Labi Siffre - Someday Lyrics

Someday, somehow, we'll find
A new life, a new way of work
Then the young and the old
Will be asked, not just told, how to live

Someday, we'll find we're strong
Only hurt by the things we do wrong
Then the good we can feel will be here
Will be real, not pretend

Homo-sapiens we really arrive
Homo-hypocrite will die and will survive
Every country will believe in the dove
People really could believe in a god of love
Happy children who would learn that it's safe
To live the truth, no need to hesitate
Different people who believe different things
Different people with the different skins

Could understand that it's the difference in life
That makes the husband love the wife
We would be apart of nature's great plan
For flora, fauna, every man and woman
Just think about it, kind of blows your mind
A truly great leap for mankind

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