Lady Gaga - Let Love Down Lyrics

I can't remember when
you looked at me and cried
said something broke inside of you
were my best friend
whatever come our way
you know I'm your girl 'til the end

and when I finally go away
I know you'll look for me one day

when you let love down
oh you let love down
I don't have to remind you
but you know that I'm around
when you let love down
oh you let me down
can I let love down
let it down

I can't remember when
you put your head on mine
but couldn't play in time when we
when we're not together
just sing a little song
blueberry kisses forever

and when I finally go away
I know you'll look for me one day
oh yeah, it's so sad

when you let love down
oh you let love down
I don't have to remind you
but you know that I'm around
when you let love down
oh you let me down
can I let love down
let it down

don't let me down
oh, don't let me down

when you let love down
oh you let love down
I don't have to remind you
but you know that I'm around
when you let love down
oh you let me down

don't let me down
let it down
yeah let me down
let it down (3x)

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Lady Gaga Let Love Down Comments
  1. Atomica

    This sounds like a rough draft of Brown Eyes.

  2. Luis Ángel Torres Torres

    Who love this even now in 2020?😍

  3. Филин Митя

    No words for this so perfect song :*

  4. John Secret Spirit

    I'll never fall in love again is sequel

  5. Bernardo Reyes

    😍love you song😢

  6. Moises Zuñiga

    one of the best songs of her

  7. JigglyJessica

    Lady Gaga is sooo underrated

  8. birulangit 13

    Who's crying

    Филин Митя

    I'm and maybe all there

  9. Cairo Brunno

    This song has a Beatles vibe... Is like listening to this is a sunday afternoon drinking some coffee and eating cookies playng videogames...

  10. Hypnotic Moon

    I still can not understand why she didn’t released it, gddmn

  11. ringding2122

    blueberry kisses?

  12. Peace and Love

    2019 😍😍

  13. be Neverland

    Only a true little monster know this songs ;)

  14. Andriy Melnychenko

    I love this song!!!

  15. Dgef w

    Lady Gaga writes great songs/lyrics. Amazing artist.

  16. Donny Winter

    This song is so beautiful. I can't get enough of it. I wish she'd put it on a future album just like this. <3

  17. Justin Nillos

    2019 anyone???

  18. ethan robert

    speechless x brown eyes

  19. rachael jones

    Still My Favorite In 2019💕

  20. DayvinDazone

    This was so BEAUTIFUL.

  21. Beril Tunçsiper

    Feeling my old highschool times reminding me my old belovers

  22. Mr Yulvan

    Paws up

  23. be Neverland

    If u came after to watch A star is Born ..Gaga always have the potential to sing and cretae her music..welcome

  24. ᄅᄑᄑ


  25. Super Slow Motion

    Eu ❤ muito essa!

  26. Kyla Schmitt

    She heals my broken heart with her music, no one else can do something like that right now, i love her so much ❤ i will ALWAYS love her 😐☺

  27. Alex

    For the past years whenever I’m broken-hearted I always ended up here 💕 I love and appreciate this song so much!😭😭

  28. Darwin Shawn

    this is freakin' sad ! im about to cry

  29. Jamie Bowser

    Sounds like Cry Baby Cry by the Beatles

  30. little monster

    i didnt feel bad when i listen to any song but this one make me feel so sad and cry when i listen it so beautiful song 😍😢

  31. Dmitry Lightwood

    She has so many good unreleased songs. This one, Brooklyn Nights

  32. Panda Gardner

    If u were to speed it up a little then it sounds just like "Brown Eyes" which is another song she sang

  33. Orissa Gomes

    Blueberry kisses forever=Strawberry fields forever

  34. Anderson Ferreira

    2:40 - 3:00 Heaven

    A Lili Fan

    More like 0:00 - 4:14

  35. Get Osorio

    2018 sad!?

  36. Yoga Oktavs

    Grammys 😢

  37. Felipe Carlos


  38. Noooooooope

    Help: what’s the song playing at the end!?

  39. Vinicius Lima

    Uma das melhores baladas da carreira, meu maior sonho é ela fazer um pequeno show com suas músicas não lançadas, seria um sentimento que só os fãs poderiam sentir.



    We Are plastic

    Alex Brown hi Alex :) lets be friends since you like this song lol👀🙂


    We Are plastic yay ❤

  41. DCgamer

    Remind some of Brown Eyes in some spots, maybe that’s what inspired it :)

  42. Armasher Ashaari

    I miss the good old times when the gays only listened to Beyoncé, Gaga, Britney, Katy Perry, Kesha and our queen and savior Cher. Now everyone only listens to Ariana Grande, Melanie Martinez and Halsey.

    B A G E L

    Armasher Ashaari I think Gaga and Cher are the only relevant ones now

    Chaos Angel

    S H O O K Tour wise, Cher is at a higher league of relevance, but Gaga is still growing up and her peak will be higher than of Cher’s since Believe or Snake’s.

    Azfarul Naim

    all of the artists you mentioned are still relevant. Well except for Chef. Shes too busy fighting trump. lol

  43. DIY Enrique

    Still listening 2018 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  44. River Styx

    Gary come home

  45. Little Monster Xtreme

    Good song wow I'm surprised she didn't release this song its really emotional and beautiful❤ you mother monster

  46. Mareen Raise

    Why the fuck it's not on one of her albums. Sounds like Beatles

  47. imdunwiththis wørld

    2017 anyone ?

