Lady Saw - Betta U Gwan Lyrics

This a fi all the years when you take me for a dam fool bwoy
Mi did a wait pon the right time fi give you yo cool bwoy
Seet deh now a hope you like it
Seet deh now don't bother fight it
No bother hold mi down like voice grip
Take it and gwaan now, gwaan now

[Verse 1:]
You get 3 kids while we were together
And the next ones were aborted
As you si mi wid a man you seh wi sleeping together
And a try flip the script to ratid
As mi talk to a man you seh wi deh
And when mi si you wid yo gyal deh you seh go weh
Tell mi how much mi love hear seh
A me yo waan now, waan now


[Verse 2:]
Mi tell you long time mi a go left
But you always a try send threat
One life mi have and mi no frighten fi death
Go back to the gyal weh put the icky pon yo neck
Pack yo bags don't forget you sox
Take off the shirt dem from off a mi rock
Go through the gate and try no come back
Cause of now my shop door lock


[Verse 3:]
A years mi a smile through the pain
And a years gyal a live paw mi name
Mi used mi make up fi cover up the shame
All when wi brake up yo still cyaa tame
But mi sorry fi the next gyal who pick you up
And mi hope seh the next gyal wi stitch you up
Cause yo heart is broken and it open up
You know what I don't give a fuck


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Lady Saw Betta U Gwan Comments
  1. LittleBigMob

    Her tity

  2. vinette samuels

    yes lady saw so we have to drop them kind a man

  3. james dennis george

    love ity

  4. cruxfamily incorp

    track no war

  5. Ms. Seymour