Ladyhawke - Human Lyrics

I can't change
enough is enough
your chemistry's strange
and I'm calling your bluff

I can't believe I'm all out of luck again
(ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah)
(ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah)
I can't believe I'm all out of luck again
(ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah)

Are you coming to me?
you're wild, you're wild just like the river
Are you coming to me?
you're wild, you're wild just like a stormy weather

One last chance is never enough
your heart is in place,
but you're playing it rough

I can't believe I'm all out of luck again
(ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah)

Are you coming to me?
you're wild, you're wild just like the river
Are you coming to me?
you're wild, you're wild just like a stormy weather
Are you coming to me?
you're wild, you're wild just like the river
Are you coming to me?
you're wild, you're wild just like a stormy weather

(ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah)
(ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah)
(Ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah)
(ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah)

Are you coming to me?
you're wild, you're wild just like the river
Are you coming to me?
you're wild, you're wild just like a stormy weather

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Ladyhawke Human Comments
  1. Irene Soares

    Rutger was 39 years old when this was made great looks!

  2. ABC123

    Michelle Pfeiffer at her most beautiful.

  3. Jerry Setlerr

    I remember seeing this as a kid, thinking why couldn't they be in a closed off room from all sunlight lit by a torch , then they could be together for longer . Just saying

  4. s s

    2:39 I guess we'll just say those aren't fillings, and that he'll soon be dead from a massive infection starting from a rotten tooth.

  5. gracelandlist

    Michelle Pfeiffer and her perfect face 😍😍

  6. Samuel Matos Tavares

    Name of the song pliz?


    this movie needs a remake! it's that good!

  8. dark zeratul

    so basically someone puts a curse on both of them all cause he wants the girl but she's taken, that sound about right

  9. Tehui

    Great scene

  10. Maciej lukas

    RIP Rutger you was the best ! Man with magnetic look ! Beautifull scene wolf in man woman in falcon !

  11. Luciana Kueker

    He was handsome. Rip.

  12. doug avila

    I love this movie. A young Matthew Broderick and an up and coming big A actress Michele Pfeiffer. And of course the late Rutger Hauer. I'm not into whimsical fantasy movies but this one I loved.

  13. Len Xiang

    R.I.P. my friend 😞

  14. fadi hadadd

    RIP Rutger Hauer
    The Greatest Actor In The Whole World
    We Will Miss U
    Goodbye Mr Hauer
    Rutger Hauer :January 23, 1944 -July 19,2019 Age (75)

  15. Snodge Kat

    So good.

  16. Michael Dolph

    This is the part where they reveal that Lady Isabeau d'Anjou is actually Sweet Dee’s great great great grandmother. Goddamn BIRD.


    RIP Rutger Hauer.

  18. Luis Díaz

    RIP Rutger Hauer :'(

  19. oumen01

    R.I.P Rutger Hauer

  20. oumen01

    R.I.P Rutger Hauer

  21. gabri leon

    RIP Rutger thank you for very memorable moments in the cinema...You will never be forgotten 'like tears in the rain'...


    Beautifully said.

  22. Gita Irwin

    RIP Rutger Hauer - you were a legend. And this film is one of the most underrated fantasy flicks ever. You are missed. 75years old is still too young to go.

  23. vegasjk27

    Rest in peace, Rutger. You will be remembered for some terrific roles. This is one of them.

  24. robmlisanti

    RIP Rutger

  25. Maida Cameron

    So heartbreaking 😢

  26. Disgruntled Goat

    RIP Rutger Hauer, 1944-2019. Very talented and a true class act.

    Jennifer Rose

    So sad. R. I. P.

    momma D chickadee

    He truly was... may he be at rest.

    Souparnika oonninmoodu

    Kat Kaf by.

  27. Yaroslava

    Прощай любимый рыцарь :,( RIP

  28. Aitor Alvarez

    No computer, just talent.

  29. Lisa C

    Killer scene 😭😭

  30. MP warrior

    Just saw it with my daughters ,enjoyed it a lot.They loved it.

  31. 김혜령

    남주인공이 거 더 젊었으면 좋았군요 이시절에 헐리우드 배우는 착했다 영화 배역에서

  32. conatcha

    And there is even people that says that this movie has a bad soundtrack...

    Mon Mothma

    Lol it doesn't have a bad soundtrack, it has the worst soundtrack ever for a movie like this :) It almost ruined the first half for us because it was so distracting. In the second half they toned down the synthesizers thank god

  33. ياسمين الشام

    Love ❤

  34. rubbermaidable

    I watched this movie when I was 5 (1996) I forgot the title but remembered the ending lines and the plot, Googled for 2 hours just now and finally found it, just watched this scene and all my 5 year old memories come flooding back.

