Ladyhawke - Crazy World Lyrics

Sick of all that we have to be in this life
Gimme all that you have
Gimme what you like
Waiting here for a fool to begin his life
And you, you try to remember
Flipping coins from a tin
Till he feels the night
And you, you try to remember

We're part of a
We're part of a
We're part of a crazy world

Gimme time to reflect
Gimme all we know
Holding hands on the street
Where the lights are low
You and me wanting more
But we'll never know
And you, you try to remember
What it means in a world
Where it's never slow
And you, you try to remember

We're part of a
We're part of a
We're part of a crazy world

Gimme all that you have
Gimme what you like
Waiting here for a fool to begin his life
And you, you try to remember
Flipping coins from a tin
Till he feels the night
And you, you try to remember

We're part of a
We're part of a
We're part of a crazy world

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Ladyhawke Crazy World Comments
  1. TheStepmonkey

    Love this and miss them 💗

  2. Angelo P

    We're part ohvaah, We're part ohvaah :P

  3. Cinematic Studios

    It's True... we are part of a crazy world!!!😃

  4. Cinematic Studios

    Cabin in the woods baby!!!😃😎😎😋😍😍 Good Movie!!!

  5. Adrian Wilson

    this album was so good i actually paid for it.


    +Adrian Wilson I may do the same!

  6. ZeugmaPowa

    This song is too short, and too damn good ! >.<

  7. sir loin

    her labia's showing...

    still waiting on the zombie apokolypse

  8. Dominik Gansner

    one of the greatest song ever :-)

  9. Drew Baby drew

    whenever I don't know what to play , I always think of you ladyhawke xx

  10. Noam Lavi

    Did anybody notice she's one of the only musicians nowadays who can really write an original song?

  11. Silvermeow

    cabin in the woods... soundtrack

  12. Natasha Sealey

    The Owl City dude, forget his name, his insomnia was what lead to him making music. I personally think a lot of social disorders are misdiagnosed, but i love her story and she had to overcome a lot of challanges to get here, she has a lot of allergies to common medicines that held her back. the 80s was the best, only wish i'd been here for Woodstock and the 60's.

  13. Natasha Sealey

    His insomnia has lead to genius
    finding talent is a talent :)

  14. Natasha Sealey

    you sir, should be president :3

  15. TheBrainFromArous

    Kim Wilde lives! ;)

  16. Meester Val

    Erm. Actually, after listening to more than a handful, I've found them to be a bit too simplistic for my taste.

  17. Meester Val

    Oh, I love ass voices! What a weird way to describe her vocals lol!

  18. WaterFish22

    This crazy world makes me go around and around.

  19. Zac L.

    strangely hot? shes fucking gorgeous. could you imagine having sex with her while she talks in that sexy ass voice

  20. B A

    yeeeah , please if you know the last song in the movie i couldn't find it=(

  21. Jimmy

    such a CHEWN!


    nice!! =)

  23. happydeathrazorsmile

    cabin in the woods......soundtrack

  24. Conde Nast

    This is a cool modern punk rock sound, I see it in a movie soundtrack.

  25. Filip Galetic

    i think this is her BEST song

  26. woobiefuntime

    Schweddy balls

  27. Ellie Smith

    the siiiiimmmmppppssooooonnnnns

  28. Danny Bale

    The Simpsons..? Oh My God, now i love her even more :D

  29. dj8422 yoolie

    she is good

  30. machedar

    Got to kno this song at Nightclub City on Facebook preety AWESOME SONG!!!!

  31. tarantinoisahack

    No one saying that they're gonna play this song at their funeral, birthday or wedding?

  32. Annihilate3275

    @traceurbailesti lol same here! My coworker was watching that video and I was like "Who is that singing???". She's such a breath of fresh air!

  33. kaari1

    amazing song!! If you like this, I think you will like danish act Inouwee with the song "My closet in your heart"

  34. Dj Plethorius /KUNGW/SENORINTENZE

    neither had I !?

  35. mihai zaharia

    Funny thing I haven't heard of her untill I watched a winggsuit proximity flying.


    mihai zaharia I learned of her by playing a game called Nightclub City. Her tracks were available for a short time.

  36. Jessica Robbins

    she would look just like pizazz from jem with the right make up.

  37. The Prophet Elisha


  38. The Prophet Elisha

    @Sophiethefembot ooooh me tooo!

  39. Sophie Saphire

    @10eleventwelve oh I LOOOVEE La Roux!!!

  40. kit Ra

    One of my fav workout songs =]

  41. GO L.A RAMS

    Pip Brown marry me please!!!!!

