Lady Gaga - Disco Heaven Lyrics

Oh, the disco heaven
Oh, the disco heaven

Get back, bunny
It's getting cold in here little honey
We got a show to put on your dress
Take a minute for us and relax, relax
Cupid's got me, oh with his bow & arrow, baby
He'll hit you in the pants, hot pants
Get the people to dance and relax, relax

Oh the lights still on, we're dancing
Yeah the floor is shaking
In this disco heaven
(Oh, the disco heaven)
The disco heaven

(Oh, the disco heaven)

Oh the lights still on, we're dancing
Yeah the floor is shaking
In this disco heaven
(Oh, the disco heaven)
The disco heaven

(Oh, the disco heaven)

Throw your head back, girly
Throw it like those girls in the movies
We got a show to put on your dress
Take a minute for us and relax, relax

The ball is turning, 300 mirrors burning
Through the hearts of the crowd
In the back hips just banging the track
To the music, the music

Oh the lights still on, we're dancing
Yeah the floor is shaking
In this disco heaven
(Oh, the disco heaven)
The disco heaven

(Oh, the disco heaven)

Oh the lights still on, we're dancing
Yeah the floor is shaking
In this disco heaven
(Oh, the disco heaven)
The disco heaven

(Oh, the disco heaven)

Oh we got that disco
And we're in heaven
Disco heaven

Feels just like heaven
Disco heaven
Disco heaven

A line up for the dance
Yeah bring those fancy pants
Y'know there's disco in the air
And hairspray everywhere

A disco heaven
A disco heaven
Disco heaven
Disco heaven

Oh the lights still on, we're dancing
Yeah the floor is shaking
In this disco heaven
(Oh, the disco heaven)
The disco heaven

(Oh, the disco heaven)

Oh the lights still on, we're dancing
Yeah the floor is shaking
In this disco heaven
(Oh, the disco heaven)
The disco heaven

(Oh, the disco heaven)

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Lady Gaga Disco Heaven Comments
  1. Alison O'sullivan

    Summttomt get back eight good

  2. Alison O'sullivan

    Achintee me know tell me watching audio mfr

    Alison O'sullivan

    Later today or can't wait to see you Bibby tingling really is fuck good raendoveri

    Alison O'sullivan

    Number want need convosweetof now

    Alison O'sullivan

    What say who c going ýha

    Alison O'sullivan

    Hey man who all agu

  3. Maria Jose Collazos


  4. Elbow Nesdam

    Fabulous 👍✊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  5. Phoenix Fira

    ugh this makes me think of what if she did a cover of Love Shack omg I would DIE

  6. T E R E N C E M C K E N N A B I T C H

    Reminds me of Scissor Sisters!

  7. joe a

    UGH the harmony at 1:16-1:18 starting off that verse is everything. I really hope she brings back this vibe on LG6

  8. Fer M

    Gosh...... this takes me back to my GO GO dancing days. Sigh.......

  9. carmie rendyna

    Great song!

  10. Filosofía Rockera

    Amo este tema oh disco heaven ♪♪

  11. liinexy

    Such an underrated Lady Gaga song!

  12. G. S. R. Ribeiro


  13. G. S. R. Ribeiro

    Escutando essa música, 2019.


    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lo mejor

  14. Joann Miller

    Miss this gaga

  15. Ivenylon Onglais

    This was my ringtone when I had my 1st cp back when I was in grade school.

  16. G. S. R. Ribeiro

    23-Disco Heaven (3:42).

  17. G. S. R. Ribeiro

    Lady Gaga, (2008).
    23-Disco Heaven (3:42)!

    G. S. R. Ribeiro

    Desde 2008.

  18. Raffles666

  19. kingikiller

    “Step back bunny” has somehow joined my everyday vocabulary

  20. João

    best gaga song

  21. Morgane Brulard

    High energy

  22. Norbert Simon

    this song is so underrated

  23. Lazuli

    I fucking love this song
    It reminds me of Lana del Rey ..

  24. Erik Castillo

    I fucking liveeee for thisss and loveeee this Gaga time sure flies

  25. Krista

    This song fuckin sucks

  26. AncientOneProductions


  27. Taco Nine Shellly

    I used to hear this as a kid and I could’ve swore one of the guitars were saying “titty pop titty pop titty pop titty pop” lol

  28. Michael C

    Tried to find this and Retro Dance Freak on Spotify in 2019 :(

  29. Edgar Sepulveda

    This song is pure bliss ♥️ 💜

  30. Ane .C

    Tradução em português?

  31. Sara Salazar


  32. Yoel Montalvo

    2:32 it remind me to Artpop

  33. HidayatZho ouuuKevin

    Kaum homosexual adalah kaum Pemilik alam semesta.. Jadi : Jangan mau menurut menurut kaum purba pribumi pribumi itu

  34. Fialka

    What with sound?
    It is very bad:(

  35. shantanu bayaskar

    Completely forgot about this gem

  36. Em's ASMR

    Apparently her new album will be a combination of ARTPOP and TFM ive never been more excited I love ARTPOP to death but we all said before Joanne was announced that she was gonna make a album that was like a combination between BTW and TFM so idk but I love this song! #ARTPOPISTHETRUEQUEEN

    Rubén Zavala

    Where did you hear that?

  37. James Johnson

    I was 20 when this song came out. It’s still amazing to this day, and should be brought back. I still don’t know why songs like this one never made chat top hits. I’m 30 now(almost 31) and miss this era of Gaga so much. It was my party years album.

