Lady Sovereign - Love Me Or Hate Me (Remix) Lyrics

[Lady Sovereign:]
It's officially the biggest midget in the game
I dunno...
Make way for the S-O-Veeeeeeeee!

[Chorus: x2]
Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession
Love me or hate me, that is the question
If you love me then - thank you
If you hate me then - fuck you!

[Missy Elliott:]
I'm ridin like a Range Rover, bitch move over
Wear mo' ice than the bears in the polar
Off my shoulders - ice, baby
Don't the jewelry look - nice, baby
I don't really give a WHAAAT
I tell 'em all they can kiss my BUTT
I got three groupies up in the CLUB
And they payin for the tab, pick it UP
I'm a lover, I don't need to fight
Give me time and I'll blow your mind
If you give me two secs to blow your mind
Yeah five plus five, yeah, I'm a dime
Yeah I got twelve cars and I'm a star, okay kay?
Them seven digits numbers that's the cash in my baaaank
I write, I sing, and I do my, do my, do my thing
I dance, romance, and Lady Sovereign tell 'em how it is


[Lady Sovereign:]
Stars whine, hand to the side
Came roll up like addy ap's freestride
No one got craps like mine
When I step you see that shit shine
Why not show flesh boy I'm so fresh to death
But when I wake up early early I got that dirty mornin breath
Whoops! My slap in the face again
My friend don't get offended, mm-kay?
I'm the realest girl in the game and no I ain't pretendin
Yeah I got no car but I'm a star okay?
Them seven digits numbers well umm, they're not that far away
Alright, I don't sing, but I do my thing
I don't dance, I just grin, it's the alien Sovereign


[Lady Sovereign:]
Love me or hate me, love me or hate me
Love me or hate me.. ah ha ha

So I can't dance and I really can't sing, yeah
I can only do one thing and that's be Lady Sovereign

[Chorus x2]

Love me or hate me, love me or hate me
Love me or hate me, love me or hate me...
I can only do one thing and that's be Lady Sovereign

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Lady Sovereign Love Me Or Hate Me (Remix) Comments
  1. Cynthia

    Hier steht Lyrics, aber ich seh hier keine.. Evtl... Mit der Lupe

  2. Jamie Paul Hume

    2019 ??? Well I am and thats enough

    Lucas Harris

    Lmao same

  3. Gareth Johnson

    What happened to Lady Sovereign? She was/is talented. Love this!

  4. Larry Wagoner Jr.

    Here because of the original from NFS Carbon and had never heard this one

  5. Jeremy Frate Frate

    Damn 2006 I'm getting old

  6. Vegas Sharp

    Missy the greatest female MC of all time! Killed it.


    Eve can hold her own, and my money is on Eve!

    KonsciousKoonKiller 22

    @havingfun1968 relax

  7. Faith A

    Love this.

  8. Queen 5SOS

    Alexandra Holtti vine brought me here

  9. Jack Angel

    What type of English accent does LS speak with?

    Chisel Marr

    A London one.

  10. Billie-Joes Gimp

    what would Jay Z do? it's a hard question

  11. Dangsuria Alexandria

    miss you lady sovereign.

  12. Jaclyn Logan


    Chisel Marr

    Lol no one liked it.

    Fourth Horsemen Death

    What shit


    Stupid American accent, and a stupid remix as well !.

  14. Manolyn Marks

    i did come 4 dat

  15. Hera Lyn

    Too bad she hasn't released anything for 3 years+ :P


    2018 still waiting for the comeback :D

    General Esdeath

    @FlamingMolestress 2019 still nothing

  16. Skyy Jazlyn

    like if yo came here lookingg for the song they play @ the beginning of this is a commentary video?

  17. sam yonnamarroo

    she is so cool

  18. samantha watkinson

    lurv it stil loooooooooool

  19. Bay Sket

    Gotta go now. I gotta defeat that Darius now.

  20. GuMbY Taylor-Greenwald

    ran across this song and in LOVE!!! missys my girl and this other girl can belt it out along with the lyrics n beat...yay like to hear more of them together

  21. DJ The Remixx

    My mind has been blown straight out of my head... -.-

  22. createrainbowz

    girl power..... ; ]

    Queen Editzzz

    createrainbowz lit

  23. xara kloukina

    l love this songgggggg!!!

