Lady Gaga - Hello, Hello Lyrics

[Elton John]
Feel a feeling light
Headed out to see the sights
Ain't life a many splendored thing?

[Lady Gaga]
Ducking up and down
All these crazy sights and sounds
Bounce around like puppets on a string
Never gonna find, anything to change my mind
Famous last lines of a fool

[Elton John]
Just when you think
You're a chain with just one link
Something comes to tip you off your stool

[Elton John]
Hello, hello
Hello, hello
My, my, my, what have we here?
What a surprise
What a surprise!

[Lady Gaga]
Hello, hello
Hello, hello
I'm not alone it's good to know
Someone's out there to say hello

[Elton John]
Do a dizzy dance
Twirl around and take a chance
Nothing's easy
Nothing comes for free

Sniffing on a flower
Running through an autumn shower
Bumping into someone else like me

[Elton John]
Hello, hello
Hello, hello
My, my, my, what have we here?
What a surprise
What a surprise!

[Lady Gaga]
Hello, hello
Hello, hello
I'm not alone it's good to know
Someone's out there to say hello

And I can fly on the back of a bird
And I can shake all leaves from a tree
If there's a quest of a knight
Where's there's wrong I'll do right
Do this better than the one I used to be

[Elton John]
Hello, hello
Hello, hello
My, my, my, what have we here?
What a surprise
What a surprise!

[Lady Gaga]
Hello, hello
Hello, hello
I'm not alone it's good to know
Someone's out there to say hello

Hello, hello
Hello, hello

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Lady Gaga Hello, Hello Comments
  1. Art whit Semie Amber

    This is
    I C O N I C

  2. Oh its you

    The girls : * fighting *
    Me: yEs dRaG hErRrrrr

  3. Jesus Nodal

    Somebody make a sequel to this song!!! Please!!! 💗💗💗💗

  4. An Observer

    Of course there are exceptions, for all. Headshots and platic surgery for the rest.

  5. Rosana Gomes

    can't believe Beyoncé invented neon eyeliner

  6. Philippe Silva

    In getting tired about who's watching on 2000 30000 years wtf

  7. Naa Quaye

    Nobody gonna talk about that awesome move at 2:23

  8. Donalda Bunaj

    I remember when this video came out i looved it. Me and my sister would for this song to play in the tv and learn the dance 😂. I still remember the dance part in the prison hall 😂😂

  9. skunskyz 1006

    J'suis le seul francais a entendre ""j'me donne à baiser"" 😂

  10. Tori Volasgis

    2020 wya!!

  11. Natile Robinson

    This is on my iTunes library.

  12. Jaime Ketchum

    Did they cut out the scene where she puts leg on bar revealing her vag. I remember it being there while ago then suddenly it's gone

  13. freakyourmom

    7:10 - 7:14 😄😄😄

  14. Andi Putra

    Pengikut dajjal

  15. Cody Sray

    Beyoncé was ballsy to step in her world , shes so beautiful and skilled she can do no wrong, like even though she didn't seem to really fit in this video she is still untouchable. That's a hard thing to do. Lady Gaga is so fluid. And bizarrely sexy in her odd ways. damn

  16. Omar nabeel

    هذا سجن لو الجنه 😐

  17. Der Stein

    Gibt es hier auch deutsche?


    We want a Telephone 2 this year

  19. PrincessDi.e

    We’re still waiting for that continuation miss Gaga...

  20. Doraemon

    6:49 I dunno Gaga invented Baby Shark

  21. Ly Tan

    1:18 Paper Gangsta omg😍😍😍

  22. Itsmeh_SoLa

    gaga gets a call her: starts to sing

  23. Alex lpb

    Love Lady Gaga on 2020 ❤️

  24. ام علي اليامي


  25. Patricia Daniëlle

    I abosolutly love it how Beyoncé is the side chick. It's really shown in this video. And I think Gaga has a masterpiece in her hands here. It describes the general problem with men while sticking with you gilrfriends. And no matter how important Beyoncé is, Gaga is still the main character. Truly a masterpiece. The only problem I personally have with this is Gaga showing the female body off while later in life she knows how it feels to be the bigger girl, how negative that can be and than she is all about don't judge me. But if you show off you can't expect people to not judge. It's a human nature to do so. For the rest, a masterpiece <3

  26. Omar El Masri

    What was Beyoncé eating in the car tho?
    It looked appetizing

    O Ni

    I think it was a bun

  27. saihera chen

    2020 🙋

  28. Tissue Box

    To be continued

    I never expected such betrayal

  29. Sunny Sunshine

    7:41 when they dance after the people died my mind says Oompa-Loompas

  30. Samantha Garza

    Okay but that dog deserves an Oscar

  31. Shailaja Nayak

    Nice songs.

  32. Genocide Ari

    Tiap denger kata gaga..q ingat merk sarden..lapeeerrr

  33. Lucas Sousa

    Cadê a continuidade? 10 anos depois mana?

