Lady Gaga - Scene 98 (Dialogue) Lyrics

You know why? You're too worried about what everybody else is thinkin'. You can't even concentrate on one fuckin' thing, man. That's right. Yeah. You couldn't be my dad if you fuckin' tried. He had more talent in his fuckin' finger than you have in your whole fuckin' body, so don't even go there about that, all right? That's over the fuckin' line

Why don't you have another drink, and we can get fucking drunk until we fuckin' disappear, okay? Hey, do you got those pills in your pocket?

You're just fuckin' ugly, that's all

I'm what?

You're just fuckin' ugly

Get the fuck out! Get out! I said get out!

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Lady Gaga Scene 98 (Dialogue) Comments
  1. Dyno88

    I am not sure are they argue for real or kidding

  2. Mariam Khachishvili

    Uuuuuh uuuuuh

  3. Jersey Molina

    She didn't heard the first time he called her ugly 🤣🤣🤣

  4. thalia&Loren vlog

    I've watched this scene many times and still get hurt and amused by mama monster at the same time 💖

  5. Heidi Hunt

    This was an amazing movie!! Gaga was so incredibly beautiful too!!

  6. Dark Wattpaders

    I only understand the word "Fuckin'"🤣

  7. AGentlemanOfHerMajesty

    To be fair no one can mention a boys dad who were close. No one can break that bond

  8. Basket Of Kisses

    Best argument scenes for me

    1.)Revolutionary Road hollow shell of a woman
    2.) Bath tub scene a star is born

  9. Tech Ds

    Somebody told me it is same as Ashiqi 2 an Indian movie

  10. Calming Asmr

    Look how carla tries to turn me straight. By switching things around.

  11. RainbowDreams30

    This scene...


    My heart breaks

  12. TheUglyDucklin

    But on the cool! He really came at her on some disrespectful shit!
    He basically said she didn’t deserve a Grammy nomination because she has no talent. He definitely come off jealous here.

  13. Kennedy Ritter

    I love this movie

  14. negrophiliac

    did she say “my boyfriend” by accident?? or was it in the script? i know this scene is serious but i giggles at just that part

  15. Scott William

    This whole movie was just toxic to watch don’t understand why everyone loved it so much.


    It’s called a “character study” dufus.

    Dante Allen

    It's a character study, you dense piece of shit.

  16. Humidifiers make my Nipples hard

    I think he meant her personality was, or has become ugly. She looks like an angel but acts like a depraved demon.

    Daniel Budik

    An angel? Are you stupid? She looks like a baboon's inflamed asshole, ugliest thing in this universe

  17. Punk Manoban

    My boyfriend and I used to fight like this, I remember being on the cinema and look at him at this scene and he was crying because we used to be like that, to assholes fighting while we were drunk

  18. Cytron1515

    Awesome performances of a painfully realistic argument between a married couple.

  19. Chenee Thompson

    I think lady gaga's really beautiful!

  20. LIBRIAN Sana

    XD...someone has to do a CURSE COUNTER for this movie...

  21. SoftwareDev 101

    By the way this film proves one thing? How nasty women turn once they think they are the best thing since sliced bread,the girl in this thought she was the fucking shot, typical greedy,power and fame hungry FEMALE

  22. SoftwareDev 101

    What a shit film

  23. Brandon Lynn

    Lol she’s not a good actress. You can tell the last part when he called her ugly was real her New York Italian girl came out swinging but before that was trash

  24. Miranda Summerset

    Was so scared it was gonna get physical in this scene
    I was like, he's gonna slap her

    On edge the whole time

  25. Black Magic

    Wow Gaga good acting

  26. Black Magic

    I always wanted to be a actress when I was younger

  27. ShelbyBaby27

    The brilliance of this scene is the information that's given, but not shown. When Jackson mentions the Grammy noms, Ally asks how did he find out. What does it mean when you have a career defining moment and you don't tell your husband about it? If you're Jackson and you find that out second hand, how would you internalize that? There is truly trouble in paradise before he even enters the bathroom!

    Drew Thomas

    ShelbyBaby27 great observation, I never really thought of that. it also shows that she actually was somewhat guilty for getting Grammys noms for the kind of music she was making, even though she’s defending it here.