  24. Cassidy Spahr

    Whoops might BURP in Your face.

  25. hoaxloljk

    There are so many errors in the lyrics you've provided...

  26. Caitlin Edwards

    Omggg, i love this song! what happened to her she was great!!!??? <3

  27. Toontown Goill

    you might not know this but an interviewer found out that this is a part 2 not a remix

  28. LiquidSurprise

    @LFMtvChannel7 That's called a "pipe dream"

  29. Desiree Flores

    the song would of been better if she didnt have that acsent

    matthew boswell

    Desiree Flores she is from the U.K 🙄

  30. Dreamweaver204

    how can you not love her???paco xxx

  31. Matyfatbakz


  32. Toontown Goill

    @Matyfatbakz lovorhvjgsDl; j d still an a ffjdpnf if you love me than dskion fdi if you hate me than kjdiahhc fjuf

  33. Matyfatbakz

    Missy killed lady on this track

  34. unavailable5674

    love it ;-)

  35. Kyra Skal

    Best part ^

  36. Mija

    awesome song and soo powerful beat....especially the beginig... =] and chours R great.....=]]] tnx ♥

  37. Sam A

    totally siiiik and epic ;D

  38. Tomthestarhartnell

    @05lshuck i hope she doesnt get voted out, they gave them the most retarted challege in bb history, and she hated it. SAVE SOV

  39. Brittany Hart


  40. Nikarah

    Missy blew my damn mind, her verse is so sick!

  41. akeinro

    man Missy killed it dame this rocks

  42. Bb King

    Best chica spitin

  43. Ashton Wrobel

    i think its "so i cant dance and i really can't sing yet"

  44. Stephanie F

    the war all good



  46. Alessandro Masci

    me too! :D

  47. hardtobeTHEgod

    good song...i know it of the racing game nfs carbon.

  48. Mary G

    me 2 it was funny

  49. Cass Baby

    i'm a lover I don't need to fight... give me time and i'll blow your mind! Lol love that line

  50. liam hillier

    the one thats in carbon hasnt got missy eliot in it and has the swear words bleeped out but it is in the game

  51. Daniel N.

    great song!!!

  52. liam hillier

    this song is in need for speed carbon great listening to while doing up cars

  53. Julius

    you were actually singing along? rofl.. weak.

  54. Chrissy0700

    Great song. Part-eey

  55. lucy e

    dont copy mii please......b

  56. lucy e

    I LURVVEEE this song who doesnt!!
    love mii or hate mii
    luv ya babees

  57. pearcedheart

    Get the lyrics right -.- I hate people who think they can do something, but actually, THEY CAN'T! Learn the facts b4 u fuck up everything

  58. Kira

    look, if ur gonna put the lyrics in, GET THEM RIGHT. no offence...

  59. Maddie M

    she scares me but shes cool

  60. greekelen24

    ** a.w.e.s.o.m.e. * *

  61. tj1097

    lol i was just playing tht game and tht song came on which made go on to utube and listin to it^^

  62. Scottex212

    good to listen when street racing in NFS Carbon XD

  63. SakuraHaruno969

    i like it!

  64. mutlu134

    this is um in the game carbon its a car game that my dad plays lol. Its kinda fun listeing

  65. Agi Molnar

    Super coool!!! :-D

  66. Jessica Saunders

    Missy is the shit!

  67. richard walker

    dfggegsftgts yh m8!

  68. sasquatchfeeder

    aww i wish i could find my LS CD :( I don't know where it went =(

  69. ssiso8

    damn!! cyberneticdex69 you dude suck!
    Lady.. mm I love dat girl..

  70. cyberneticdex69

    go do us all afavour and buy yourself a knife and cut your neck deap! or u want me to come personal to kick your ass infront of your whole howlife country?

  71. will5125

    Ahaha i know right? why would u repeat some lyrics from the song your listening to.

  72. cyberneticdex69

    National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood ( N. O. M.A.`A.M.) die, u lady bitch adn all you bitches out there!!!

  73. Charlotte Simp

    it's cwl-but it would sound good if ldy sov sung it.....:)

  74. Polina Pechnikova