Ladyhawke - Dusk Till Dawn Lyrics

When you hide next to me
With your eyes up close to me
I hear footsteps in the dark
When you hijack my heart

Cool breeze down the hall
I can feel you breathe
Outside my door

Bang bang bang
On the wall
From dusk ' til dawn

Do do do do
Do do do do

Bang bang bang
On the wall
From dusk ' til dawn

Do do do do
Do do do do

Bang bang bang
On the wall
From dusk ' til dawn

When you sense you're not alone
And the darkness starts to moan
Who's there?

Shadows all around
But you don't make a sound
Voices in my head
Playing like an echo, echo

Bang bang bang
On the wall
From dusk ' til dawn
Do do do do
Do do do do

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Ladyhawke Dusk Till Dawn Comments
  1. Oswald Cobblepot

    I love this song more than shit!

  2. John Smith

    this is catchier than a particularly nasty zombie contagion

  3. QuoTe FleX 2nd

    why did this just pop in my head LOL

  4. Suika Ibuki

    Still loving this song still loving the video still listening and watching this in 2019

  5. Flexo

    тю рю-рю тю; тю рю-рю тю: бэнг бэнг бэнг...

  6. Dave Sheppard

    A total one off.. !!😍😍

  7. Elenwen

    When your neighbours loud af and won't shush

  8. Tomas Tomi


  9. James Fernandez

    Cool Halloween song

  10. Vanetta-joe Hendriks

    Love the fact that she shouts out to wu tang on this song

  11. Vanetta-joe Hendriks

    Tb to me being 16

  12. amanda prill

    Great song Pip really love your singing voice alot

  13. amanda prill

    Bang bang on the door from dusk till dawn

  14. Antoine Roucou


  15. Terina Sargeant

    On my playlist. Such a catchy song that always perks me up and makes me sing along.

  16. Tomás Portas

    La quiero para el carajo.

  17. Nicolás Lukaszewicz

    What ever happened to her? I used to like her so bad!

    Jesus Lopez

    Nicolás Lukaszewicz still around, check out her latest album

  18. Peter tray

    This was a cursing in song by gahenna mukveh poor poor man

  19. Nia Henson

    she's so groovy love herr

  20. Emily Mascaro

    gossip girl

  21. psychofred2

    This song fits well with Yeah Yeah Yeah's Heads will Roll and Marina's Shampain!

  22. Kimon Matara

    I like the 80s aesthetic / power pop arrangement, but it's not much of a song.

  23. DanielCMM

    Listening to this on my iphone back in 2010 and feeling like i was on the catwalk.

  24. Leah May

    Many years later and still listening 💃🏻

  25. Samantha Miller

    Looks and sounds like Robin Sparkles


    You made me watch that again xD haha thanks, I totally forgot how hilarious it was

  26. Rory Smith

    One of my fave Ladyhawke songs.

  27. Gav Lar

    Love ladyhawke x

  28. Johnny Sinner

    one of the best songs ever

  29. carlos portillo

    being human

  30. Julie Sene

    love the songs

  31. seth2901

    I still love this song so much!!!!

  32. cheeky mouse

    I know that feeling! Even Temazepam doesn't let me sleep with my beloved :/ Have to have my own space : )xx

  33. Kawhi Leonard

    Saw this in the early hours of the morning watching rage. LUVVIT!

  34. Murilo Henrique Pedrosa

    My favourite song when I was 13. Golden days.

    Gav Lar

    Murilo Henrique Pedrosa still so good! she amazeballs man x

  35. mgblue

    been trying to think of this for ages

  36. Adrián Josué Varela González


  37. Thursday's Child

     terror after the cold out of the closet

  38. Renée

    song should be way longer!

  39. MrZeljko88

    this song video is excellent nice she is sexy

    Blah Bla

    hrvatski li?


    srbski moj mate

  40. gammastag

    bang your pap pipe till the break of dawn

  41. Balage78Szfvar

    1:34 RUBIK's CUBE T-shirt!Where to buy?

  42. pan0s95

    god 21st century Blondie, it has the groove it has the voice. Great song indeed

  43. Ala Majorka

    I love this song ;)

  44. vgmediaTRAIN

    BIG LIKE !!!! SUPER SONG :-)

  45. yndegirl1

    my mother dosen't look like the one at 2:05...

  46. Iva V


  47. Mar Montenegro

    I can't stop! this song is so addictive XD

  48. ffishfinger

    whats up with the frame rate on this?

  49. Jonte Bergendahl


  50. Gargantua

    0:05 = Reckful

  51. Czzss

    I came here cause of Reckful!

  52. wico booyse

    Reckful? is that you?

  53. YinkzMe


  54. Wheefle

    an advert on comedy central for Beetlejuice brought me here, that aired 2 years ago.

  55. 94popart

    2:00 derp face

  56. lankyj91

    I hear this everyday at work (Next).

  57. 94popart

    this song rocks! :D

  58. FreezyPenguin

    Reckful <3

  59. Svenoss Eu


  60. Nathan P

    Reckful <3

  61. anywhereanytime


  62. TheCralee


  63. Varisattack

    Reckful yolo

  64. JackD8824

    Thumbs up if Recck sent you here

  65. Anton Forsell

    Reckful in the start!!!

  66. Rhian Gall

    0:06 = RECKFUL!!!! D:

  67. dajjo LoL

    Reckful what are u doing? stoph

  68. szarnyasmajom

    The ultimate Halloween song!

  69. doomham100

    all her videos are retarded as hell but the songs are amazing

  70. Philip Kim

    love this tunee

  71. Obvious Bambi

    We share Asperger's.

  72. robbiegta

    best female artist ever! Love ladyhawke, woo pip you go girl

  73. Aloah hummad

    she's so hype

  74. panulli4

    At 1:48 it looks like a penis is sticking out of his mouth.

  75. jmp

    Yes Yes:) !!!

  76. agathka91

    Lady Pank =)) Czyżby ktoś z Polski?

  77. bluewayfarers17

    She's so cool!!!^^

  78. jmp


    Visit My Channel LadyPankSongs Awesome guitar rock band !!!


  79. Tear Aukusitino

    Sorry mate, she ain't Ozzy. she a kiwi chic, we went to school together. Way to go Pip!!

  80. deadbydayinblack

    LOL I think the puzzle cube might be a referance to hellraiser, I hope it was...I mean rubix cubes are annoying but...

  81. Dan Snow

    ah, good times!
    jingle bells till dawn!

  82. Petya Palkin


  83. Afrosiili

    Reckful should just wake up and backstab 'em all

  84. indiejester94

    @dannykidvillan not at all ;)

  85. MrObscureReference

    So it seems her nightmares include the usual (zombies, vampires, mummies, werewolves) as well as puzzle cubes, a smoke machine, and Burt Reynolds. I mean, if Burt Reynolds turned up in my house at night I'd probably be scared too.

  86. Daniel Raza

    is it bad that i have a crush on her????

  87. Daniel Raza

    is it bad that i have a crush on her????

  88. Mandeep Shoker

    CANNOT WAIT for her new album!!!! March 19th!!

  89. Truth Seeker

    I love her voice and she is also very very seductive I think she has or she has had potential for much more than this, even if it's still good

  90. Vladimirs cook

    Is that Reckful rogue from WOW ??? In this video .Answer me please mailbox.

  91. Thisis atest

    I like the guy with the rubiks cube on his head ..... which is your favourite?

  92. soulchildish

    how can u not love this

  93. Joyce del Castillo

    My favorite song by LH <3

  94. MrSicktodeaf

    @VVicklow still going strong in my house lol

  95. jkgvukuj

    Still my fav after all these years <3