Lady Sovereign - Pennies Lyrics

Speak my mind, I don't like dem liars
Find your ride, and I'll pop your tires
Cross the line and you're fucking fired

Yeah, it's burning, I got da fire
See, da money I'm effing I'm making
Hope this goes straight into my savings
Where it's fucked yeah, it's sovereign yeah
Yeah, I'm still in da game, still changing

Make you a money man [x3]
How many pennies have you gotten from me? [x7]

Oi, I can hear your bling when you're thinking
Ring-a-ding, I left my phone ringing
All day long
Please, don't mind me singing
Oh! but how much I hate your windging
Just because I'm a likle younger

Dont mind me, duff don't make you smarter

All day long I break down with laughter
When you lose your ten brake

You're an arsehole
Make you a money man
How many pennies have you gotten from me?

Yeah, there might be a bit of recesion going on right now
I ain't going down like you suckers
Trust me
When you rip me off, I'll rip your head off
Yeah, it's lady sovereign

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Lady Sovereign Pennies Comments
  1. reece wilkinson

    2019 throw back anyone?

  2. Decent DeClerk

    she's straight out badass

  3. Marlon Bogati

    {$1.13+0.13([email protected]%)+(1.9%_transaction fee)=$1.24}}} you can bank on it.

  4. Solène Vouriot

    She was THE RAPING girl no style copied she is her self God danm ooooold daaaayzzzz

  5. robert barrera

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ladie soveentie s love s peni s

  6. andenmatten diego


  7. Dont Read My User Name

    "yea fother muckers" XD

  8. NekoAnjiru

    I got stabbed in the back in an attempted robbery. He got no money from me, the futher mucker. :p I think this should be my new theme song. :3

  9. MaskedMan66

    I didn't know that was still on! I used to watch it a lot.

  10. Morzat El Que Caga Supernovas

    That show ''pop up video''

  11. MaskedMan66

    So did Janet Jackson and Sinead O'Connor; that turned out to be publicity stunts.

  12. Rhys Mogford

    She's admitted it a few times..

  13. MaskedMan66

    What's your source?

  14. Morzat El Que Caga Supernovas

    ye shes a lesbo

    Celestial Loves

    ha no i wish

  15. UncivilisedMangi

    Dr Luke....

  16. Bat Brat

    yeah's lady...kitty :D

  17. Ec Xi

    музло пиздец улётное

  18. MaskedMan66

    @jimmygames666 NOT ANOTHER ONE! Are you sure?

  19. Jim Alexander

    fother muckers XD

  20. Check Weirdo

    @DelornificatioN too bad she's a lesbian

  21. Sammyv12345

    eeeeeesss ooooooooh veeeeee

  22. chantalTVsovereign

    lol dis song it explains me soooooooooo welll
    almost as if i wrote it

  23. Matt Flynn

    i agree!

  24. Daniela Torres

    @danimtorres fodamuckers-motherfuckerr<3

  25. Savannah Honeycutt

    So Pretty At 1:40!!

  26. Daniela Torres

    i love this songg:) she look preety in the 1:27 lol

  27. guerreroenpantalones

    so i'm not allowed to like lady gaga AND lady sovereign? D:

  28. fache69

    pic at 1:40 she is hot as fuck

  29. Em Wu

    Yeahhhhh Great Note Lady Sovereign !!!

  30. Maddy Dodds

    Yeah fother muckers ;D

  31. rekilk

    how many pennies have you got from me , not gotten , got! thikko

  32. Zach Gosselin

    @noslove and eyegasm

  33. Zach Gosselin

    wow she has some crazy beats

  34. Katy Banman

    show of bloo'y hand who 'ere wants to 'ave 'er in every which way?

  35. Dan Morgan

    she can fugger mugger me anytime she wants.

  36. noslove

    Eargasm after 2:00

  37. youngnutsack17

    @madjimmy3 ahhaah i guess?

  38. Allanjxe

    @youngnutsack17 it fits with the song ;D;D

  39. youngnutsack17

    @madjimmy3 hahah wtf does bmx have to do with this?

  40. Allanjxe

    Mark Webb sent me here!

  41. 07450er

    shes hot

  42. Kashif Yousuf

    @Hannahnas12 GaGa is what her name say, insane, crazy HOE....S.O.V is ATTITUDE =D

  43. TasmanianPower

    fothamakars . HAHAHAH!

  44. Julia Hadid

    @souflondon1 24 I think.

  45. Lina Pauli

    @djomla9999 I agree with you with my whole heart! She've changed a lot.... And i liked her better in hoodie, with pony tail and with no make up on! ;(

  46. GASHI123

    Really? I'd say Eminem can top her any day, just sayin.
    His raps have flow, her's are more just eh
    That's my opinion

  47. Abdalla Khalil

    she's better than before

  48. Sarah A

    she is defintely the best rapper.Eminem is second best but he can`t top lady Sovereign.