  48. Frank Trejo

    Thank you very much for uploading this song, I Listen to this everyday throug your video Long Live Gaga!

  49. lolo miller

    ohhhhhh my god

  50. agnieszka janus

    this should've replaced brown eyes tbh

  51. Jean Pacheco Torrenegra

    2017 - October 10th: I´m still loving this !!!!

  52. Baboonka Sasha

    Anyone listening 2017

  53. trees can't dance

    these song makes me proud. <3

  54. Telma Pacheco

    2017 and still listening to this amazing song

  55. Sophie Sonozaki

    why the fuck is this unreleased ?

  56. Frajagator

    One of my favorites songs of Gaga <3

  57. Angelica Jolie

    Julio 2017 i love this song


    this song sounds like brown eyes

  59. Valentín Amorese

    Once someone said that the soft songs written for Gaga seemed false, since this kind of music does not fit her. I can't agree with him.

  60. Sergio Meloni

    when I think all these songs are just for one boy... how in love she was? T__T

  61. MANCO

    like a Taylor Momsen))

  62. History Kitchen

    I love that picture, matches the vibe of the song so much.

  63. Erick Montalvo

    I always cry whit this song

    Erick Montalvo

    its my favorite ever

  64. purple orbit

    I love this so much

  65. Neovin Dave Malingin

    wtf this song makes me sad... it's my first time listening to this..

  66. MAB MAB


  67. Mister Fly

    In my opinion,her early songs were way better than LG5 even thought i still love her.

    Aj Plays

    i hope she releases some Stefani songs

    OH Global

    This a Rob Fusari original song

    B A G E L

    LuisGarzaHo lady gaga wrote in in 2010

    A Lili Fan

    @OH Global I thought Gaga wrote this back in around 2006 to Rob and then he covered the song...

  68. Kaylee Dean

    Where can I get this picture? Love The Song. Gonna Do A Cover Of This Song.

  69. Jessica Lin

    which album is this from? I love this!

    Samuel A.

    Jessica Lin This is a demo. An unreleased song

  70. Emily Wilson

    I'm crying. This is honestly amazing.

  71. M Moore

    I wanna cry with this song.. I need this Gaga's pic..

  72. Najin Zahn

    Let love down, Wonderful, Brown Eyes and Speechless will always be my favorite sad songs from Gaga. She's an amazing talent and inspiration.

    David Lopez

    Najin Zahn What about dope?

  73. datdrakeduck

    Still love this shit in 2017 <3

  74. Joe Boohaa

    Still listening in 2017... after all these years.

    Glamour Guys

    Joe Boohaa still listening in 2018

    We Are plastic

    Joe Boohaa 2018 here

    o u i j a b o a r d

    few last day before 2019. God listening to this, makes me all nostalgic. Back when everything was so easy. Listen to her songs and living a simple life.

  75. jose orlando mota

    love gaga linda musica

  76. liam neal bage

    Is it me or am I getting brown eyes vibes from this song

  77. Smurkle God

    This sounds kind of like brown eyes

    Smurkle God

    George Zahrah 'hive five'

    We Are plastic

    It does!

  78. Regina R. A

    Makes me sad this song is not available on Spotify. :(


    Regina R. A it was for a while, was there a couple of months ago as a podcast named Lady Gaga Unreleased but yeah it’s been missing for some days now

  79. Dan Tianchon

    i came here after million reasons video


    Me too <3

    Greg Benedicto

    me too, and Let Love Down will always be my favorite sad song from Gaga

    Dylan castillo

    me too, i love when Gaga goes like that.

  80. Julioysuorgullo

    No recordaba cuanto amo a Lady Gaga...


  81. Funky Monk

    Gaga always made great love songs.



  82. California YMCA

    She's just so talented and I just

  83. Josue Bennet

    Have someone thought that the last part of the song sounds like the beggining of the song "Sober" by pink?

  84. LÜKE

    "when i finally go away, i know you'll look for me one day" 😭

    gerald de guzman

    awwww how cheezy


    gerald de guzman Grow up sweetheart

    Blue Sky

    do us all a favor and grow up

  85. martin mclaughlin

    Let love down 💐😫❤️

  86. Ciro M

    when she sing " i don't have to remind you but you know that i'm around" i can die

    Sorry money

    +Ciro Miele me too, i love the way she sings "that" word.

    Ciro M

    i love her so much

    Raymond Porras

    Ciro Miele "And when I finally go away I know you'll look for me one day" that part broke me up. 😣


    Miss that gaga...

  87. Fatma Bin Jarsh


  88. Jesui San Luis

    What a song! there's a long time since I heard this and remember this beautiful lyrics is so amazing T.T

  89. canal SKY Torres

    i love lady gaga

  90. Rayane Roberta

    eu amo essa musica

  91. Aries Llorca

    pawd up forever <3

  92. Moraima Erans


  93. TheKatti5000

    I feel these lyrics so damn deeply.

  94. Eris Alexis

    one of the best songs by her!

  95. Bech

    Paws up forever

  96. Loma Dylanator

    maybe this is the orignal lyric of brown eyes...


    +Loma Dylanator
    N O !

    Stoned Chick

    mind = blown

  97. Enrique Alvarado

    This + Fooled Me Again are her unreleased gems. 💜