Lady Gaga - SNL (Dialogue) Lyrics

Alec in 10
(9, 8, 7, 6)
Ready 4, excuse all, 4
Alec in 5 seconds
(5, 4, 3, 2)
And go 4 (1)
Dissolve 4 and cue Alec

Ladies and gentlemen, Ally

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Lady Gaga SNL (Dialogue) Comments
  1. Luan Reis

    Actually, she has 11 Grammys.

  2. Anna Ferrara

    I love how she’s doing a sketch about herself as an old lady. How brave and awesome.

  3. D M

    This isn't funny at all OMG. It's just so sad...

  4. Hunter Woodlawn

    This is even more sad if you take into consideration when it was filmed. 😭😭

  5. Roman Golikov

    if only she would return to this show and do something like that it is so funny


    That was deep actually


    Of course Gaga will never be forgotten... they will remember her on stage, on film, and every time they raise their eyes to gaze at the stars ✨✨✨🌕

  8. Shelley Stephenson

    Made me cry...

  9. Anthony Smith

    She is such a visionary. Brave and creative. So entertaining

  10. Albert Chan

    Spanish English subtitles

  11. L.A.B ART

    That ending made me tear up inside, despite what she's been through and what people think of her I'm convinced that deep down she's a good soul.

  12. Zues Incoming

    She looks like Grandma Yeti from the Nanny.

  13. Marina Kaye

    It's almost a Tennessee Williams play!!

  14. Cyril Dold

    she is incredible

  15. Robert S

    In 6 years she doesn't remember ARTPOP anymore.

  16. fockin great

    Lol she's awesome, I love her. We'll never let this happen...

  17. Ceylon

    Gosh, this sketch was adorable. The more I watch her the more clear it becomes that she is ridiculously great at acting.
    A Star Is Born was just the beginning for her :) ❤️👏

  18. Ceylon

    Gosh, this sketch was adorable. The more I watch her the more clear it becomes that she is ridiculously great at acting.
    A Star Is Born was just the beginning for her :) ❤️👏

  19. Chun Yam Leung

    I think this is so sweet of Gaga
    And the ending actually that’s a sweet letter for her fans
    As long as she enjoys herself and entertain her fans, fame is just temporary

  20. Athea Victoria


  21. GagaSlayy

    I cried at the end! Don’t worry Stef you’ll always be that old lady rockstar and we’ll never ever ever forget about you❤️

  22. Renato Pereira

    I remember watching this in 2013 and I literally cried like a baby in the end. I will never forget Gaga! NEVER! She changed my life!

  23. The Gill Family Magic

    She reminds me of the Nanny

  24. Ian Irwin

    Let’s be honest she won’t be forgotten for a very long time! (Also Beyoncé is barely more popular at this point.)

  25. Dave Gordon

    You know this is actually not that funny at all because she's definitely more in line with Judy Garland and others that were very over the top and eccentric types of entertainers but with that comes a lot of depression medication especially self-medicating and with her I can just see that happening to her. I feel Katy Perry might be another one but they both seem to wear their heart on their sleeve so much that they work themselves into a frenzy and never truly give themselves a break and then when it all comes Crashing Down they lose their minds. Judy Garland is a perfect example of this. I Pray Gaga does not end up that way but it wouldn't surprise me. She's very emotional and very easily hurt so what else is there? I mean she's got her fans but that doesn't actually give her love that she craves, relationships come and go, I mean she almost got married and that didn't work, and then there's the possibility that she's going to overwork herself to a place where she's never going to come back the way she was and then all she will have is these few pop songs that might come out here and there but overall it'll just be like farewell tours over and over. I really really don't want that to be the case which is why I praying for her that she finds time for herself and doesn't self-medicate when feeling down. Sometimes there's no coming back from that. And I say that as a true human being here that understands what that's like. I'm terminally ill and it's like I can't even sneeze without something critical going on

  26. Sidney Boo

    This makes me want to hear her songs

  27. eugene ely jr

    I saw this when it originally aired and it was such an emotional skit. It made me sad but I absolutely loved it at the same time!