  38. Aubrey Aguilar

    I miss herrrrrr

  39. David Fonseca de Oliveira

    The good old days, i really miss 2009 x)

  40. Fashion Freak

    Ugh I think her 70s disco vibes are the best this and I want your love are iconic


    I love this song ☺💜💝💙💖

  42. Brave Kuda

    This song so underrated it hurts.

  43. Matthew Hartley

    I luv ths song.



  45. Alyson Gregorio

    this sounds like an old anime song

  46. BlacksAreTheHebrewIsraelites

    Disco heaven is sonic paradise

  47. StrickenWithFear

    I need Lady Gaga's new album to be a disco/funk 70's inspired album. It would fit her so well and very few people are doing that right now. Please Gaga give me a disco album.


    I think the world is not ready for a Gaga’s disco inspired album. That would THE ALBUM

  48. Marcelo Rivieira

    Love this song

  49. Monster M


  50. Felicity Gudaitis

    Countess loved her late 70s 😍

  51. blossom sky

    one of Gagas best songs. i'm a summer son and shakin' in disco heaven somewhere in texas 00'days ^^

  52. The Lizard Queen

    Getting Joanne vibes from this for some reason...

  53. William Chan Chan

    3 hundred million bunnies.

  54. pet shop boys heart

    2018 😍😘😗

  55. Aerox Killer

    Camila Cabello - Havana

    Reuben Walton

    Aerox Killer what does that song have to do with this?

  56. Gu Silva

    melhor música

  57. Sailormoon

    This came out when I was 11. And there I was a tiny gay boy strutting to this song and the rest of Gaga's first album




    I wasn’t gay at that age lmao I remember having a puppy love with my girl classmate but I became gay during Born This Way Era I realized that while watching Lady Gaga Born this Way MV I fancied wearing a high heels and having long hair like her hair when she was wearing the skeleton tuxedo. I locked myself in my sister’s room and wear her high heels and school skirt lmao. Memories...

  58. Lucypher

    Brasil, quem está escutando esse hino em 2017 ?

  59. Petros V

    The production sounds somewhat different than in my CD version

    Raphael Maitam

    Also with LoveGame in diferents countrys

    A Lili Fan

    Well, this is the demo version tho.. The album sounds it has more instruments in it :/

  60. Raphael Maitam

    Cadê o comentário daquele cara dizendo que concebeu o filho ouvindo essa música?

  61. Ceasar E

    Who else parties way better by themselves?

  62. Rareș


  63. G A

    Lady GaGa, get over your problems with Rob Fusari. It is tragic that so many songs during your early years remain unknown. It is a hit record waiting to happen.

  64. Aurora L.P.

    Lady Gaga Karaoke: Fuck she's got pipes

  65. Ash

    Ohhhhhhhh disco heaven 2008

  66. Michelle Templos Lara


  67. weakestlink20

    Heard this on FragRadio. Was not disappointed in the slightest when I was shooting up the cowboys.

  68. Agustin Gomez

    me 2 😭

  69. Gerardo Rodriguez

    desde que escuche la canción se me hizo muy conocida.

  70. martha Martinez

    Who's listening in 2017! !???

  71. martha Martinez

    Who's listening in 2017 !???


    martha Martinez 2019!

  72. Xart Green

    Still Listening In 2017! Queen!

  73. My Mononoki

    I need a disco album

  74. Loli Castillo de la Chica

    Queen of pop dance!

  75. mauriciogv93

    This song reminds me of the old The Fame days. My friend and I would go crazy trying to find all her unreleased music like Blueberry Kisses or Honest Eyes (Fooled me again). Good times, still waiting on Part 2 from the The Fame mini-film

    A Lili Fan

    mauriciogv93 They said part 2 is The Fame Monster tho

    Ellie Wolfe

    I have a sneaking suspicion that it is Marry the Night, they brought back Dina the loyal backup dancer from the Fame Pt 1, Gagas same car, and similar concepts.

  76. The Ultimate Cat Lover Channel

    This song would've been a hit. It's fantastic. Wonder why it did not get released.



  78. Jalen Grant

    Dance if you;re still a a disco heaven queen.

  79. Moraima Erans

    This used to be my favorite song, I used to play it all the time. The happier days :')

  80. Cris Fher


  81. who Zet

    this is my favoritre song of her 😍😍😍😍

  82. Summer

    so many unreleased songs, i wish she wouldve put them all on another album

  83. Adrian Villanueva

    The bass guitar is absolutely pounding.

  84. Princess Kaguya

    Is this another version?? I listened in The Fame Deluxe
    The music is a bit different!?!


    this versión has a Piano included on the instrumental

  85. juliadennehy

    When I'm not at a club dancing... I'm dreaming of being at a club dancing.

  86. Griffin Holden

    I love this song

  87. Carmen Latham

    new single soon :D i'm thinking disssscooooo

  88. Jeffrey

    when is she going to be on rupauls drag race!


    she is now

  89. Emily Schatz

    Yeah! bringing disco back baby! who hoo!

  90. Tony Rose

    One of the best disco songs ever written ;)

  91. Tais Gabriele

    I love this song.

  92. Ju 8504

    I miss this Gaga. Really.

    Pikablu _25

    Julian hahahahha exactly. I love Gaga with a dying passion. Im sorry but if he thinks that The Fame sounds anything like Artpop, then he needs a hearing aid. Even The Fame Monster sounds different from the fame... and thats just an EP.
    No shade tho, cause hes a little moster too so its all good



    Nikki M. Solis

    What the actual fuck happened after "ARTPOP"?

    Maria Olívia

    we r 2, dude


    @Eli_EXE It is on spotify under The Fame monster album. The one with a picture of Gaga as a brunette with blood dripping from her eye.