Lady Saw - Dancehall Dons & Divas Lyrics

Fowl dem pull in
Mango ranch dem pull in
Short Boss and the Grand Pen crew just pull in
Man from Pen just pull in
And Jiz Land just pull in
A pay money man deh pon the scene

Scalawa just step in
West bank just step in
Skelton and the iceberg millions step in
Zoom just step in
Bush from Mobay roll in
A bare money man deh pon the scene

[Verse 1:]
Table full up over deh suh
Mean money over deh suh
Hot gyal that over deh suh
Mean fashion over deh suh
Wifey over yah suh, and matie over deh suh
Two gyal a fight true mi seh suh

Cork a pull, champagne a buss
Gyal a whine pon dem head and meck gangster stand up
The way da dance yah turn up
Mi get ten money pull up
Slaughter tone roll up in a the new Benz truck


[Verse 2:]
Lena British shi a shell down the bar
Likkle Mrs shi a shell down the bar
Sanja Beemer shi a shell down the bar ¸
Bottle it a fling caw two gyal a war
Kenny upset caw shi a money pull up
Momzel in a the dance shi a money pull up
Logo-logo shi a whine and a dash hi pon the dirt
Nadisha star da gyal deh soon buss


[Verse 3:]
Half a dog dem come fi lock it off
But dem don yah dem naw tek no talk
Garden man dem ready fi pop off
Fishstan just step in and a wrath

Beenie Man have a table fi himself
Bounty Killer a screw pon himself
Lock City buy off the top shelf
Dance a shell, nough liquor it a sell


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Lady Saw Dancehall Dons & Divas Comments
  1. †AdrianBc†

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  2. not famous81

    how the riddim sound like something never plug in

  3. Lawless Entertainment Uploads

    the riddim bad!

  4. Brian Couture

    a mad man produce dis ?

    bujubaby hamil

    +Brian Coultre Lol