  28. idk lol


  29. Ian Stiehl

    Don't mind me. I'm just staring at granny GaGa's legs

  30. M A

    Keenan Thompson killed this whole scene. Not in a good way.

  31. eric shippie

    K. That was cute. Thank god for Kenan

  32. jeremy liu

    I love Gaga!She‘s never gonna be forgotten!

  33. korvisca petrova

    This is more sad than funny
    Especially with the poker song

  34. luis pablo sg

    I will never forget you my mother monster your music and you will be in my heart forever ❤️🙌🏼

  35. That_Goth_bitch

    What's funny is people are going to forget about Beyonce waaaayyyy before lady Gaga. Beyonce is so much less talented, and far less likable. She's very pretentious and annoying. Can't wait for her to fade out.

  36. InTheShallow

    1:33 "What about this one ... eeiigghhnngg ... Ro ro ah ah ah " Gotta love her... With that voice, she speaks like a child, so cute Hahahaha

  37. Tae Young Ahn

    Pssh. As if anyone could forget Lady Gaga.

  38. michael johnson

    Time . It gets us all.

  39. Hattie Dame

    She sounds like Harley Quinn. Actually, I think she'd be stellar in that role!

  40. M Cook

    I would definitely watch this movie :)

  41. Shane Zamora

    Shes soooooo cute!!! Sooo queeeeenn!! 🥰😢

  42. Mix Master Irod

    queen 1000 years could pass and people would still know who you are

  43. Giulio Settepassi

    Lady Gaga is amazing

  44. Marcella Arendain

    Lady gaga is so cute but this is so heartbreaking. We will never forget you. Im so proud of you. You will remain as LADY GAGA in our hearts even many years will pass. We love you stefani 😭💓

  45. F V C K Y O U

    This is sad :(((

  46. The Mist

    i came here to see her doing funny skit damnit!! NOT FCUNKING CRYYYY!!!

  47. Nino L

    My gosh. She’s such a fucking good actress!!! 😍😍❤️

  48. Blue Sky

    3:57 broke my heart ❤️

  49. Parzival PlaysAtari2600

    Absolutely brilliant performance by Gaga.

  50. Breeziix33

    I was tripping on two tabs of acid when this came out with my brother as we were watching this and we just cried because of how much truth is in this.


    To imagine I hated her so once. What was wrong with me? Didn’t love or respect myself. I am so sorry for everything I said during the Artpop era. It was inexcusable. I’d never want her to wind up like this.

  52. jungefrau

    Oh my gosh... when I'm in a home with alzheimer's I will STILL REMEMBER GAGA!! 💖💖💖

  53. logan regina

    this is actually so fucking sad I-

  54. Nellie Rowe

    Yeah well I’m crying now lmao

  55. carolina cinnamon

    el mejor sketch

  56. Luis Miguel Naperial

    this makes me so f*cking sad

  57. gwyneth chloe gilana

    God this got me depressed😭😭 Lady Gaga is never gonna be forgotten😭💔

  58. Vinicius Hosni

    i love how she put her grammys up on the piano

    lumi 2

    Now she has a few more to add!

  59. Edits of almost Everything

    I'll make a vow that I'll always remember Lady Gaga/ Stefani Germanotta

  60. amazingkilos 89

    God ... and no Emmy for this?

  61. Sam Nicolas

    This is supposed to be funny. Arrrgh!!!

  62. brunom72

    This vid is funny but truth be told, its what everyone (celebrities & average joes and janes alike!!) fears most: that we will be forgotten and will not have mattered to any1. thankfully, my real life begins the millisecond after i breathe my last breathe....ITS GONNA BE EPIC! GBY!

  63. djmovieloverdane

    Of course the sensitive gays are going to get all sad watching this

  64. Ichiie ,

    lol, she is one of the most popular singers now, she is unforgettable

  65. FameMonster

    Crazy how she was at the lowest of the lows during this time and now in 2019 she’s on top of the world again with a song that hasn’t left the #1 spot for months, a highly successful movie, Oscar and Grammys, and sold out concerts.

    korvisca petrova

    Ik it hurts how people forget people in their difficult times and then back again in the good times

    Dark Glow

    @korvisca petrova In 2011 everyone was crazy for her and then boom everyone called her a lunatic because she wasn't on every magazine anymore. California likes you when you're tough. It's really sad, at the same time you see actual lunatic morons like Kanye West who are praised for every dumb, selfish act he does.

