Lady Saw - Unfollow Lyrics

Saw yo phone a ring
A who fa name come up pon hi
A one a di hypocrite dem hi no wa mi fi do
Right now if a no Romeich or Slider a call mi hi no
Mi nah two take no call hi no
A one an two female friends mi have in yah
Yuh si di next one dem
Hypocrite dem
Mi no in a nothing wid dem

Wooy a who a call mi pon mi digicel
Who a ring off mi lime
A who that pon mi claro
Fi hypocrite gyal mi no have time
Hey mi delete dem ping
Caw mi no in a nothing wid dem
An when mi si dem pon twitter
Mi press unfollow, unfollow, unfollow

[Verse 1:]
Every time dem si mi dem a laugh up
And as mi turn mi back dem a talk up
Mi act like mi ears dem cork up
The next time when mi si dem mi a hark up pon dem
Bad mine stick pon dem
Mi a gyal mi no itch pon dem
Mi a gyal mi no waan dem friend
When dem call mi phone mi lock di flip pon dem


[Verse 2:]
Bout yuh love me I love yuh not
Me cyan see it seh a act yuh a act
Yuh cyan wait fi di day when mi flop
But dig two hole an go go down in a that
Wah yo seh who me fi retire
When a mi a take di music higher
Yo know a nuff a unu me inspire
That's why when yo call my phone mi no deh yah


[Verse 3:]
Everyday a ring, ring, ping, ping
A call up mi phone bout come wi go a Jim
MI alright how mi stay mi no waan get slim
Yo si yuh gyal yo too dam caniveing
Mi no have time fi no blogger
In a my phone mi save dem as nagger
Dem a style mi mounce dem one another
When dem call mi phone mi seh yo mother


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