Lady Gaga - Fashion! Lyrics

Looking good and feeling fine [x3]
Slay, Slay
Looking good and feeling fine [x3]

[Verse 1:]
Step into the room
Like it's a catwalk
Singing to the tune
Just to keep them talking
Walk into the light
Display your diamonds and pearls in mine
Married to the night
I own the world, we own the world

Look at me now!
I feel on top of the world in my Fashion!
Look at me now!
I feel on top of the world in my Fashion
Looking good and feeling fine [x3]
Slay, slay
Looking good and feeling fine [x3]
Slay, slay

[Verse 2:]
You've got company
Make sure you look your best
Make up on your face
A new designer dress
There's a life on Mars
Where the couture is beyond, beyond
Married to the stars!
I own the world, we own the world!

Look at me now!
Like we're on top of the world in my Fashion!
Look at me now!
Like we're on top of the world in my Fashion!
Looking good and feeling fine [x3]
Slay, slay
Looking good and feeling fine [x3]
Slay, slay

I take it off, I put it on
I feel alive, when I transform
But this love's not material
Now take it in, and turn me on
Zip me up, it can't be wrong
Cause your new look's ethereal
Looking good, and feeling fine [x6]

Je me sens
Donnez moi Christian Louboutins
Le monde est témoin
C'est la vie en
Je suis en haute couture en
Fashion, fashion! [x4]

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Lady Gaga Fashion! Comments
  1. Don Monteiro

    barbies theme song to the new action movie coming up

  2. daisyhinojosa23

    My shopping song 💕 iconic

  3. *- Hikari ც-*

    Is this on Spotify yet

  4. That Me Me ME!

    ?? Who's singing in December 2019 or January 2020 ??

  5. Tiki the bird

    90 - coments 7 years ago 2012
    5 - coments 5 years ago 2014
    3 -coments 3 years ago 2016

    1-coments now 2019

  6. IliberTV

    This song is pure pop perfection

  7. - Midknight_Wolf 1628 -

    i was eating takis while listening to this XD

  8. James

    Why has she scrubbed this song off of itunes and all the other streaming platforms?? It’s so much better than it’s replacement 😩

  9. Russel Clyde

    the beginning is lovegame

  10. Jiba Ton

    When you’re still fashionable in 2019 😎

  11. Tamara Kirby

    Lady Gaga's arms are so skinny

  12. Cheyenne Williams

    This takes me back to the thousands of times I had to practice my dance team routine to this song😭

  13. Squid Lee

    *sneaks into mom's bedroom and tries on her fancy clothes* mm yes

  14. Freedom runner

    I’m only here because of dance moms

  15. 러버{하투}


  16. Kat Aw

    هاد الموسيقى كانو كيعملو بيها الدعاية لبرنامج ف mbc 4;على ما أظن project runway.

  17. LuAn's Globalizado

    Amava essa canção, escutava TANTO a anos atrás... S2

  18. Matt Hyuga

    The fact you have to buy the shopaholic album on iTunes to get this song is so annoying they should just see it as it is I shouldn’t have to buy a full album to get the only good song on there.....

  19. Baby Mario

    Fashion is better than artpop's one. But i like both ❤

  20. Fran Collins

    Fashion> Fashion!

  21. Christine Coca

    still bops in 2019

  22. Alexandra

    When I close my eyes I’m in 8th grade listening to this on my green iPod nano and dancing around my bedroom lol

  23. St3vEn BaDu

    Heidi Montag - Fashion (SAME SONG)

  24. Barb Jacobs

    It's so cool because she wrote this probably before her biggest fame and now she literally wears all those designers she named

  25. Louise Paris

    Forgot this existed

  26. FreakySmilex3

    Why is doesnt exits in Spotify 🤨

  27. Brian Ruiz

    I’m still listening in 2019

  28. Mario Madrigal

    What a ! FUCKIN! GOD!!!

  29. Draw and Sketch

    This sounds like Trenderman’s theme song

    Creepypasta fans anyone

  30. FanLove 873

    I can’t find it on Spotify!!!!😭 it’s such a good song

  31. Vasikins

    This was my shit in middle school lmao
    This was Sharpay Evan’s theme song

  32. Tayaki Akirama

    Que alguien me explique porque esta obra de arte no está en ningún álbum de Gaga ? 🤔🤔🙄😥

  33. Alexander Brown

    We still Stan in 2k19

  34. Mohamed Eldo

    She forgot to mention Chanel and YSL ,lol

  35. Mohammed Alhouty

    This song in what album I can’t find it in Apple Music help please ????

    Team Wang

    It’s in the album confessions of a shopiholic but apparently it’s not available in my country ??? or that’s what it says for the whole album so I can’t download it ?? I live in America so maybe it’s different in other regions but I can’t download it :///

    Rick Mendez

    The fame is what I thought

  36. Norbert Reuner

    Den Song finde ich nicht auf spoty

  37. Green Tea L0ver

    0:24 i live to be model thin ??
    yaass 🥰😍😍 she's my thinspo

  38. Silblack Gaming

    who comes from the fashion memes

  39. مترجم Translator

    Its not on apple music or ?

