Ladyhawke - Magic Lyrics

You came to my show, and I saw you in the crowd
I didn't know your name, I didn't know your name
I asked all my friends who you were and your story
They told me the same, they told me the same

I've left my heart to you, but it's not fair
Coz you're taking me for granted baby
I made a start with you, but it's not fair
Coz you're over the Atlantic baby

One journey for you but it's worth it
One life here with me and it's magic
One journey for you, but it's worth it
One life here with me and it's magic

You stayed in my head where I saw you all the time
I didn't think you care, I didn't think you care
I found you one day with a mouth full of attitude
And you stole me away, you stole me away

I've left my heart to you, but it's not fair
Coz you're taking me for granted baby
I made a start with you, but it's not fair
Coz you're over the Atlantic baby

One journey for you but it's worth it
One life here with me and it's magic
One journey for you, but it's worth it
One life here with me and it's magic

Coz your over the Atlantic baby
And you're taking me for granted baby
Coz you're over the Atlantic baby

One journey for you but it's worth it
One life here with me and it's magic

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Ladyhawke Magic Comments
  1. pikniknb

    This song hurts. I would sing this to my love of my life. We would hug and look into each other's eyes. He lived across the Atlantic ocean so our time was precious when we got to see each other. 😭😭😭😭 The distance tore us apart.

  2. The Fashion Cold Wars

    Some tight moves being made here...

  3. Zakynthos

    Fantastic song

  4. 466rudy

    Zonda F brought me here.

  5. SabreAnt


  6. AnonKarma

    Aspenger crew is the best in weaponized autism. Much love ;-)

  7. The Real Housewives of Melbourne

    We used this track for our 'Real Housewives of Melbourne' commerical! Check it out on our channel!

  8. FloraNB

    Is that boy just a girl with a moustache?

    Lj Cali

    Its a girl

    Welfare States

    It's a girl, because Ladyhawke is a lesbian.

  9. Miguel Mori Lopez

    Video no disponible!!????

  10. psychofred2

    I grew up in the eighties so I can accept a girl riding a unicorn to the moon, but don't they need space helmets to breathe?

  11. Carrie Wright

    I love the style of this video for some reason.
    I mean, it totally reminds me of the 80's and early 90's so is it done like that on purpose?
    Or was it just a limited budget with a creative mind at work?

    Anji Ryder

    Alot of creativity and a small budget, that's the way it goes here in New Zealand.

  12. destroumble

    I need this on spotify :(

  13. 94popart

    ''cos your'e over the atlantic baby'' <3 best lyrics ever!

  14. Jibber Yoda

    what an incredible song. ;)

  15. MrBlondieZero

    Should have gone for the black guy.  He had moves.

    The Fashion Cold Wars

    tight moves...

  16. TheBrazilian66


  17. Shaun Hamilton

    Yep. But I'd put her more in league with Ellie Goulding, Bats For Lashes, or Grimes than a Madonna mini-me like Lady Gaga (lol, Christopher Titus said it best: Lady Gaga is proof that David Bowie raped Carol Bernett!!!)

  18. silvs261


  19. The Creeper

    I'm not sure you understand why scientology is. I'm not sure that you do not understand that psychology is not a hard science. I'm also not sure that you know that I did not say that you called me a bitch. I was saying that I don't need a bunch of idiots giving me a label to bring me down to their level or in layman's terms, I'm not a bitch.

    I'm not sure you realize how stupid you truly are.

  20. The Creeper

    So you were diagnosed, congratulations.

    What did it solve? Nothing. You still have all the problems you had before but now you have a title and no matter what you do, you will always have that title even if that title proves to be inaccurate, which is likely to happen.

  21. The Creeper

    Wah wah wah. They've been trying to diagnose me for years. I refuse to do it because:
    1. The tests are stupid and inaccurate
    2. It would solve nothing
    3. I'm not a bitch.

  22. The Creeper

    What difference did having a label have on you? Were you suddenly cured? Did anything change at all? No, all that changed was that you were a few hundred dollars poorer and now had a title for what you are. Congratulations, you're a moron.

  23. MorroWolf

    dood looks like blake from workaholics but with diff hair.

  24. VelociraptorBean

    i like the video. its all retro and awesome :3

  25. February Mo

    I could hug that boy too.

