Lady Saw - Heaven Lyrics

Heaven, beautiful heaven
Heaven, I want to get to heaven

There's a place where I dear call heaven
That my God has prepared for me
A beautiful place where I've been call heaven
And my God say I can live rent free

Do you know what it takes to get to that place
How I would feel when I see my God's face
I would run into his warm embrace
Oh I can't wait to walk thru heaven's gate
Oh I can't wait to walk thru heaven's gate

Tell my landlord I don't need this place no more
Call my neighbour who has been sleeping on the floor
In heaven it doen't matter if you are the rich or poor
Cause in heaven there are Mansons galore

There's a place where I dear call heaven
That my God has prepared for me
A beautiful place where I've been call heaven
And my God say I can live rent free

Do you know what it takes to get to that place
How I would feel when I see my God's face
I would run into his warm embrace
Oh I can't wait to walk thru heaven's gate
Oh I can't wait to walk thru heaven's gate

In heaven there's no war only love
Beyond the stars there's no need for money and cars
Only God will judge us all
No heartache no deceased
No grudge, No heatered, no greed
You can get there if you believe

There's a place where I dear call heaven
That my God has prepared for me
A beautiful place where I've been call heaven
And my God say I can live rent free

Do you know what it takes to get to that place
How I would feel when I see my God's face
I would run into his warm embrace
Oh I can't wait to walk thru heaven's gate
Oh I can't wait to walk thru heaven's gate

Heaven, beautiful heave
Talking about heaven
I want to get to heaven

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Lady Saw Heaven Comments
  1. AJ.DobbleG Poped

    Lady saw is still my favourite dancehall Artist now my favourite Gospel sing I never listen to gospel until marian made me started love u Marian god bless u with every u want and need 😘😘

  2. Bibi N

    God heard this song and change her into an she can enter Heaven.................

  3. Antonio Ferguson

    I wish I can give this more thumbs down

  4. Natoya Smalling

    I love this Lady so much, You got to go through to come through Amen. Love you Lady Hall, Woman of God

  5. A P

    Going back to heels on

  6. Stephlyn Mcdonald

    God-bless thlese wonderful pastor Who are preaching the word of God It is a wonderful nspiration to each and everyone to listen to may the power of God be around them at all time

  7. Kerlon Rosalle

    Marion hall want to sing a gospel song with you keep the faith God is able

  8. Vivian Hugh Gayle

    Amen and amen thank woman for God. 🇯🇲🇨🇭🇯🇲🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌹💓🦁🎼🎶🥀🥀🥀❤️

  9. QueenT Jamaicanqueen

    Miss Hall you inspired me so much. I was your biggest fan back in the days and I’m a even more bigger fan now. May god continues to bless and keep you. Keep up the good work

  10. Trenay Brian

    Amen......can't wait to go there...a place called heaven

  11. Roxanne Kinnally

    I am praying for that day when I go there no more rent

  12. Orlando Taylor

    I'm so proud of u Marion love this song I can't wait to walk through heave gate

  13. vic con


  14. DecemberEva A

    Beautiful my sister beautiful 🧕

  15. Brittany Atkinson

    I love this song 🙏🙏🙏🙏👼👼👼👼

  16. Lucas

    Yes the best choice you servant ever made evangelist Judith Alvarez

  17. Donna Davis

    Great song, could not stop listening to it, 🙏🏽

  18. Cury Flowa

    Marion - You have won the victory over the ENEMY!!! Bless your heart...

  19. longbranch11207

    long time she wanted to go god, love it

  20. dyan johnson

    wow this is master piece beautiful song

  21. Chevon Campbell

    my friend say that it doesnt sound good

  22. Chevon Campbell

    man i cant stop playing this song

  23. Juliet Egbert

    god bless you woman of god god is truly amazing what he has done

  24. Badgal Time

    is Christianity a business or is this Jesus you speak of real...not trying to be disrespectful or rude sorry if you feel offended but too many people baptize and back slide just makes me wonder. beautiful song though.

    Cornel Dregon

    Badgal Time He's 100percent real my friend. Yea some Christians do backslide cause the devil do temp and those who are weak in faith will heel. That's y jesus died on the cross so we can repent of our sins.

    Richie Richie

    Its only God really loving the work that u r doing I know that God will keep blessing u miss hall

  25. Barbara Small

    Love this

  26. Business Logistics

    This what comes out of a soul that is born again (anew) in Christ Jesus. We long for that place where we shall be free to worship our God without political correctness pressure from the world (including our family).

  27. Pathway Heaven

    Sweet ,

  28. Swasy Haynes

    Such Conditions Minister Hall each times I hear this song on Irie FM with DJ Big A I love to praise the lord even heaven is where I call home

  29. Coleen Ainsworth

    God be with you my sister

  30. Javelle James

    u go sis Marion

  31. Velouse Vinélon

    Praise be to the Most High Yah, now I can call you my sister. Adonai, please keep her safe for your glory! In your Name I pray Yah! HalleluYah!

  32. Raggamanjah

    Halleluyah.Praise Yahweh JAH Jehovah in the name of Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua Messiah in Unity with the Holy Spirit.Amen

  33. Suze Salmon

    The only place we can live RENT FREE, is the Lord's house. Amen!!!!:)

  34. vitalis chikoti

    loving the song, God bless you marion..

