Lady Saw - Heist It Up Lyrics

Dem see we dem nuh know wi
Come swaarm mi
Dem nuh know sey dem gal yah fat an heavy
Nuff bwoy a run lef wi

Thru a bwoy nuh know
How wi hot yah now
Getting fat yah now
We are ready to rock, ready to roll
On the floor
Have dem screaming and crying and begging for more


When mi fling it up from the left yaah
Fling it up from the right
We know how fi fling it up
Wi kow how fi fling it up, yeah-eaah
Wi know fi heist it up from the left
Heist it up from the right
Wi know how fi hiest it up
Wi know how fi heist it up, yeah
Some bwoy mussi tink wi easy
Dem nuh know wi waan man fi please wi
If dem caan handle dat tell dem fi go go go
Cause hot gal wi waan man fi grease wi
Slip it in sometime yuh tease mi
Goose pimple fi show when di juice a flow flow flow


A wi man a watch, well waan lash
Bout dem have wuck fi mash
Tel dem don't come wid no one bag a thrash
Better can crash dat
Have mi screaming and moaning and grabbing up back


Every man waan mi I'll an ali
Dem say dem have di ten wheela
But any man get trap inna mi bed
Say a murder, murder, muurder
A nuff a dem all a fling rock stone
Dem never know sey mi bad to the bone
Dem haffi answer to mama when it come to the working zone


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Lady Saw Heist It Up Comments
  1. Sandy Hosein

    When dance hall was niceeee..... fling it up

  2. Alpha8497

    I used to walk and dance this song. Just walk and fling up each leg and hice work. Lmao

  3. Jamaican Choice tv

    I remember when this was a out a order song lol...big up the queen of dance hall...we still a bruk out to this song....

  4. Islandpride 868


  5. Maria Smith

    Miss her in Dancehall but she is great in Gospel too

  6. Melanin Latty

    I remember when all the girls in my class got into trouble for singing this song at primary school.🤣🤣🤣




    Primary School?! Whoii

  7. Deena O'Connor


  8. Theblackhatnyc

    big chune. 7:59 nyc time

  9. Sandy Drummun

    2019 mi know how fi hice it up🔥🔥🔥

  10. Jada Williams

    Who's listening?

  11. Lesline Milwood

    Still listening hotttttttt

  12. Kimique Roman

    We kno how fi fling it up😌

  13. Tandy Buckley

    2019 n still listening

    diana johnson

    A me fi tell u

  14. Denisha John


  15. nik nak


  16. Nicola Cummings

    Memories .... bad in the days when there was no phones in dance hall just waist and good vibes

  17. Malvia Davis

    mist the best muma saw

  18. DJ Panras oldSchoolDJmaster

    Days when the school bus was ram with speakers @ sound!!

  19. Terryann Almorales

    Mad mad bad lyrics brings out the tiger in me whoyýy

  20. 1D0N

    Cloak & Dagger!

  21. Michael st.clair

    This came out in 98'

  22. Lyndsey Allen

    Hize it up lady saw !!!!

  23. Name Less

    when did this come out, sounds like organized noise ft. queen latifah - set it off

    Marika Williams

    It's a replica of set it off by organized Noise

  24. LC4720

    Thank you!!

  25. sonick808

    i love seing all the cartridges/headshells

  26. MsBunnykiss

    ready to roll.. Love this woman...

  27. thesunwillshineonme



    I dont believe you!

    Aldene Campbell

    A lieeeeee rayyyyyy

  28. Kallen Williams

    Strafe 'Set It Off' (Jus Born 1984)