I'm having a heart attack right now or going crazy, came here instead. Must be high as fuck

  51. Swove's World

    Here because I was convinced I was gonna have a heart attack 👌

  52. Mike Ruffin

    I am right now and that’s how I got here. First time hearing this. First part of the song I thought oh no not my style then he said high as fuck. This made me chuckle in a part or two of the song. I wouldn’t want to beat a porcupine. Wait, I’m HAF

  53. Shane Parks

    Have you ever tried to beat up a chain link fence because you thought it was talking shit, have you ever been high as fuck?

  54. Granola Bob

    i drink but this is fuckn bad ayusss

  55. jessica shotwell

    Haha I am high af!! This is my jam !!

  56. MadBruvPlayz

    Anyone watching in 2019

  57. Joe Mama

    My friend turned me onto this in 08 when we were both just little 10th grade stoner felons-to-be. Man time flies when you're high as fuck.

  58. Semper Fortis

    This guy should have won a Grammy Award.

  59. Anna S.

    Omg I love this song. I'm high as fuuuuuuuuk 😂❤️❤️❤️

  60. Tyler Venable

    When you’re high as fuuuccckkkkkk
    and search “Im high as fuck” on youtube.

  61. Benniloco

    I am totally getting high as fuck, right now, as I live and breathe!!! Thank you Cannabis!!! :-) DABS UP!!!

  62. Michel Spiegel

    Yes I have

  63. Bryan Mares

    high school days...ben..cory..or jay miss yall man if yall reading this best days partying in high scholl with yall 💯

  64. Andrew Fallon

    I can't see that far, turn down the music!

  65. Allan Mccann

    Ive done that whole store story

  66. Kyle Dorsey

  67. Kevin Since

    " you start,hinking about how fun it was to play games like battleship when you're a kid. & how as we get older we forget how to play & just tah enjoy,ourselves. "

    Kevin Since

    u know,hat world. You got me cornered agaiN.

  68. Tim Corkern

    I'm sure someone's pointed this out by now bc this is old; + I know it ain't off Ebay, but you CAN buy a porcupine on the internet now. Just that the 1st I found was $4k for a breeding pair tho. So economically, it'd be wise to make more b4 u take the bat to them.....js.

  69. Charley Walker

    2019 here :'D high asf

  70. Fraser Sweeney

    The battleship speech had me in tears 😂

  71. Yabing Z

    everyday regular norrmal m*th*rf*ck*r

  72. Connor Chaffee

    I'm here from 2019

  73. pimplyface64

    how does this not have over 100 mil views?!?!

  74. Nikki Eagle

    Dude they really made catsup chips a thing & they were fn bomb they tasted like fries with catsup......then they went away......come back catsup chips!!!!!

  75. Lying

    High as fuckk rn

  76. Calvertron

    This guy literally copy and pasted Jon Lajoie’s video onto YouTube and called it his own, go fuck yourself you human piece of garbage! Go and the support the REAL creator of this video here guys!

  77. Barry McCockiner

    HIGH school brought me here

  78. kozie Q

    This keyboard looks like a Mario world game. These letters look hell small to. For some reason I see these letters and they look like black houses. Like a night in the knight time. I'm in math and they are so fucken loud it makes my head vibrate like a bell. The fan is blowing so fucken hard to. My math teacher teaching ratios and n shit. This para talking she is! Wtf he loud asf to for no reason. The fuck is a zipline form. Of shit she teaching math. Aye why are letters involved in a equation if there letters math is numbers da fuck. Down low on my pee hole fym. She said underwear slole💀.

  79. David Milroy

    im in his big sweaty hands now!

  80. zebras don't fly for a reason

    ...yep, right now...

  81. Josef Mária Cajthaml

    How old is this video??

  82. Tourettes Guy

    All jokes aside, John sings really well.

  83. Colin Winkelmann

    Actually yes, you can buy porcupine online,

  84. Billy Jax

    Classic 💯

  85. shbsuri

    I have been high as fuck. It was terrifying...

  86. Jah OG

    Happy fkn 420
    World, you got me cornered again.

  87. Jah OG

    Randomly popped up in my head when i was Mook choppin
    Sht is accurate af

  88. Alyssa Ramroop

    today is the most appropriate day to watch this

  89. big boi

    Currently fried

  90. kai russell

    Only time I got "🎵high as fuck🎵 was my first time dabbing. I had smoked for years and had a high tolerance. I didn't know you weren't really supposed to hold your hits in. I did a .8 of some high grade shatter and I got the whole thing in a hit. Then held that shit in for like 5 seconds. And when I blew out that hit my lungs exploded. I coughed for like 20 minutes straight but then I was 🎵high as fuck🎵. I had an anxiety attack but I didn't get paranoid.

    Beforehand, my friend is like "you dont need to do that much" "I'm like, I got i t dog" cocky as shit. He's unassured but says okay. When he realizes I'm holding the hit in he says " oh no here it comes " as I'm blowing out my hit. As I'm coughing I'm instantly sweating out of every orifice. It was fun, and rough at the same time. I didn't know what I was getting myself into lol. Dab with caution.

  91. Charles Keefer

    Box of cookies broke free masonry.

  92. Craig Jones

    Looked like ontario mountains and then he said ketchup chips. why was he high as fuck? canada.

  93. Sean Beezy

    “Should of bought some chips and snacks but you were too high” accurate af😂

  94. Twenny Bux

    i can relate to this song

  95. Zachary Watson

    This is my anthem