Lajoie, Jon - Everyday Normal Guy Lyrics

I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
Nothing special about me Mother Fucka
I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
When I go to the clubs I wait in line Mother Fucka
I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
I got 600 dollars In the bank Mother Fucka
I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
And my sexual performances are average

I work at customer service for a phone company
I make 12 bucks an hour but that's all I need
I live in a small apartment on a quiet street
I don't go out too much I like to watch TV
I cant afford a car I use public transportation
I don't mind I read 'til I reach my destination
Sometimes a newspaper, sometimes a book
The amount of money I save this shit is off the hook

And i am not very good with the women
I'm a pretty shy person and I'm average looking
Last time I had sex was in 2003
And I am ashamed to admit but it wasn't free

I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
I get nervous in social situations Mother Fucka
I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
I get constipated once a month Mother Fucka
I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
And i make pretty good spaghetti sauce Mother Fucka
I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
And I get scared when I go see the dentist

I'm the "Pauly Shore" of everyday life
Easily forgettable and I am not very liked
I have an "According to Jim" personality
I'm as entertaining as a fucking STD

If you wanna mess with me I think you probably can
Because I am not confident and i am weak for a man
I'll just roll up in a ball while you kick me in the back, yeah
Honestly I probably wont fight back
And I don't have many friends that would back me up
My friend Steve would but he doesn't look very tough

If you rarely get laid put your hands up
If you're not well paid put your hands up
If you got a pet cat put your hands up
And if you got a bad back put your hands up

I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
My parents are really nice people Mother Fucka
I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
I am somewhat afraid of heights Mother Fucka
I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
I like the show "Greys Anatomy" Mother Fucka
I am just a regular everyday normal guy...
And I am pretty good at making paper planes

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Lajoie, Jon Everyday Normal Guy Comments

    Truest rapper!

  2. Nemanja Krstic

    1:49 i never related so much in my life

  3. Ashskell

    I love this song

  4. Michael Ziemer

    I got an ad for antidepressants

  5. Luthoratemybaby

    It's your birthday today, what's that mean I guess I'll try to explain...

  6. A. A. Ron Balakay

    Wow 12 years and still going strong.

  7. Zee

    why now??

  8. Jude Clownworld

    what the hell is this?


    Everyday Normal Guy

    Jude Clownworld

    @KingLich that explains everything

  9. MrNuts70

    Why is the upload date gone!?
    WTF youtube...

    Johnny Erinn

    It's still there. 2007

  10. Pedro Baca

    The Ages 3030
    817 Tx

  11. DGA Sulbanlí

    If he looks average, then i look like shit.

  12. Lord Fartquad

    My parents really are nice people tho....


  13. Otis VanGundy

    Is this the dude from that show The League?

  14. The ХАЙП

    This is first video?

  15. Zhongming Zhao

    I wonder how is he now

  16. M P

    2010: ha ha that's so funny
    2019: that's so sad

  17. Jessica Evoy

    Was watching the LEGO movie2 and saw he produced a few songs from the soundtrack I lost my mind! I remember everyday normal guy!!! I was like that’s no way it’s the same guy!! It was omg! Brought me back here, haha.

  18. Pavel Hynek

    My nipples hurts

  19. Maverick PlayS


    Иө Fun


    Maverick PlayS

    @Иө Fun really nigga

  20. ThisIsSharkAttack

    i put my hand up for my pet cat, wish i could get the same vibes from him...

  21. Frank Cody

    Fuck off everytime I watch this video I start laugh like the joker and I don’t stop.

  22. Mr. X

    I’m as entertaining as a fucking STD


  23. Mesh News //

    How many "Bye Felicias" you gotta hear from me till you act like your leaving me, dumbshit

  24. Seth Butler

    Who needs money when you can watch JonLajoie videos! Lol wish this guy would post more.

  25. Jahanzeb Ali

    Holy shit, I remember watching this the I was little. YouTube recommended it to me in 2019

  26. Jonas Müller

    Meme legend 2019

    Ryan Smith

    This is in no way a meme.

  27. joecalkinsofapril

    This is Taco right?


    OMG! Watched this 12 year ago....... still perfect! 👍👍👍👍🏽😄😄😄😄😄👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😄😄😄

  29. Andrew Hildreth

    How did this dude write a song about my life

  30. brownpunk

    I know this is a joke but can someone who lives in the US tell you get wiggers like this walking around in public?


    Jimmy K

    brownpunk no this is a parody


    @Jimmy K i realise.that but i heard some ppl actually walk around like this and act wannabe gangsta

  31. Pep Abukas

    the lyrics is so honest..maybe he sing his life..

  32. Caner Dalgc

    oh nice, only 12 years passes since i first listened to this..

