Lady Sovereign - 9 To 5 Lyrics

OK yo....
I wake up late every morning
Managers calling I'm still yawning
Get up wake up hair and make-ups
Waiting for you don't be stalling
This performance is important
I don't think I can put my all in
Hold on I was drunk last night
Now it's all kicking in and I don't feel right
Gave my number to a breh who wasn't my type
Now my phone's on silent I'm being polite
Now private callers get no love from me
Just let me be...

Oh my gosh my days are getting longer
There's no turning back 'cause I'm working the 9 to 5
To keep my contract did I say 9 I meant 1:30
I'm no early birdy I'm lazy that's all that I can say
So make sure you heard me
And there's no turning back 'cause I'm working a 9 to 5

So you
Channel who sorry who I'm altered for snooze
Oh! Channel U the ones that made me huge
Like Katie Price's boobs
Whoops I'm being rude
Where's my Red Bull and my sandwich I need food
I can't handle this
I'm getting pissed like pampers throwing a tantrum
Nah I'd actually rather catch my z's and count sheep in my sleep
Let's not wake her up she actually looks quite sweet

Oh my Gosh my days are getting longer
And there's no turning back 'cause I'm working a 9 to 5
To keep my contract did I say that I meant 1:30
I'm no early birdy I'm lazy that's all that I can say
So make sure you heard me
I ain't no early birdy
Won't wake up till 12:30

I couldn't be bothered to say much ere
So oh dear
Huh where am I man..?
This... ain't good... what's going on?!

So my label have changed my image
I'm a pink lipstick chick called dipstick
This ain't on my wishlist
Oh shit I'm in FHM posing in a bikini
Next to a Lamborghini
Next stop the theme tune for Tweenies
I'm presenting C-beebies
[pukes] Have you seen me?
Never again, am I drinking lambrini?
"It's alright, Sov it's a dream... just wake up!"

Oh my Gosh my days are getting longer
And there's no turning back 'cause I'm working the 9 to 5
To keep my contract did I say that I meant 1:30
I'm no early birdy I'm lazy I'll say it again
To make sure you heard me
I ain't no early birdy
Won't wake up to 12:30
And I can't be bothered to say much ere
So I'll say it again

[Repeat chorus]

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Lady Sovereign 9 To 5 Comments
  1. Sanity Boo

    Female Slim Shady Tew Mehh

  2. alan gibson

    i heard this song waaaaay back in the day and just found it on here, love the song, sov is damn cute too..

  3. Ryan Hazell


  4. Pastel tasticus


  5. Andy Honor

    this is very prime eminem esque

  6. ix3bumblebeetuna

    she's amazing! I was very disappointed that she didn't become as famous of a rapper in the us. honestly i'm very tired of hearing people in the radio rapping about banging bitches all the time. listening to her was actually refreshing and new!

  7. BeatsByCappa

    Love her !

  8. MicTheHumanAdveture

    i totally get you haha

  9. p lou

    glad shes a lesbian too.! pwooaar shes gorgeous :P

  10. DavidNorris1991

    fuckkkkkkkk haven't watch this video in a while

  11. gegjewiojgeowji wefjowejoj

    Fucking British

  12. 2koolken

    bi-sexual that is

  13. 2koolken

    mine decreased (sigh) maybe she's a bi-

  14. gaz 187

    hot lil joint..last album was wack tho

  15. sadasoida

    FIFA WC 06

  16. jaworskyj

    defo shag her , mucky bum !

  17. Brock'sDryingPan


  18. Sunny D

    She looks like Miley Cyrus

  19. So Young Kim

    wizards of waverly place stole the tune, wow

  20. uwu

    fucking legend, always.

  21. MrScouterboy

    she looks like she is 12 years old

  22. lucia daniels

    26 people think that shes an early birdy then......

  23. HotBread McTasty

    this is horrible

  24. Tomas Koshima

    I love how un-generic Sov is.

  25. DemonOfRenaissance

    Diese Scheiße ist die Bombe

  26. ninjamonkeycrazykid

    2:56 VAMPIRE!!!!!

  27. Daynefc18

    Chavtastic blud u get me...... Translation for normal people- What a horrific song this is, seriously wtf is this

  28. Hydropuncher

    GURU PITKA sings it better

  29. syurk

    I feel you SOV, I'm no early-birdy either

  30. Vmonusi

    yea she's sexy

  31. maria lane

    i work 8 - 5 :L

  32. 1PhantasiePrincess2

    phh... school i'm working 7 to 4

  33. SalvatoreDeItaliano

    got this song ages ago from the world cup 2006 PlayStation 2 game one of the best songs of that game !!!!!!

  34. mackem1980

    @mofzorr666 6-2 here!

  35. james bouchier

    @mofzorr666 LOL same

  36. trinistar8

    yay...ladyy....thumbs up listening in 2012....

  37. Jade Parsons

    @wegiveyouhugsforfree hi im jade + im your biggest fan

  38. heronXS


  39. romanwawa

    i love it.