  42. captainbloor

    80's and fit. Fucking A

  43. Ahmed Al-Saeed

    Like 80s Songs LOVE It

  44. kinhotas

    Like........ she remebers me of Ellie Goulding

  45. Marek Jira

    I love Ladyhawke, I really love her

  46. taopaipai

    i think awesome is a good word when talkin about her..

  47. Samantha Alcaraz

    love ladyhawke :)

  48. LSDuserful

    Love HER SO MUCH!

  49. mariano trujillo

    This gal does have a hard to pin down quality. On top of a 80s revival sound. Phrasing, Writing, Studio Production.

  50. kytrex

    I agree...

  51. St3aua86

    Agree. But RAP, genuine RAP is good. Hip-Hop crap on the other hand, is the worst garbage invented by "musicians".

  52. Discodustt

    This song is fierce, but it annoys me that even from the first time i heard this song, i hear a dog barking at 1:08! =| AAAAHHHHH

  53. Chips In bed

    i know what you mean.....i really do

  54. dardandian

    gooooood dam song!

  55. Alexander Stone

    I find her strangely hot. Great song, too.

  56. evilceel

    good song not great thats just my view but emo what the fugecookies dude?

  57. creasicle

    this is nothing like emo, it's new wave, obviously you know nothing about music

  58. Frisbee

    "Gimme time to reflect, Gimme all we know. Holding hands on the street, Where the lights are low.." loving this song so much :)

  59. Poppy Tohill

    i love her skinnies :)

  60. spikethornenebula

    i love her for it

  61. nzrigo

    que buena canciOOOn!

  62. Sophie Saphire

    good song :)

  63. Sophie Saphire

    yes she is quite the 80s revivalist :)

  64. Antonio Guedex

    great song!

  65. TwilightCherisher

    I agree it is. But I just think you should let them have their own opinion. Even though it's not quite optimistic.

  66. SugarTomAppleRoger

    gar. Kim Wilde? I agree with you. She is a bit like her.


    Great artist and nice song!!!
    Currently all the great bands are inspired by 80s sounds and I really think it took the level 1000% over bands of the 90s that I won't mention. EDITORS, WHITE LIES, PLACEBO... are marvellous and this Lady aswell

  68. Steve123

    A bit Kim Wilde(ish)?

  69. Harry Palmer

    80s feel, but it rocks

  70. Ayyypricot

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

  71. Rocio Reyes

    good song!!!

  72. D Claudia

    great voice!

  73. needforweed999

    great song, dont know about the 80's feel....

  74. byronbee

    Love this track... Pure 80s sound. Could've come str8 off an 80s teen flick soundtrack like the Breakfast Club or something! She also sounds a lot like Kim Wilde hear. V cool. xx

  75. faleks talkes

    Are you joking?

  76. ElliotMason11

    Omg this song is awesome, she should have realeased this on single! :(

  77. allanbenn1970

    seen her twice live so far this year 1st as warm up act then 2nd time as main act hopefully she will get the praise she deserves cos shes damn good !!!

  78. Fonejacker

    the 80s are back!

  79. nelson100mabbott

    omg just saw her at 'dot to dot'. best act throughout the whole festival!!! LOVE THEM

  80. craig hawkins


  81. Laura Brown

    this is my all time favourite ladyhawke song ever!!!!

    did i mention i love this song?

  82. Niels Puchta

    Beautifull SONG-WOMEN :-P.

  83. CinderellaXXGirlXX

    amazing tune! yay! :)

  84. sarah outram

    i love this song, i first heard it on waterloo road:P

  85. lefte vou

    true true true true
    give some respect to grauzone
    especially to the post punk scene!!!

  86. Harry Palmer

    hope she makes a video of this, brilliant

  87. shane54nz

    listen to the entire album, it's dope!

  88. László Horváth

    all the songs sound like the 80's on the album. have a try with it :]

  89. Bobcat1939

    i. love. the. whole. song .espeshly. the. bit. at 2.59 onwards

  90. lauraloutruthseeker

    this sounds a lil like an 80ies song in the beginning... which is cool

  91. Harry Palmer

    nice sound, girl to watch

  92. tomoe1986

    This is more than fantastic! Love it with all my heart!

  93. László Horváth

    im lookin LoL

  94. superficialwannabe

    This is a gret song!!! llovv!! it!! and i have bought the album! look at me supportin!lol

  95. Roselyn Stevens

    This song is amazing!!!<33333

  96. László Horváth

    :) me too