  28. Roshini Lakshmi

    Shit this scene is so real and their chemistry is so real like as couples

  29. shook lizard

    This is emtional abuse asf

  30. Callum Fitz-Patrick

    Get the fuck out😂😂😍😍

  31. Freddy .-.

    “You’re my boyfriend if you don’t treat me like your wife.” PREACH!

  32. Rohan Khubchandani

    They both attacked each other at their weakest points. Her insecurities about her appearance and his drinking problem

  33. Gabriel P

    This is the truth between couples. Who has seen, heard and experienced this. when your sisters or brothers or even parents fight this is what all couples face sooner or later. It's the sad truth

  34. Over Clover

    Why did I suddenly laugh ?

  35. 1000 subscribers without any videos

    I feel like I'm their kid and I'm watching outside the bathroom and I'm fucking shaking. This is so realistic 🦍


    1000 subscribers without any videos 🤣

  36. x Diaboliklovers x

    Ally: “You’re my boyfriend if you don’t treat me like your wife”
    Jackson: “......I don’t even know what that fucken means”

  37. Boogs114

    Ooh, drama!🤤

  38. R L

    They have a point in the whole movie that they look kinda creepy

  39. DRew LUther

    That scene was not supposed to end until he walks out of the bathroom and the door closes.

  40. The Ghøst

    Rumor has it that she was singing before I cry right before Jackson came into the bathroom

  41. Deadly Doll

    “It means clean your shit up, you’re fucking messy” I- that hurt me.

  42. Bazzi Forever 2020

    Rocket rocket and lady gaga

  43. Kristiina Bogens

    Too much 'fuckin's.. no? 😂

  44. ainul basyirah

    That too much fucking in this scene and soo real (seriously, i just want to slap bradley at that moment i saw this scene like wth you told her that)

  45. ExMachina70

    I’ve heard it, but now I’ve seen it. Considering that acting is not her thing, Lady Gaga did a great job. At least so far as this scene went I thought she was spot on believable.

  46. Alaa Mahmoud

    I mean has Gaga got married to Bradly or what?!!

  47. Goreinheart 101

    Did anyone notice that he said ‘maybe I failed you kill me ‘

  48. Krissy

    Don’t *ever* fuck with a beautiful female. She’s lethal 💯

  49. Terry I

    I like how he had to repeat the "you're ugly" line because he said it under his breath first as an adlibbing test. Then that was a genuine Gaga freakout.

  50. Gemini M

    Reminds me of me & toxic boyfriend

  51. Kamoria M

    Any one from the meme

  52. Aaron Vo

    I think most of the people here don't understand that "You're ugly" has a double meaning. He meant she was becoming ugly as a person where the music and fame industry can turn the best of people, worse.

  53. Maryam7862010

    Powerful bc this is so realistic to how couples actually fight

  54. Maryam7862010

    When he called her ugly, I felt that. Most girls can relate when he was calling out to her insecurity

  55. ladymidnight80

    I can relate to this scene, although I didn't mock my ex in return, I did point out he had a drinking problem and I wasn't his drinking buddy, and I wanted for him to love me, to which he used to replied more or less like Bradley and I told him to get out many times.

  56. janaki nath

    God Gaga is a good actress as well

  57. Khaleb Titus

    This is why I love Bradley cooper

  58. kiwi kiwi

    I mean lady was literally supposed to win the academy but ...
    Academy lost her .

  59. Peter Matthew

    She's so hot in this scene

  60. G Holmes

    Did he said the F Word or not

  61. Michael Jenkins

    This scene is so painful.

  62. Targeted Individuals

    I mean, she's not exactly what I'd call pretty...

  63. Thuc Nguyen

    his death is so sad because he s genuinely a nice guy. A perfect gentlemen. Yet we all have baggage.

  64. Thuc Nguyen

    I seriously don't know where this scene is going. But his final stab at her insecurity is such a high point. I was like, how fucking dare he.

  65. Alea Philpot

    Is it me or when she doesn’t wear make up she looks ten years younger!!

