Lady Sovereign - So Human Lyrics

Me you (yeah yeah)
everyone we've had what in days
Miss away can't relate
I'm a star, I'm an individual, an educated example of intelligence
I'm considered to be cool
Hot bodies, offended people
The mood of age bitten on innocent people
Anyways, things change, always at the hotel, always, I'll be gone again in 4 days
I've been waiting hours for this, I've made myself so sick, I wish to stay, and sleep today (yeah yeah)
I'm so human (ye-eh yeah) and it's ok to feel this way (yeah yeah) I'm still human (yeah yeah)
It's ok (yeah yeah) for me to feel this way (yeah yeah) yeah...yeah yeah yeah...yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah you me everyone
I got a little temper but I'm a funny one yeah and when the beat went on and it really ain't fucking hot enough
You shoulda seen me runnin out the studio like forest gump
Jo-jobs sugar taxi get away
Trapped in the U.S my accent is my giveaway I need a bag of green to make you go away and this is another day of my life and so I say
I've been waiting hours for this
I've made myself so sick
I wish to stay and sleep today (yeah yeah)
I'm so human (yeah yeah)
nd it's ok for me to feel this way (yeah yeah)
I'm still human (yeah yeah)
it's ok for me to feel this way (yeah yeah)
Yeah yeah yeah yeahx3
Doesn't it feel much better when youve had a better day than yesterday?
Doesn't it feel much better when you've had a better day than yesterday?
Doesn't it feel much better when you've had a better day than yesterday?
Doesn't it feel much better when you've had a better day than yesterday? (yesterday, yesterday yesterday yesterday)
I'm so human (yeah yeah)
nd it's ok for me to feel this way (yeah yeah)
I'm still human (yeah yeah)
it's ok for me to feel this way (yeah yeah)

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Lady Sovereign So Human Comments
  1. James S


  2. KERDOINK 93

    Oh god so my type of bird. Don’t give a fuck and fashion.

  3. Daniela Adámková

    2020!!! 😄

  4. Michael Kayfes

    Aaah gut yer here from Close To Me by The Cure nice to see you

  5. tik tok fan123 45

    She is going to start again soon and see stormzy

  6. tik tok fan123 45

    She is my auntie

  7. Noel Pizarro

    Whatever happened to her?

  8. HPDG

    Love that she ripped the Cure's 'Close To Me', a classic in it's own right. Love this song also!

  9. is that a chicken?

    Yeah yeah

  10. ILJA Sidora



    Anyone get here from hearing the cure on long shot?

  12. Samuel mmmk

    Damn man I was 14 when this came out 😂 I didn't even like the song back then. It just reminds me of the best days.

  13. Amber

    Oh my god, the scene phase! Thank god I'm half black because emulating that hair would've fried my shit for life!

  14. Tyson Moore

    Yep, still have a crush on her

  15. Scott Starrs

    Pukka song

  16. Dan Goll

    There's always that fine line between having an accent and mispronouncing words.

  17. H37 !05

    Way to fuck a cure classic you [email protected]

  18. Amby

    I miss her music soooo much!

  19. Adrian Mulligan

    Girl's shit hot! Where are you...come back!

  20. G R H

    So did she die or something

  21. makis boutakidis

    😉 so human

  22. Zairon Visser

    when are you comeing back

  23. kakekobo

    I’m back after 9 years and yes I still know the lyrics haahahah

    Jersey Dakota

    you're so human

  24. DJ JFST

    I want all her outfits no cap!!

  25. gane boy

    image billie ellish collaborated with lady sovereign?wow tats gotta be dope

    Jersey Dakota

    go hide kid, classic doesn't colaborate with amateurs

  26. Helena Phoenix

    Too good

  27. JAY EM

    What does it mean with the Elite Triangle.... ;)

  28. Jamie Nangle

    Drugs prob ruined her capacity to write banging chunes like this one right here Haha

  29. Jay 072

    where are you Lady Sov ?? British music needs you.. now.........

  30. Shane De Giorgio

    Sporty spice called... she wants her DNA back

  31. PlanetSleaze

    Bad, very very bad

  32. Glenn Bill

    Underrated song.

  33. Boris Johnson

    Woke up in 2019 singing
    "I'm so human yeah yeah, its ok yeah yeah"
    Lol big up lady sovereign.

  34. Anjolaoluwa Afolabi

    SOV 2019

  35. James D. Chamberlain III

    Failed cross over

  36. thestone30080

    Whatever happen to Lady Sovereign, did she retired or is she’s on hiatus from making any music, wherever she is I miss her.

  37. Gary80264

    I really liked this.

  38. larisa uWu

    I heard this when i was like 12 and it was the catchiest shit ever. When I was 18 I started listening to The Cure and when I first heard Close To Me I lost it. I love this song even more now


    She made me gay af

  40. quartelli

    Huge talent who had a golden ticket but unfortunately, for whatever reason......threw it (Or let it slip) all away :(


    She was a real talent, I don't think she did much wrong except going on CBB which was a mistake, but otherwise there just wasn't that much interest.

