Labi Siffre - Nothin's Gonna Change Lyrics

Life can be funny
Sometimes a shame
Making the same mistakes again and again
It isn't easy being a man
For a woman it's harder
Try it in the Sudan

And when you're winning and when you've won
You turn around... your problems just begun
And when you're losing and when you've lost
You turn around... it wasn't worth the cost

How did we make it...
It's a mystery
We're getting better...
That's news to me
Are we defeated...
Huh! Defeated like hell
We may be losers...
But we'll never tell

Nothin's Gonna Change
But we don't give in

Nothin's Gonna Change
Take it on the chin
Nothin's Gonna Change
Keep that silly grin
Nothin's Gonna Change
The only way to win

World wars are over
One and two
Others are raging still just like brand new
The Big Band is with us
It's here to stay
Unless the Martians come to take it away

My TV dinner shows a starving face
The kicked a man to death outside my place
We strangle nature
We murder the trees
Forgetting we need the trees to breathe

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