  40. Güzel Bir Gün Ölmek İçin

    hızlı zamanlar...

  41. MLC PETS

    2019 Anybody Here!!???!!???

  42. Elvis

    I remember hearing this song on the radio in 2009 and knowing Gaga is 100% that bitch! She does so well singing about vanity (i.e. this and "Donatella").

    Rick Mendez

    Elvis how about the actual song ‘Vanity’! Haha

  43. Mr Vikix


  44. Clemente Tamayo

    So fabulous thanks gaga

  45. Clemente Tamayo

    Damn this song is good

  46. Iuli Stefan costea

    Fashion is life

  47. Yugvijay

    An unreleased song so successful

  48. Orionise

    10 years old

    Bruhitzdenise Mkay

    Same. Time flies so quick.

  49. Kay

    2019 and I’m stilling to this 😭♥️

  50. Riley Sassafras

    I can only ever find this song here and I've listened to it about a billion times

  51. Jojo Glinks

    Still slaps.

  52. Rodrigo

    In velocity 1x25 is more better ❤

  53. Gaurav Chitnis

    I would say that it's a SELFI SONG ....... Play it while u take selfi

  54. Riley Creith

    this song is a fuckin bop but the production is so ass i hate 2009

  55. Kat Jacky

    wait gucci was a thing in 2009!? bruh now people talking about it in 2019 ;-;

  56. Noukster17

    Why can’t I find this song on Spotify?😭 It’s like it doesn’t exist there, while it’s such a great song

  57. AedenMartin Aganon

    damn i have alot of memories from 2009 to 2013 now the present has ruined it

  58. Midnight OwO

    2019 anyone?

  59. mirandyke

    the tru fashion song

  60. ruzzell907

    This song was on Spotify inside the soundtrack for Confessions of a Shopaholic.

  61. fuck this

    I moss the time when lady gaga still made this type of songs


    I came here from the memez owo

  63. Jan Wundram

    Ich hör dieses Lied immer wenn ich auf hardcore Shopping Tour bin

  64. IliberTV

    This song is Pop Perfection

    Baby Mario

    Is the definition of a gem 😍

  65. The Sam Program

    *mEaT dReSs*

  66. molisaidiot

    1:30 meme part

  67. Bebe X

    Fashion MEME?

  68. Geo Stoica

    Fashion is my favourite sing

  69. Ben F

    My mom shouldn’t of shown me this song years later , bank destroyed 🤣🤣

  70. Arcel Glenn Mayrena

    The superior Fashion.

  71. mario

    The nostalgia that this song brings to me is indescribable-

  72. FoxGirl 123

    *le gasp* part two to me too

  73. Player Unknown

    ı love chorus (ı learned what is chorus means in english just wanted to use :D)

    Blackout's whore

    J'adore Vivienne habillez-moi

  74. Earla Weese

    *Fuck this superficial/shallow piece of shit.*

    Blackout's whore

    J'adore Vivienne habillez-moi

  75. mikaele Mafi

    RIP Alexander McQueen!

  76. KittySnicker

    Why isn’t this on itunes at the moment?? I downloaded some bullshit by accident

    sponge b00b

    its an unreleased song

  77. allisonmarieish

    tell me why i still remember all the lyrics to this song 10 years later but i cant remember shit for a test.

    Ivenylon Onglais

    You're in trouble for your test.😂😂🤣

  78. Instagram: lunasbn

    The NASA is still looking for my wig but they can't find it :((

  79. Lily May

    Litterally nobody:

  80. ADVANCED_ dinosaur

    Gacha life brought me here :^)


    I love Gaga!! She's been amazing always 💖💖💖

  82. Harley quinn fan

    I came here from a creepypasta meme

  83. Jonathan Friend

    Just rediscovered this out of nowhere and read in to the songs background. Swear I always thought the lyrics where "FASHION! WAE DUMDUM DAE! DON'T YOU WANNA SEE THIS CLOTHES ON ME!"


    Now I can't stop hearing that 😂

  84. Czarina loves cookies and gaming 2.0

    0:40 :D

  85. Ivenylon Onglais


  86. Musty Bottom

    This song is SKINNY

  87. Gabriela Vilela

    2019? 😹

  88. Klara Sparks

    2019 and I'm still listening to the song.

  89. Tom Hilgerdenaar

    This sounds exactly like Lovegame

  90. Alejandro Spears




  91. LadyStrawberryHeart

    Why isn t this in spotify?

  92. [БЛЭТ] SashaProPlay

    Мы это в школе учим

  93. Mother's Daughter

    2019 ?!!👌👁👅

  94. Olsen Twin

    I liveee to be model thin

  95. raphie tras87

    If she released this then the Artpop ‘’Fashion’’ would of been Fashion 2.0

    Baby Mario

    She can release this on #LG6!

  96. raphie tras87

    This is way better than the Fashion from Artpop

    Anne Francis Hemilga

    this song is more of electro pop like the fame album, the ARTPOP one is more disco-ish and very high fashion pop.

  97. Alley COOPER

    i a m gonna play this song when i go to my cousin wedding and have jaw drops since they have told me i am fat and ugly there friends so