Lady Saw - The Book Lyrics

A me write the book paw wining
And a mi write the book pon climbing
Anywhere mi man deh a me deh beside him
When man a check dem, dem dweet in a hiding
And a mi write the book pon tight
And a mi write the book pon right
Some gyal a talk bout dem a wife
But meck a gyal know seh a me name life

[Verse 1:]
Mi no too wine in a public
Mi wine pon bed
Wine paw floor, paw wall, paw mi head
Fi mi wine global, enough said
Gyal a wine up in a dance and pop down pon ted

Mi wine fi keep some matie a the least
No matter how matie wine up shi still get delete
One knock shi get, one stop and receipt
No wonder why shi turn freak


[Verse 2:]
Mi have wine weh turn man in a idiot
Mi have wine weh turn man in a fool
Mi man nah left mi fi you no bother pree that
Cause a me have the wining school
Mi put mi man fi sit down pon a chair
Flick up paw mi hand wid foot in a the air
Weh yuh a do to mi? Have no fear
A me run wining round here


[Verse 3:]
When mi a wine fi mi baby him seh honey don't stop
Take all a mi money and everything mi got
You have the wine him haffi come back
Gyal yo good, yo better try member that

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