  35. ahsiek Annakie

    would want u visit my church goddy goddy and sing this song for us in Jamaica old harbour

  36. ahsiek Annakie

    I can't wait to walk true heaven gate

    Marcia Williams

    I am so love with this lady before I was never for her because of the song's she sings

  37. ahsiek Annakie

    love this song

  38. Angela Hughes


    marion hall

    Yes he is. Love u too.

  39. Black Smath

    God bless you Marion hall

  40. Mark Gayle

    God is so amazing, love the way how he his using you Marion Hall, I keep playing this over and over, I pray that God continue to bless you, keep you and strengthen you. you gonna be true blessing in so many lives, both sinners and Christian. just continue praying and live for God always

  41. Nicola Paddy

    I so love this sing marion hall this place call heaven it really blessed my heart ....I luv it. and I'm happy that you give ur live to Christ jesus... he will used you to do his stay strong and be bless...

  42. Peter Reid

    Heard 'Heaven' for the first time tonight. Played it four times in a row. Brought tears to my eyes. Had to worship God immediately.


    the song is truly amazing

    vic con

    +longbranch11207 blessings brother amen good boy xxx love

  43. Johnette Williams

    i am shock

  44. J Smith Reid

    You are such an inspiration!!!!

  45. PSALMS 23


  46. Ras Powerman

    God is Great..

  47. Diane Metz

    Love you so much Marion- It was nothing but pure years of joy that day when I hear you have your life to Jesus.

    God bless you - excited about what God has I store for you X

  48. King Cobra V.S. Cottonmouth

    wow praise jesus this is a beautiful song!!!


    God going to use you to bring sinner in his kingdom,Keep the faith be strong because its going to rough at times,Love you sis.

  50. Tricia Mcletchie

    beautiful voice and song

  51. Kellon Frederick

    wonderful songs well done lady saw

  52. Tee Orr

    oh Jesus, this song is such a blessing to me, can't wait to hear what she's coming with next

  53. Jones' Electric


  54. longbranch11207

    damn this makes me want to give my life to god, love it it love it

    Gem Gem

    longbranch11207 Do it! 😊😊❤

    avril james

    longbranch11207 well wat you waiting for crazy... Don't you know your soul is up for Grabs...I'm praying for u mi son


    so true


    thank you

    vic con


  55. Zao Li

    So beautyful. .im Just rocken left and right with the shoulders ...its that kinda tune you know ...thanks for making this song ..I like it really much

    Marion Hall

    +Zao Li Glad you like it.

  56. Ann Burnett

    One love sister Marion heaven is rejoicing right now and I am too. I love your strength. Go and make disciples for the kingdom of God. Shalom!

  57. jervais emmanuel

    oh so sweet thats a nice song

  58. Tommy Spartan

    God bless u lady saw

    Marion Hall

    +Tommy Spartan Thank you so very much . God bless u too.

    Marion Hall

    +Tommy Spartan God bless u too.

    vic con

    +Marion Hall omg is this u sister bless u sister this song sister is a beautiful piece sister words don't do it justice sending u a bug hug and kiss sister see you there sister can't wait kiss kiss xxx

  59. Crystal Williams

    this woman Marian Hall has always being my artist, ever since I've know her she's my motivator. i love her so very much, i don't car about what people wonna say about her or bash her, she's made a very good step with Christ and only GOD CAN JUDGE US ALL AS SHE SAID IN HER SONG, listening to u honey brings tears of joy to my heart, I'm one of your biggest fan and and I do believe that you will win souls for Christ, I'm also a backslider and I hope that I will make it back to the place where I first received Christ Jesus.I decree and declare that you are going to be a very good minister of GOD, I'm right behind u Marian. may the Lord of host continue to bless and keep u i hope to worship with you one day,have a great time with JESUS MY ARTIST MMUUUAAHHH.

  60. missbeckyus079

    Jesus lives, how amazing is God! another name written in the book of life! Marion Hall, we're praising our Heavenly Father together.

    Marion Hall

    +missbeckyus079 Bless the lord!!!!! He deserves all the praise.

  61. Edford James

    when God get ready you got to move. don't think about what people have to say because you move to a higher call .

    Marion Hall

    +Edford James Need i say more? I don't think so.

    Marion Hall

    +Edford James He's in control . What mankind say don't bother me no more you know.

    Prince Richardson

    Marion Hall ,you have be bless by god sister .

  62. Krystal Simmons

    As am listing to this song my eyes are full with this song.....great things are going to happen Amen

    Marion Hall

    +Krystal Simmons That means you're connected.

  63. Lanceford Forde

    my sister i really happy for you may GOD keep you safe

    Marion Hall

    +Lanceford Forde Thank you so very much.

    Marion Hall

    +Lanceford Forde Thank you very much .may God bless you .

    Lanceford Forde

    ur welcome 

  64. angella brown

    Tears awesome am feeling this song so much great one Saw

  65. Panton Muenchen

    BIG ONE!!!!!

  66. Akido Forde

    Finally, been hearing she was going down this road for so long. This is a great song 

  67. music

    As you get older you get wiser certain things of the past is not revelant anymore GOD BLESS YOU this song speaks VOLUMES

  68. bantylegs

    I feel  every emotion anointed in this song....blessed be thy name oh God...

    Challa Promotions

    this is a awesome song god bless her keep it up lady saw

  69. bockstamon

    Mi like it. Blessed be thy name.. God is #1.. Keep it up saw......

    Maria Wallace

    bockstamon ,