  26. Jeff

    Ain't the greatest video, but thematically its an anti-Twilight. Ergo, it's helping hold the line against the destruction of our culture. And Ladyhawke rocks regardless.

  27. Katie Graham

    Great song but possibly one of the worst music videos ever

    Valar Morghulis

    six years later im here to tell you. I think you are wrong

  28. Lord Revan

    @xxYourMother you know not of which you speek. epicness isnt defined by super effects and photoshop, and video technology. it isnt defined in what you look like or appear to be. it is of the deepness inside. the true meaning behind everything that makes this and many many more things epic.

  29. Lord Revan

    @WolfBrotherVideos hell yes. im glad for comments like this. autism is an interesting thing. those who have it have an amazing brilliance that nobody can conceive at first... before you know us (i have it too) it seems like were just the opposite. we seem so distant. and then when you meet someone with autism or have an autistic child your whole perspective changes. you see the brilliance. its like pulling an antique jeweled crown from a dusty box buried in the dirt. it is AWEsome.

  30. Lord Revan

    im so happy she and i share autism in common. its so epic being as smart as we are. ive been building computers and making games sence the age of 11. yeah. shes an excelent singer and she is very easy on the eyes. i dig the accent. i didnt speek at all infront of people for years. im so happy shes gotten so well known and shes doing so well. shes epic. and so is everyone else with autism. were all good at something. i hope many more people realise our brilliance.

  31. The Creeper

    Sounds like every other generic pop song.

  32. The Creeper

    @WolfBrotherVideos Are you playing that normal people with autism aren't awesome? You know what having autism means? It means psychologists give everyone a label.

  33. HollywoodCreeper

    This music video sucks.

    AnnaLovestheLord istheBest

    Make better if you can. Also. Get in touch with me.

  34. Lels Dragoncatlady

    God damn this song is so good.

  35. Bryan Rowe


  36. tudvemppi

    @Stickmaleboy people have different options. live with it. i think her music is bad, i do not like it. i dont care if "critics" like it. i reckon some of them also like justin bieber.

  37. tudvemppi

    @Stickmaleboy I dont care what she has done ;DD her music sucks. end of. thats enough for me to say she's by no means a "very talented artist."

  38. tudvemppi

    @Stickmaleboy you sir, win "the best joke of the year" award.

  39. Luke Hempleman

    SHE WENT TO MY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. boh

    Loving her. The more and more I listen to her, the more I'm reminded of Laura Imbruglia.

    AnnaLovestheLord istheBest

    Who is Laura Imbruglia? Get int touch with me.

  41. Amy Aberrant

    @WolfBrotherVideos Autism does not make you any more or less awesome than anyone else.

  42. Kalem McMahon

    @WolfBrotherVideos She has Asperger syndrome, very different

  43. Horzzo

    This song is so powerful. Bring on the next album Ladyhawke!

  44. redyossarian

    @WolfBrotherVideos What do U mean she's got autism?


    ♥ el mejor tema de mi vida!
    ♥ the best song of my life!


    oO I just discovered her, I LIKE HER! I want to work with her!!

  47. randomizrr

    The 'guy' at the end is so an andro girl...;)

  48. Emunah es Torah

    Fuckin all-seein-eye, I see it everywhere these days...

  49. Aiden Paparoa

    @spaceorbison You cant shes a Lesbo homie

  50. Starry&Bohemian

    i think her videos make a good couple with the Asteroids Galaxy Tour videos as the ying and the yang of an oriental coin ...

  51. DrumminD21311

    I think it would be impossible to over-sexualize her. She doesn't seem to have it in her. She's like White Swan Natalie Portman in Black Swan. She walks like a man and probably never developed feminine wiles, with the autism and all. In all her videos, she always seems really uncomfortable acting and playing the role. Awkwardness just oozes from her. I think it's entirely within the realm of possibility that she's a 30 year old virgin.

  52. RubyBlue007

    i love this song

  53. Wolfbrother

    She's got autism and she's fucking awesome! :)

    AnnaLovestheLord istheBest

    Yes, she is. My dreamgirl. Read this and get in touch.,

  54. N S

    she looks like kim wilde and kinda sounds like her to AWESOME!!

