Lady Saw - Scamma Lyrics

Mi want a scammer man from Mobay
Caw mi hear seh the money set a way
Mi would a gi him my body everyday
Caw mi know seh money haffi pay

Mi want a big money thief
Caw mi want a big money jeep
Mi love money bad mi nuh cheep
And my scammer man him haffi bleach

[Verse 1:]
Mi tired fi spend mi own money
Pon a bwoy who tek mi fi dumby
Go a Mobay and go link up sunny
Hi scammer money tall him alone cyaa done hi
Mi ready fi lydown pon the beach
Spa treatment three times a week
Tek a cruise to Marco and Greece
Want a new ID fi run from police

[Verse 2:]
Imagine me and a scammer lydown
Him get a call seh the Indian a come
Mi did ready fi go wine pon the ground
When mi look nuh the scammer that a run
Mi hear scammer down a gogo club
A shower gyal wid money love
Mi hear dem addicted to the one drug
Caw when shi wine she mash up the pub


[Verse 3:]
Mi tell yo seh mi love money bad
When mi seh money pocket haffi long
Mi naw stand up a nuh western union
Mi waan know the scammer who sell Pier One
Yo know wa, mi just change mi mind
Because when mi check back scamming is a crime
Me too hot fi go do nuh prison time
Mi work hard fi mi money suh mi fine


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Lady Saw Scamma Comments
  1. Annette Atkins

    Scamma u deh pon u own

  2. Muhammed Zaman

    scama mamma you hard.still up.

  3. Muhammad Zaman

    link the suny. surplus

  4. Venus Modeste

    Lady saw I want to married u and fuck u

  5. Keisha Reid

    Mumma u badddddd

  6. daneil1975

    👍 👍Yes Sah mi no want no Scammer Man from Mobay!

  7. robert downer

    i will never play this shitt

  8. Lement Smith

    Why won't people listen to the song before making judgement. Ah bwoy...

  9. Lavelle vicegrip

    me as a hardcoreeee lady saw fan will always back lady saw to the end. Lady saw touches many topics that many people are afraid to speak about, and if you listen from start to finish, she is not bigging up scammers...  " yuh know wat, mi just change mi mind, cau wen mi check it out, scamming is a crime¨. she is being creative with the song, grabbing peoples attention, making think she is into it, and the fool fool people that are into the scamming ting listen to the whole song and see that lady saw a bun dem out too.  I understand that it is  a sensitive topic, but when hasnt lady saw touched a sensitive topic? music is suppose to be fun and creative dont take it too seriously. di riddim bad..... mi want ride pon it too

    Shireen BX

    +Lavelle Fullerton You took the words straight from my and creative.

  10. jamaica anderson

    suck u mah lady chew

  11. ninosimone x


  12. Denny Lawson

    Suck you ma lady saw lack you a infarma

  13. jacqueline k

    I love this lady

  14. vickram ramkissoon

    Bad gal saw          ah Bare entertainmaent

  15. Venetia Anderson

    Up up💯👏

    Dancehall Reggae TV

    WAY UP!