  40. fearnstarr

    I bet she's working 9 to 5 now days

  41. pinkfloss86

    if you dont u shud follow her on twitter she is so fucking funny

  42. Steven R

    Where's my redbull and my sanduuich

  43. shkolnichek97

    2:06 i fap

  44. mole esther

    used to love this omg

  45. N Anggraini

    @Barn3yxx lol i was just about to say that

  46. La Charli

    fuck it all oveeeeeer! once and twice.... i'm inlove with this song SOV RULZ!
    Kisses from a spanish rappa!

  47. Bl4ck Ph03n1x

    i still love this song it will never get old :)

  48. Carmen Sarmiento

    Es como Eminem pero en tía y británica!! ME ENCANTA!!

  49. Ciara Cox


  50. Ciara Cox


  51. Fourarms202

    the woman in the black jump suit on her right almost looks like Holly marie combs

  52. gh h

    Justine from Tracy Beaker looool

  53. anutzaGuevara

    working 9 to 5???? :O
    i work 8 to 6:((

  54. La Charli

    @dallasguts77 yeees i found it, already on my mp3 ! hihihihihi thx!

  55. La Charli

    wich album's this song from?

  56. Kayleigh Natasha

    Loving this song

  57. Nymphadora Club

    fifa 2006 <3

  58. I love dragons

    this is just too cool;D

  59. shihtzupup98

    @THECLOSETWRITER you obviously are not a fan of her if you compare her to eminem.....

  60. Abby Drummond

    shes like the uk girl version of eminem

  61. vinnie ng

    yeeeee justine littlewood

  62. Holly Collett

    @love4life365 cool;]

  63. michael cuypers

    i'm working 11 to 7 :S

  64. erin brennan

    @MegaHolly2011 ok..

  65. Holly Collett

    @love4life365 it is at 3;29;]

  66. erin brennan

    @MegaHolly2011 when is the teeth thing?

  67. ToxicScars666

    @teddyrainbow606 ....?

  68. Holly Collett

    i love her blue tracksuit;] and the bit at the end when she kisses her teeth is funny and cool;]

  69. Jonkmaister

    shes hot in this clip

  70. najma50000

    love it

  71. Dani Larche

    this song gets sorta scary with the dadadadadada

  72. Amanda Powell

    Worst song ever

  73. Amanda Powell

    worst song ever!!!!!

  74. Directx45000

    I'm started working at Freshfields last year doing Tort Law and I've worked 48 hour shifts before. Dam pikeys dont know how good they have it.

  75. Abu Hussain

    Best song on World Cup 2006.

  76. Dennis Fyhr

    I would just love it they would have put in a dup step part at 2:56!

  77. Alam Yair Cardona Medina

    Me acuerdo cuando la vi en MTV *-* <3

  78. louisfriendhastaste

    I always thought she was as fit as a butchers dog!

  79. Penina Dayne

    It's Justine Littlewood!

  80. Glenn Harris

    :P Just let Me Be :P

  81. Sarah N

    She's like a girl Slim Shady...this is like Eminem- just lose it

  82. shihtzupup98

    this song is so very catchy and i love it!

  83. Juush

    @2ndHandKate It's a job, sorry but just cuz it's not socially acceptable here doesn't mean it's not there. The families are so poor that they have to send their kids to work. Without those companies paying pennies (which actually -do- help contrary to what the extremist liberal media will have you believe) they wouldn't be able to survive. Quit being so ethnocentric, gawd.

  84. Austin Ozzy

    I'm listening to it in 2011 HELL YEAH.and singing this to bed!!

  85. Lola Lloyd

    @2ndHandKate As long as the tracksuit looks good...IDGAF :)

  86. absentofficial

    She's simply the best!

  87. doctorwho35

    @lilmissandre100 Lol it's the hat :L

  88. doctorwho35

    @lilmissandre100 Yayyy lol.... not just me then :L :L We're in this 2getha!! lmfao!!

  89. Sophie

    loool it's justine from tracy beaker at the back of the bus :P

  90. hr1556

    british girls rapping.......what has this world coming to XD

  91. Iam Mothman

    @misscutiecamper05 So all the guys popping stiffs over her would be let down...

  92. Alaina Mcqueen

    @Candiicea y did u bring tht up???

  93. Alex Prudhoe

    The schoolgirl on the right in the bus is justine off the tracey beaker series, i used to watch it when i was younger:')

    Love this song so much:D<3

  94. Zola

    im off on a 9 to 5 and getting late

  95. zorhis1996

    even ur cry sounds sexy

  96. Paloma Rezende


  97. Steini Pétur

    It has nothing to do with copyrights to mirror the image, it has to do with youtube's software not being able to match the image to their database of data.. When they stumble on this video it gets flagged off and you get a post sent where you have to take a god damn copyright school answer 20 questions and pass the test to continue your youtube account, next offence is deletion of the accoun... Trust me i know thought this mirror crap was enough, boy was i wrong