  35. Jetset906

    Navare's scream after she flies away is the ultimate anguish a heart can feel.

  36. Account was Hacked

    My favorite part the whole movie!

  37. Daniele Baldi

    muoio di passione tutte le volte che la vedo

  38. ViZet85

    An absolutely perfect example of how one needs no speech to express feelings. Just eyes. Just looks.

  39. orlandobabe

    I've been in love with this movie since I was a kid, I wish for a prequel to this. About how the lovers net.

  40. oscar alberto sanchez montenegro

    que pelicula mas hermosa bella ya no hacen history asi

  41. sandra cristina de carvalho

    I hated the audio

  42. Simone Lumia

    Una delle scene più emozionanti di sempre

  43. Marilou Dimalanta

    " Always together, eternally apart" ....... this is the scene when I cry no matter how many times I've watched this.

  44. Putins Cat

    One of the best filmed scenes ever.

  45. Bystander232

    Ye gods. Two years doesn't sound like a long time, until you realize it's twice a day, 365 days, two years - well over a thousand times (1,460) of being *thatclose* to the one you love and never able to meet. Excruciating.

  46. Heatherwind

    I remember paying to see this in the theatre eight times when it first released, and watched it countless more on HBO as a kid. I don't care if it's dated, it still one of my all time favorite films, and moments like this are why. <3

    James Dunn

    It is only dated because of CG, however I think the film is better because it has no CG. Great scene here and very sad. Michelle Pfeiffer is such a beauty and is complemented perfectly by Rutger, a handsome man.

    Classic Rock Station

    What kind of idiot dare believe that movies are dated!

    Dawn Welch

    Awesome - myself I have seen this 4-5 times in the theaters and many more on the pay channels as well!

    Paul R

    Dated? As if that's a bad thing; everything is garbage now.

  47. KEN the BLOWDOLL



    because capitalism needs 1) rivals 2) to expand
    and when it's got nowhere to expand and no rivals it starts collapsing. culture goes down the toilet

  48. Angi Sz.

    this 0:30 still gives me goosepumps


    Angi Sz. I can't agree more.

  49. Ursula. M

    Why I can't find this movie on YouTube for free? what is the big deal? I seen it before.Great movie.


    Because those who made the film want money for their part in making it. Until they decide that it can be on here sometimes for free, which they should, we all have to just pay for it. Right or wrong, some users have done decent uploads of films, and maybe some will do this one, but don't count on it since it is still a popular film and Youtube would quickly take it off.

    Ursula. M

    +TheRivrPrncess , Thanks for the info.I will find it.

  50. Soma noma

    Wow the effects of this movie must have been in the billions


    Who cares? What little they had worked for the movie.


    For 1985, this was magic, and it's still beautiful

    Jules F. Melo Borges

    That's the great thing about magic. "Realistic" or not, is always acceptable.

  51. David Golden

    I love you Melisa ~

  52. Frisian Rose

    This is a classic 80ties fantasy film in a medieval setting (no, it's not a film about the middle ages. Instead, go watch The Name Of The Rose) and really the most enchanting.

  53. 1misanthropist

    Fuck love.

  54. Santiago Boix

    Mi película preferida.

  55. braverunner22

    I know the feeling, I just can´t fly

  56. julian correa

    i loved this movie ...i watched it in school has stayed with me since @Marielyn Correa @Sefra Correa @Wilson Correa 

  57. Celeste Robbins

    Seeing how I haven't seen any of the rest of the movie, I'm VERY confused.

    Gdfserdy Fgregnm

    Go see the whole movie from the beginning, to the end. You will be glad.

    Celeste Robbins

    I did, and I loved the movie!

    Sluff Adlin

    @Celeste Robbins ya it's a really great movie, saw it 30 years ago, when I was 5...fell in love with Michelle Pfeiffer because of it, and was my introduction into the "love story".....I balled my eyes out at the end, still think it's one of the best happy endings in film.

  58. Ali Jan

    i need complete movie ladyHawk if any one so plz post that.

    Jesus A Martinez

    Ali Jan: go to Barnes and noble! My brother got his their. If they don't have the DVD they'll order the movie for you.


    Solarmoviez has it online


    such a sad scene

  60. bernhardweber

    this makes me cry ;..(

  61. Eva Menjívar

    Una de mis escenas favoritas de películas...

  62. frog1812

    a truely baeutiful scene