  33. Kyle Imough

    this youtube algorithm tho

  34. Inkasso Meddl

    This is real real talk.

  35. Павел Киш

    I need part 3, like now.

  36. J. Graham

    He's real af

  37. J. Graham

    Why am I just finding out about his music 🖕🤣🤣


    cuz when he put this out on youtube you was still in kindergarten :DD

  38. Mohamed Mahdy

    Where is this guy now

  39. Joaquim Liengme

    I got scared when I go see the dentist. lol this guy was so ahead of us

  40. AlphaGG _

    Who still watch in 2019 ?

  41. Грэг Live

    I was growing up on your videos) you are the best, want new videos from you)

  42. Chona Castillo

  43. G - Smoke

    Why is this so big, it's total shit

  44. El Diablo


  45. MightyElemental

    came here from miki pasta

  46. A Mercer

    Damn!! 39 million+ views!!!

  47. Diego De Anda

    I would tell my friends about this song in 2nd grade and now I'm a senior and high asf

  48. Suffocate Me With Your Thighs

    am I the regular everyday normal guy

  49. battleromaha 925


  50. Aniket Maurya

    Interviewer: Why should we hire you?
    Me: 02:49

    mohammed anizi

    Aniket Maurya 😂😂

  51. Kyle Stokes

    I wish he still made music like this

  52. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

    If you're not well paid, put your hands up!

  53. Get Born Again

    Everyday normal guy now has a Net Worth of 2 Million USD in real life.
    Guess he isn't that normal anymore.

  54. Ellen Boutilier

    I can relate to this guy more than any other hip hop artist.

  55. Stephen Nidd

    "I'm as entertaining as a fucking STD" 😆😂

  56. Level100Studios

    Lmaoooo taco!!!

  57. killabees1

    I remember watching this on ebaumsworld back in the day

  58. Strife Divine

    Is that B-Rad G!?

  59. Aslam 144p

    Even he's average lookin...then who am I.....fuck

  60. A saints Life Tv

    And I get scared to see the dentist lol

  61. Jānis Strazdiņš

    That akward feeling when you are pretty good at making paper planes

  62. Zack Gabbert

    I wonder what this dude is up to these days


    Made this

  63. devonfgma

    Which do u like more

    Like= cats

  64. Azez Ghaly

    I was here

  65. Ask MiName

    Lol...funny stuff. Greys anatomy tho?

  66. Inconnou .Inconnu

    i wait in the line :rofl:

  67. Captain Chris

    Where can I get this beat??

  68. Jamaal Sabaroche

    The most relatable part is the spaghetti sauce

  69. Phlegethon

    watched this when it first came out, that's how I got on youtube

  70. Adm ivn

    Top ten rappers Eminem was afraid to diss

  71. Rishujeet Rai

    You can tell he meant it.

  72. kenzo boy

    U can tell he's a druggie

  73. Pp man

    How is this 12 years old? It feels like yesterday

  74. Total Soup


  75. TheDerpyDog

    Most relatable song ever

  76. Brandon Maceira

    Aaaaah "Taco" and raffi some great times!! God I miss the league haha

  77. kenzo boy

    2007: is this GTA 1 music????
    2008: weird....
    2009: I'm born just looking at this random "rap"
    2010: the black guy could probably beat the stupid "regular everyday normal guy"
    2011: ima get donkey Kong to beat the sh!t out of the "regular everyday normal guy
    2012: lol I ain't involved


    2019: I'm jUsT A EvErYdAy nOrMaL GuY

  78. Joshua Dickson

    man i love that little guitar outro!!

  79. ʜᴏᴜssᴇᴍ ᴀᴄʀᴏ

    The second version is better

  80. Ferit Özek

    Hey where normal guy 3

  81. Bierek

    Plis do the everyday normal guy 3

  82. im phenomenal

    "You want some of this, bitch"😂

  83. J P

    Is that taco

  84. Гроза Орехов

    I love it

  85. AltotheX

    Love that guitar riff at the end

  86. Raj Shekar

    m pretty good making paper plains! 😂

  87. SageofSorrow

    This sounds more like a loser than a normal guy lol

  88. Predador

    I'm just a regular everyday normal guy!

  89. Steven Banach

    still here in 2019.

  90. Fernando Souza Souto

    De 2007 pra 2019 aqui só tem capa do NOBRU

  91. stef xxxdGAMER

    Still listening

  92. NaingCM

    justin lukach??

  93. RegularEverydayNormalGuy

    I wake up every morning because of this song

  94. jacob s

    Well, if he is normal...

    I must be one strange motherfucker.

  95. Music Man

    It is sad how this type of rap didn't last. Would be a blast to hear this live...

  96. Fickle Fred

    This is Gold.

  97. Riko Hermansyah

    Samuel L Jackson be like : *Heavy breathing