Lady Saw - Likkle Bit Lyrics

From mi born me likkle bit
When mi a grow up mi still likkle bit
The older mi get mi stay likkle bit
Mi just likkle bit, likkle bit

Real big woman and mi likkle bit
No gyal nuh more than mi caw mi likkle bit
Ask mi boyfriend how mi likkle bit
Mi just likkle bit, likkle bit

[Verse 1:]
Mi mean and tight
Mi grip like voice
Mi man seh mi right
Him love mi caw mi nice
When mi sit down pon the bike
And mi foot dem height
A that mi man like
Suh him come home every night


[Verse 2:]
Mi swear paw mi mother yes
Swear paw mi life
Swear pon the man name Jesus Christ
If a lie mi a tell juck mi wid a knife
Every man weh mi deh wid seh mi

Dem call it likkle Mrs Marian
Marian Marie
Ask any man mi deh wid and they will agree
Seh no gyal dem deh wid never likkle like me
A nuff time man cry cree


[Verse 3:]
In a mi likkle village
A one man mi deh wid
Him ask mi fi marriage
Over me no gyal nuh have leverage

Mi nuh box bout
What a gyal talking about
Shi better shut up her mouth
Before the 32 teeth

[Chorus x2]

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Lady Saw Likkle Bit Comments
  1. Roxan Richards

    Love ladysaw....true song

  2. Laura Natalia Vera Duarte


  3. Zenzi Makeba

    Bwoy Ms.Marion Hall,Lady Saw will be missed. Di baddest Female DJ outta Jam Down🇯🇲💯💕❣️⭐

  4. Sancia Powell

    from me born me little bit....little bit little bit..big up the Queen Of Dancehall Lady Saw all now no one can fill your shoes



  6. longbranch11207

    thanks for posting never heard of this

  7. Don't Hate Just Appreciate

    Likkle Bit boom lady saw 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤👍👍

  8. risabell04

    if mi love har one more time u se

  9. fatcat77507

    Woieeeeeeeeeeeee. likkkkkkkle me sayyyyyyyyyy

  10. Ms1brownsugar

    Queen Saw yah bad

  11. Ms1brownsugar

    Queen Saw yah bad

  12. Ms1brownsugar

    Queen Saw

  13. Ms1brownsugar

    Queen Saw

  14. L Jones

    live n direct outta LoNDoN

  15. L Jones


  16. Alexandra B

    team 69 😍😍😍😍

    Lillian Calla

    Too funny gospel

  17. Henry Barrett

    she was good. in dancehall Queen


    she is the best in dancehall

  18. Michiel tH

    Lady Saw - Likkle Bit @TheRealLadySaw @realdjfrass @ZojakWorldWide   #Dancehall

  19. Dancehall Reggae TV

    Lady Saw - Likkle Bit @TheRealLadySaw @realdjfrass @ZojakWorldWide   #Dancehall