Lady Saw - All That Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Yuh say she got good brain
She got good cash
She got a good job
She makes you laugh
She so intelligent, so unique
She captivates you every time she speaks
She's so flawless, she got no flaws
She could have been a layer, cause she study law
I all that, I got no degree
So why the hell, you all upon me

If she's all that
Then why you ain't where she's at
If she's all that
Then why you keep coming back
If she's all that
Then go put a ring on it
If she's all that
You should can't keep your hands off this

[Verse 2:]
She got tha honey but tha honey ain't good
Cause you running down ma honey
Coming all up in ma hood
She from uptown, or from downtown
But you just can't leave me alone
Yow, she drink wine
But I take shots
She's a Martini girl
Am a Jack Janials n rocks
She drive a Porch
Plus she got a Benz
She got condos imagine get out my face


[Verse 3:]
Every time a leave
You keep coming back to get me
Crying on your knees
Telling me you can't forget me
And a me you love
But a she you like
Nuh stop run mi dung
Cause mi squeeze so tight
You seh shi pretty but shi a nuh yuh type
A bad gyal yuh want in a yo life



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