  66. Marie Bellucci

    You can just tell a good part of their lines during the argument is improvised. She calls him a boyfriend and it starts from there. The fact that THIS is the take that Brad chose over others that they probably filmed speaks volumes of the kind of talent this man has, not only as an actor, but as a director. WOW! Just.... WOW!

  67. Sebi Nagy

    Producer:You ain't gonna win another grammy.

  68. frame313

    Warum kriegen die den Oscar nur für den Kacksong?
    Darstellerisch ist das Weltklasse....

  69. Quinn

    I know he was being a dick in this scene but he was right about that song though.

  70. bleng blong

    this hurts

  71. David Parks

    The line "I SAID GET OUT!!!"is removed here. I was lookin for that...

  72. Salvatore GraQui

    Bradley is not just an “pretty face” actor, this guy really can direct a movie. He added some harsh word in the final scene to take by surprise Lady Gaga so the camera could take very realistics emotions of surprise and disappointment

  73. Daniel

    Hahaha 😂i just can’t stop laughing for the last minutes.

  74. jasmine 's

    Too much fucking in this video. 😂😂😂😂

  75. Edward Cortez

    Endgame was more emotional

  76. euroovca25

    fuck, shes so god damn good looking without all the makeup..

  77. [Diesel]

    Think they say " Fuck " 50.0000 times in this movie

  78. McQüeen

    For some reason this makes me that wrong?!!

  79. Otaku_chan


  80. Andy B.

    Sadly, lots of women go through this :(

  81. ShelbyBaby27

    I know art is subjective, but why didn't Bradley Cooper win the Oscar again? Movies tend to show drunks on the extreme. This is the most realistic drunk I've ever seen, down to his expressionless eyes!

  82. Giant sack of hot garbage

    Never really noticed how beautiful Gaga’s face is. Behind the makeup and whigs is a very pleasing visage.

  83. Kaleigh Labenz

    This scene gets me going mainly because it's so real and raw! They played it so well and there is so much emotion! I'd love to meet Lady Gaga! She is one of my inspirations!!

  84. Ware Family

    Jack: your just ugly
    Ally: GET OUT NOW!!!

  85. AJ Berry

    The dialogue in this movie is sooo realistic. People talking over each other and I think earlier in the movie she said something and he was like “what was that?,” so she had to say it again. I mean people have conversations like this so I find it really clever that they did this.

  86. Closeted Cunt

    So real. I'm in love with both of them!!

  87. Adrienne Adams

    The acting in this scene is just AMAZING

    I can’t even begin to describe how great it is

  88. fortnite for life _RAIDERS4LIFE728

    He needs to stop drinking thats what he needs to fucking do is stop drinking


    He goes to rehab in the movie

  89. Hooligans

    I really want to watch interview where Bradley talking about this unscripted scene but i can't find it. Someone can tell me where i can watch the interview?

  90. em 39

    This is how many times they said the f word

  91. 한글행복해요

    Don't mess with Gaga.

  92. playz

    I read the script for this scene. It just said:
    “Bradley and Lady Gaga fights.”

  93. Bruce Wayne

    Bradley sound more like Rocket in this film than his other films. I can see him taking some of rocket characteristics for this film since rocket is similar character

  94. DHGlee2013

    She is actually really good in this film. Such an improvement over her work in American Horror Story


    Part of it was the countess was supposed to be a bit over the top and dramatic. She put on a facade of a woman who was strong and powerful and elegant. When in reality she lost her true love and spent years in this hotel killing others to survive.

  95. bags, booby bags

    > *that hurts, calling me your fucking boyfriend*

    > *you're ugly, you're embarrassing, you dont have any talent*

  96. Ivo AUTTP

    Lol this as funny

  97. imagine my shock

    She’s such a great actress I’m shookity wookity

  98. Rodney Jean Baptiste

    What if Jackson Maine and Rocket meet?

  99. Sorry Not Sorry

    OMG! Whoa! Brutal scene! Took me by surprise! I never would have guessed Gaga had the acting chops...mind...BLOWN😵

    Joe Whitehead

    Sorry Not Sorry I actually always thought she’d make a great actress

  100. KingdomHeartsFan3211

    This scene, and so many others, is why Lady Gaga should have won the Oscar for Best Actress.