Lacs, The - Great Moments In Redneck History #5 (Skit) Lyrics

Hello everybody and good evening
This is great moments in redneck history
I recall once a morning in 1893
Walter Baxley, a struggling carpenter, was building a cabin
He took a coffee break every few hours to stay warm
He left a spoon in a half-drinking cup of coffee
And forgot about it when he left the job site
When he arrived the next day he pulled the spoon out
And the frozen coffee was stuck to it
He thought, "What?" He tried it, it was amazing
That night when he got home
He mixed some water, some sugar
And added some sticks to the mixture
Before leaving it outside
The next morning was Christmas
And the kids woke up to a frozen treat
Like they had never seen before
It truly made their holiday special
So on behalf of myself
And all the rednecks in the world
I would like to say thank you all to Baxler
For the world's first popsicle

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