  41. Emmanuel Oduntan

    Almost a decade later who’s listening in 2019 ?

  42. Denzo Warmbad

    And years later, i still know the lyrics

  43. 731736039

    2019 still listenning :-D

    tik tok fan123 45

    She is starting soon

  44. Gerr Gerring

    Still hot as

  45. No Name

    First listen 2/19... miget


    OMG my whole childhood! i loved this in primary school...

  47. Neveda alexander

    Brahhhh/ ●●●□•°•°•¤♡▪◇☆♧○○○\

  48. Phantom Thief

    "Make way for the S.....O.....Vee" is missing

  49. Jacob Bond

    ..i walk as ajob.

  50. Jacob Bond

    ...can i kick her arsre?

  51. Jacob Bond


  52. Swedish Otaku

    This song is amazing.

  53. Jon’s Vlogs

    It takes a special kind of fucked up to bite a song by the cure. Lmao

  54. LAST

    If she’d released music a few years later, she’d be on big tings right now. What a shame :(

  55. Sydney Prescott

    Sporty spice is looking good, still looks very young!..... the T's disappear in a British accent and if the word starts out with the letter T it is pronounced in a F sound... interesting isn't it🤔

  56. AdzSONLINE

    Cheeky bit of The Cure

  57. Daniel Sabura

    O M G I miss her sound so much. We want your big come back in 2019!

  58. Edward Creter

    SHE'S so human? So what? By what definition of "human"?

  59. Rvsengan

    Has it really been 8years. Damn I can’t remember the lyrics I’m ashamed. I use to know every bar

  60. Warwick Stanford

    This song is actually talks about mental health issues and people struggling with mental illness and she herself has struggled with clinical depression for quite some time and so have I this song is meant to lift people up and get them to actually notice the signs whenever they too are having a mental health episode. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for doing this particular song. I really do hope that she makes a come back. (Actually, the Cure does deserve a thanks as well but she did her own version of it and made it her way, please it is normal for artists to sample other artists music it makes making music more interesting!).

  61. Big yogi

    I'm here in 2018 ,surely I'm not the only one ........where is lady sovereign now 😱

  62. GayleLaura xox

    I used to be obsessed with this song in high school 😂

    Ross Maclean

    GayleLaura xox just spent all afternoon looking for this 😂😂


    Me too, fml

  63. C B.

    I’m snorting I did my 5th grade music project on this songs and I’m sooo embarrassed I... lmaaaaooooooo

  64. the power of pea pigs the power or pea pigs

    So this is the sucky version

  65. Róbert Bublik

  66. Maggie O'Moore

    The Cure - Close To Me

  67. williewaterbug

    I pray she will turn to Jesus. Mark 8:36 (KJV) 36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

  68. Jacopo Barberis

    I mean, the melody and chords are really beautiful and props to the cure for finding them but it's not like this or their song make that good use of it. They're song is probably just as bad

  69. Andrea Taddia

    Wow bellissima vecchia canzone!! ;) :) <3

  70. Ramy Marques

    que nostalgia,saudades dessa epoca

  71. bartek Xxx

    Pokazała sztucznym kobietom gdzie ich miejsce

  72. Motivation Situation

  73. Alik Shino-in Tresh


  74. Davey

    Who's the reporter that features alongside SOV?

  75. annduline

    they need 2 make another st trinian film;))

  76. Bushra Amin

    I just realized she sampled The Cure.

  77. Tomasz Liszka

    Where is Lady Sovereign?

  78. MrsFackdem

    Where did she go? =( I remember listening to her as a teenager (damn, time is flying)... Did she make any appearance since 2010?

  79. daniel scott

    2.12 Michaela from Hollyoaks

  80. Lauren

    Can’t believe I used to listen to this

  81. Dan Cino

    She good singer just other 1 hit wonde

  82. Jon Veliky

    I was hoping for a Robert Smith cameo

  83. itz chaos

    I might b on her label

  84. itz chaos

    Nufing hellish nu .litty


    Still miss her!!

  86. Wayne's Nerdy World

    i really wish she would come back to the scene. i miss her so much

  87. Bertolini The Great

    this is way more 2000s than 9/11

    MR Vanatic

    I died :D

  88. Scott Kimberlin

    I miss her

  89. Manuel Rega

    Oh, memories...what is she doing now? 😐

  90. p1pending

    Still love this chick, can legit recite this song word for word

  91. Laura Jackson

    Love lady sovereign she's the best

  92. love thy enemy

    Lady Sovereign is smart as f, believe it or not she didn't go to no comprehensive school n raised in no council estate.

  93. Tigre Madeiras


    ccc P

    Ure so damn sure (%. 44K

  94. jordan chaske

    lady sovereign should return and come back with A new album

  95. The Misanthrope Channel

    Lady Thrup'ny-Bit got possessed by an emo.