  66. Katha Rina

    this is actually heartbreaking

  67. Lau_ Lee

    She will never be forgotten! She's a ROCK STAR! She Will live forever❤

  68. Street Dojo TV

    This is perfect.

  69. Sander Andrea

    Hilarious Satire!!! Among all her amazing talents she is so funny too and can even make a fool out of herself with grace...only Melissa McCarthy comes close to her.... Kate, Kristen, meet your master. ..

  70. Cody Mitchell

    This is honestly so sad and sweet and I love her so much

  71. Znj JnJ

    I'm crying

  72. Lean Mica Macaraig

    whoaaaa gaga will never be forgotten. the ending almost made me cry when she played applause

    J Luns

    Yeah I mean everone knows who paul mccartney is and his golden age was 50 years ago in the 60s.

  73. Perrell Cooper

    Does anybody else notice the Bubble Dress in the Background? Most iconic dress during ArtPop Era

    Ramon Bautistar

    That bubble dress was from the fame era...
    The ARTPOP era had a bubble-blowing machine dress

    Perrell Cooper

    @Ramon Bautistar Sorry. My mistake. Lady Gaga has worn so much weird, creative, iconic shit in the past it's hard to keep up. But Meat Dress has to be the most ICONIC and GAGA-ish ever

  74. hoemogenic இ

    This literally made me cy when i first saw it

  75. Eye Level

    lady gaga is so funny too.

  76. danaxpace

    dont mind me sobbing oof

  77. Compliment and Complaint

    Shes a great actress. This makes me wonder if she really got old.

  78. chilly


  79. DayvinDazone

    OMG she looks EXACTLYYY like Yetta from The Nanny!! Love her!!

    N Christensen

    laracroftvideos when I watched this that is exactly who she reminded me of....grandma Yetta!

  80. Francis Rubio

    This has got to be the saddest comedy skit in the history of comedy skits.

  81. OfficialHunterDouglas

    This made me cry...

  82. LittleMonster5672

    This makes me cry I love u gaga and will never forget u u are my queen and I love u soooo much 🤩😍❤️

  83. Bolt Marksman

    Extravagant Costume I wear:

    *Holds up beef to face* XD

  84. Yugvijay

    I'd beat that guy 😠

  85. The MMonster

    I remember watching it for the first time and feeling so depressed about it. That this could ever even go through her mind, that she in any way thinks this is the future for her. It still makes me sad to watch. While I'm alive, she will always be remembered and loved.

  86. Alma Soria

    This made me want to cry💔💔💔💔 i love gaga!

  87. alan 888

    A Star Is Born bring me here and now I like here even more!she is unbelievable!

  88. إِسْلَامُ

    Meanwhile 5 years later and she is getting Oscar buzz and about to snatch an Oscar as an actress
    My versatile queen ❤

    Znj JnJ

    And she won

  89. Leslie Oy

    Oh fuck this was hilarious. Gaga you are an amazing singer and actress!!!

  90. David Santos

    She is really god at acting in this 👍😎

  91. Mikołaj Solik

    Her acting is quite cringy here

  92. Legion Ivory

    I almost cried when I frist saw this. Broke my heart.

  93. raven knight

    This is just sad, the last part kill me and pain my heart 😭😢😭😢

  94. sanjana mukherjee

    Why I'm crying!😫

  95. Gregor Baby

    She sounds a wee bit like nanny Fran Fine from The Nanny

  96. Raphael Maitam

    I always cries :'(

  97. Ambrož Rutar

    1:15 yaaassss xD

  98. rideswithscissors

    This Lady can act!

  99. ZeroFox75

    Is there anything she can’t do? Sing, act, comedy, seriously it’s not fair she gets all the talent

  100. John Province

    She was a stage character actress before becoming a singer.