  34. Jeremy Boing Boing

    The combination of illuminate people

  35. •Mizuki-chan•

    *when this was your favorite song when you were four but you have never seen the video before*

  36. Mateus De Freitas Moreira

    Que gostinho da minha adolescência :3

  37. Sade Owens

    2020 🥰

  38. Ellie Castillo

    *Me watching this video right now*


    Most likely, yes.

  39. Naty Severino


  40. Sky Grace

    Part 2 would be epic- they still SLAY💕💕💕

  41. Zoe Wright

    I never knew the reason she was in the prison because she killed Alexander Skarsgard in the Paparazzi video..

  42. Castiglione

    Everything about this video turned me gay.


    única vez que vi as duas juntas

  44. BKsun80

    I wish I could unsee this video.

  45. Rick Mireles

    They should of made a part 2 with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry as female cops after Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

  46. Irina Nothing

    The Pussy Wagon is a reference from Kill Bill! Love it!

  47. Box

    Wait I just realized the start of the video to counter the "Lady Gaga" has a dick thing in the early part of the 2010's and late 2000's.

    "Told you she didn't have a dick"

  48. s al

    Gaga invented poison.

  49. Jojo Rio

    2020 be hot

  50. Prince Hotaru

    Sorry for saying this. Whoever create Telephone, when they said that Britney was first on their mind, I know how their plan. At the start of the song is nothing like all these today, it is actually begin with Britney's voice on the phone, singing the first phrases. Singing in the phone sound effect. And the rest phrases her voice would sounds bigger enough for that song, depends on the first phrase at the beginning, if the on the phone sound effect is loud, then the rest of the song would be her vocal is loud enough for that song. 'Telephone' is a song initially not about autotune, it's about singing on the phone sound effect. I wonder, how it would sounds like for Britney since it never processed that way.

  51. Karen Alves Santos

    4:14 a propaganda da década

  52. Caio Oliveira


  53. Ilyas Temirov


  54. leoni_ 168


  55. Free Bitch

    “To be continued” biggest lie of the decade 😔

  56. BadCommenter

    Okay, 2009-2013 were the best years. The music, fads, style etc. The nostalgia fckn stings.

  57. Deduction Geek

    i remember back in the days in were i was still in elementary school, before i go to school this tv program called myx used to play this on the daily top, bc obviously it's a bop. and i would be late to school bc i'm still watching the mv lol damn, i missed those days.

  58. Julian Jimenez

    One eye? Iluminatis?

  59. cheeky rose

    2020 anyone?

  60. Matheus Reiter

    Que saldade cara..
    E que diliça de mulher

  61. Cah;

    telephone part 2 = feat with madonna please 😿❤

  62. Kevin Herrera

    How many sponsors you want?
    Lady Gaga: *YES*

  63. Vicky A

    Was this in anyone else recommended in 2020

  64. G.D.

    They don’t make bops like this anymore smh

  65. don kad

    10 years later

  66. Bianca Dj

    First time seeing the music video of telephone lol😅😂.

  67. acty tvxq

    ワンピース !

  68. Jalene Mcleod

    When is part 2 is Coming Lady Gaga~ bc i Really wanna see part 2 of Telephone

  69. Jack Alex

    Wie mir nach 9 jahren auffällt das da "eins zwei drei" steht oof

  70. Fustavo :v

    this song made me gay before I even knew I was gay

  71. Renan Quintanilha

    2010 - to be continued...
    2020 - waiting...

  72. Samirah Vítor


  73. Yoshi Gaming

    Hey that's the Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill

  74. Christian Duval

    "Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if its broke, but you can still see the cracks in that mother fucking reflection" taking this quote with me all 2020

  75. Kai Cruz

    In the 2:36 minute I swore that girl was Lauren Jauregui xd I was obsessed with her .... I'm still ♡

  76. Michaela Coel

    This is getting worse

  77. Caio Oliveira


  78. serene rahayu

    I was 10 when im boping to this???

  79. Y_N

    Now Melanie and Billie this was weird before you

  80. Laura Vandzura

    How have I never heard of this song before

  81. MJ TV

    I remember myself when I was watching at 8 yrs old DAMN

  82. 张泽洋健


  83. Sabra Zafarano

    Beyonce will never
    be Jill Scott

  84. mariana valenzuela

    wow. this was 10 years ago.
    also, i only felt bad that they poisoned the dog

  85. Essel Ellis

    This song is LIFE

  86. Jen Waddell

    Bizarre and gross!! Freaking satanic!! This is just all foul!! Evil!


    Exactly.... Just watching this is disturbing.

  87. Mackenzie Anne

    What if they continue the video for the 10 year anniversary😨🤞🏻

  88. Rae Quinn

    I totally forgot everyone use to think Gaga had a dick 😂🤣

  89. Rae Quinn

    This is real work

  90. Rae Quinn

    Fuck this is so amazing Fuck

  91. Denim Maydon king

    Definitely no number 2 coming nearly a decade

  92. Roka Abo Zied

    اغنيه بي 2جنيه ونص 😅😅😅😅

  93. Barbie Kelly Killer

    The greatest collab of the decadee !!!