  55. Fabedog9

    Can someone tell me where i can buy the snoopy shirt ladyhawke wears in the paris is burning video?....

  56. Vincent

    @spaceorbison Lol you dont think she sounds like the 80s? Denial. I'm angry because I dislike the 80s trend? Ok...

  57. Vincent

    @spaceorbison Yeah because copying the trend of the 80's coming back means you should get respect as an artist.

  58. shamsham1983

    desperate to be famous I mean like whatz up wit illuminati symbols

  59. lPauRussi

    oh illuminati! :O

  60. Jonathon Burns

    very 80s pop...i love it

  61. graiypz

    oh man shes pretty in this vid! (what vid isnt she?)

  62. bloomka87

    in this video she looks a bit like Anja Rubik - polish model,
    btw- song is great

  63. kaari1

    Great song!!. If you like this check out danish act Inouwee with the song "Liquids playing misty games"

  64. Annabel Smith

    @pantsuck10 Where's ausfailia?
    I've never been
    *note the sarcasm*

  65. Annabel Smith

    I heard this song when I was walking past the staff room at my school

  66. edh144

    @pantsuck10 shes actually from new zealand


    i like analogue 80s synth sound!!


    reminds me of kim wilde

  69. pantsuck10

    ewwww she's ugly, kylie is hotter

    I hate ausfailia


    i <3 this song..her music is amazing reminds me of the 80z

  71. yankcm01

    Is a lot of New Zealand music like this? I think I need out of the U.S. mainstream is so distasteful with poor talent... This is awesome! This vid reminds me of never ending story with atreyu :p

  72. Gen Ventzke

    i love this song!!!!!!!!! :-D

  73. Anakin Skywalker

    @Saiytek silly conspiricists

  74. Rachel Brudenell

    she's got a vibe of Kim Wilde does anyone agree?

  75. Alina Tb

    she is freakin hot!

  76. Dylan Clair

    This video is fuckin rad ya douche.

  77. Leo M

    Amazing song. Terrible video.

  78. Nynns

    I loved loved loved this song (and I still do) but I was super disappointed when this came out. It was like... wait, what? It should've been like, cooooler. Sorry LadyHawke, love you lots. <3

  79. Chad Romain

    thanks to nightclub city i know this truly talented artist

  80. t3chn0m0

    @ZevXena Some people do =)

  81. UnderstandablyCliche

    @ZevXena Lol, Yeah I played that game, cause I forgot her name, and then now I remember it. It's like you run a club, and you can either play ladyhawke or music from Step Up 3D, it wasn't a hard choice.

  82. OhMy Goddi

    @ZevXena I do :)

  83. GO L.A RAMS

    @aliceKlax maybe not for you but for me she is perfect.

  84. GO L.A RAMS

    I respect this girl as an artist unlike other bimbos out there that can't even write a good song.

  85. Rafael Barczak

    Cant belive people still listen to Gaga instead.

  86. IronMonkeyL255

    I have heard some of her other stuff and was unimpressed, but this song is great.

  87. Jordan Hannah

    i found out that the sailor guy was actualy a girl and i was shocked lol lady hawke still is amazing she said he was a girl in the behind the scenes vid

  88. Ranger9700

    dear ladyhawke: don't slouch. i like her scruffy look. she could get a makeover and look all hot, but she's like forget that. she's so eccentric.

  89. feindigokid

    dude i am hooked - had to by the album.

  90. Wolfgang Romine

    From personal experiance I can say that this is the best song to have stuck in your head all day :)

  91. Martin S

    @gertthegamer are you kidding the video is awsome :) it has a dreamy surrealism to it

  92. Martin S

    Im so addicted to this song, and the more I watch the video the more it fits the mood of the song.

  93. Chacha5678

    @likjuju have you seen icarly before? if you did you'd def see the similarity

  94. alex goon

    @Chacha5678 lol ur pathetic....

  95. Lykos

    0:11 behold! the all-seeing eye of providence!

  96. Chacha5678

    she reminds me of Sam from iCarly on Nickelodeon lol

  97. Dave091102

    New to me and F***ING loving it

  98. devilstar13

    I do not like this video, but I absoLUTEly love the song <3

  99. DanielCMM

    no way , MY Delirium is such a masterpiece! my fav of her songs. but this is ok...