  49. djomla9999

    I more like her music from the 1st album and that style what she had when she released Publiuc Warning. She changed a lot since first album. Sov i want u back! <3

  50. youngnutsack17

    dis bitch aint a rapper...yall niggas dont know rap if you think shes the best female rapper and eminem is the best male rapper....



    Ravan Oliver

    Better than "England is my city..." Cringe fest...

  51. Nikola Dinkov

    She is the best !!!!

  52. Changez

    Lady sovereign best (girl) rapper
    Eminem best (boy) rapper!!!

  53. pinkjenStewart

    this is tooo weird for muah

  54. deadmansvoice

    @AlinaAnn lol lady gaga is ugly anyway, she only seems pretty cause the camera is all over the place and she always covers her face with her hands.

  55. souflondon1

    how old is she now

  56. IAmScootaloo

    I Love Her <3

  57. Sheila May

    i wanna marry her

  58. babykween18

    Sikk song love it!! plus Sov is wicked love her!!

  59. Martinhio Lacizz

    @ TayKayRane
    Lady Gaga sucks her own balls..

  60. Martinhio Lacizz

    i was refering it to lady gaga..

  61. Marissa

    read your comment wrong--
    I'm from the US, I got it lolol.

  62. BOOM ii

    pennies is a term for the english version of cents if thats how you spell it

  63. Marissa


    .... I'm one of them lololol.

  64. BOOM ii

    :) glad im not the only one

  65. BOOM ii

    i wonder how many non-english have sat there thinking what the fuck are pennies?lol




    Why should we? I am a portugese and i live since '99 in germany. And i do know what pennies are.

  66. BOOM ii

    you are right

  67. Jenny Mc

    Ohh lady sov all the way LADY GAGA = TOTAL BYTCH

  68. jon judd

    @coolmansev I hope you realize that being a juggalo doesn't make you automatically awesome. as a matter of fact, you're just full of fail specifically for that reason.

  69. Jakoloco

    fother muckers LoL

  70. bobaldo7

    pop "king" dont you meen ? haha

  71. Tiago Martins

    Ganda som!!

  72. YoungSamStylez

    yeah fothermockers:)

  73. Judith Kent


  74. VidioPerdente

    haha that pic is just awsome! I dun know how... but it is! (the first one)

  75. Robin John-Paul Guth

    nice track...lady gaga??? that's it ;D

  76. Brittany Robertson

    Just because she is not played on american radio that often, does not make her a one hit wonder. I hate hearing the same twenty songs on the radio it tends to kill the song. She does not want to confirm to main stream music thats why she is her own boss. Being 24 and in charge of your career as a musician is a accomplishment even some of the top played artists cant claim.I love her music and in concert she is amazing.

  77. kikiii101

    yeah but even if they get a sex change, dont think they want to be a pretty man?

  78. Laura Moestadja

    Awesome!?!!! Yeahyaa

  79. Falcon Bigney

    awesome song! love lady sovereign

  80. WwWGraff

    Wheres the lady sovereign of those were the days... :(
    WeodZ-3 GraffDaffShit

  81. Thrice AsLong

    Gorgeous. Glad her music has matured a bit. This is pretty dark. Love it <3

  82. Ghjhbv

    futha muckers lol

  83. ksm1985

    sick beat

  84. Weareallstardust

    I love this song!!

  85. Brocco83

    so tru!!

  86. Martina L. Klocko

    stop writing OHH SHE LOOKS 17,18,16... so what she just looks young.. and thats all...

  87. spoonios

    not ass gud as herr overr 1s

  88. jerseygirl049

    she wears her hair down now :)
    im proud of her lol

  89. nikki cowell

    yaaa older than she looks lols

  90. Gatorade24541

    God she looks so much better with her hair down.
    I hate it when people say shes not good looking when she is.

  91. Si1301

    swap the 1st letter on each word...

    fother muckers = mother fuckers

  92. _ omarlives

    Speak my mind, I don't like dem liars

    Find your ride, and I'll pop your tires

  93. _ omarlives

    this fuckin song is hot BITCH!!!

  94. xsweetdimex

    i got tolld its slowly being shut down thru england...could b a lie but...i dno lol. x

  95. xsweetdimex

    means motherfucka x

  96. Alyssa

    Ik that was funny do you know wat a mofo means

  97. lisadash

    make your money mine. gimmie my pennies, futhamuckers.

  98. aaliyah barreau

    how mant pennis have u gone for me