Lady Saw - Sycamore Tree Lyrics

Do you remember, do you remember [x2]

Remember it was under the sycamore tree
A bwoy waan mi bow
An mi tell him fi flee
Remember it was under the sycamore treeee
The sun stop shining for me
Again [x2]

Well, Remember when we used to row
Yuh used to drop yuh hint an mi think yuh did a gyow
But mi a goody goody an mi never know how
Furthermore mi never deserve fi bow
Well, a long time yuh fren dem did a leak
But thru mi kici back and mi neva waan speak
An mi a gal whey guh a mi church every week
So mi naw mek nuh bwoy tun mi inna freak
So mi Say


Mi love yuh but mi still have mi pride
Mi a gal wi gi yuh all di wickedest ride
But mi haffi stay pon di righteous side
Mi naw mek nuh bwoy mek mi walk an hide
Call mi old fashion a nuh everything mi like
Mi a gal wi ride pon yuh big Ninja Bike
Run any marathon inna mi site
But a one mic mi chat pon
Ah mi studio mic


A food alone guh inna wi mouth
Big up di gal dem from Dunkirk and South
How gal fi bow, a whey dem a chat bout
All goody goody gal from Rockfort
Junglist and Rema gal a dem run di route
Seaview and Kingston 13 a shout
A rouna rouna rouna 3 mile roundabout
Mek mi see the han dem without a doubt


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Lady Saw Sycamore Tree Comments
  1. Camron S

    This song neva dead 🤞🏾

  2. Mickayla Titus


  3. JackMeFrankie

    heard this in a coffeeshop in amsterdam
    couldnt think of a better place to discover this

  4. Damaine Garrett

    If you ain't neva dub with somebody you didn't even know just cause this song came on,, you ain't lived in a time that was relevant!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Pascal ÓMathghamhna

    BOOM 💥
    Pure dancehall riddim!!

  6. Phresh King

    A true Queen!!!!!

  7. avagaye mckie

    Do you remember

  8. Nancy Njoroge

    Kenya loves you .. When you coming home

  9. Newwella Nielsen

    The real queen of dance hall

  10. jonathan johnson


  11. Richellan Bandoo

    Mi sill here 2019 Marion Hall AKA lady saw will never grow old😄

  12. Jamaican Choice tv

    Call me old fashioned ano everything me like lol

  13. brent james

    Met lady Saw club platform 21 Rochester NY she so nice

  14. Rennell S Anderson

    Still 2019💯💯🤣🤣

  15. steve smith

    Great tunes

  16. Janay Hall

    Listening in 2019

  17. Kahlil Clarke

    All hail the queen of dancehall the original queen,think of any pop artist who said that they are doing it,check out lady saw biography legendary status people, you would have beyonce without lady saw barrier Barker fuck anything else you hear big up the lady saw still would slap now same saw bad gal

  18. Jackie Lamont

    Lady Saw/minister Hall Blessings to you!!!🙂🙂

  19. Alonzo Moses jr

    Bon j am TV women dress in white got skills

  20. Ryan Tobin

    Mister Marion 👑 #DanceHallQueen FOREVER

  21. Sylvia Hayman


  22. Teresa

    Wicked dancehall.


    😍😍😍😍Sycamore Tree Love Hatian 2019

  24. Joan Gayle

    I love this song so much...and I love her 😍...GOD jus one more time Mek she perform as lady saw...

    Nedina Davis

    I'm with you lol

  25. Marcia Green

    She did bad nuh blouse & skirt!!!!

  26. Joan Gayle

    Fayah!!! Mi gyal fi everrrrrrrr!!!!!! Real queen this....😊😊

    Christopher Kevin

    Mi ear ya

  27. Aummani Music ent

    Who's here 2019 the real queen of dancehall queen

    Rayon Williams

    Aummani Music ent Spice is doing good she on her way

    Aummani Music ent

    Lady will always be my queen

    Rayon Williams

    Aummani Music ent yes first is first but she can’t have one foot in a one foot out spice is the next love and hip hop

    Honey Luv

    All day


    Patra ah the baddest queen fi come outta di island

  28. Yogeeta Ramnandon

    Super beautiful!!!!

  29. Yogeeta Ramnandon


  30. Ronita Griffith

    Listening in 2019

  31. Carol Grander


    Trevor Benjamin

    Patra is just as good .Love them both

  32. Annie Singh

    Good one

  33. Qie Jackson

    2019 Fire Who listening rude gal rule 😘

    Tonja Neely

    This is a classic!

  34. Nadine Wallace

    Days I will be in a delima about miss you saw

  35. Blurrr_x

    It was under Di sycamore treeee 🔉

    Patrick Baxter

    So ware was Adam and Eve😄😄😃😃😄😄😃😃😄😄😃😃

  36. nichola riffin

    Me :-) :-) :-) :-)

  37. Tanor Tody

    A queen can't be replaced. Blessings Minster hall


    Tell them again..... Louddddd

    GRANDMA ALEX Serrano

    my daughter love this song lady saw still going strong

  38. Mika Hill

    🔥whose listening this 2018/2019/2020🔥

    Todd Jonathan


    Christine McClaurin


    Tonja Neely

    I still listen to.

    Christopher Kevin

    Been Listening for the longest

    Dennis Porter

    Right chere

  39. Ronald Cattouse

    Great song with wisdom!

    Camron S


  40. Al3xwd39w33d The first

    Remember waking up and mi mum was playing this all the time good times

    Tonja Neely

    Hey mon!

  41. Cornelia Gaudin

    she a goody goody and she never now how further more she never deserve to bow



  42. Jake Snake

    awesome tune ! this woman has truly powerful voice

    daniel garcia

    Jake Snake , yes it is


    And a voice she was of Dancehall... still reigning Queen even as she is retired. Miss her

    Melaine Smith-hewitt

    Jake Snake
    Of course she's a true bad gal

    Melaine Smith-hewitt

    Can't lie i used dress like that

  43. daniel garcia

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