Labi Siffre - I Will Always Love You Lyrics

I'm walking in your fire
And diving in your sea
Burning with desire
You're the honey to the bee

Whenever you're in trouble
Whenever you're in doubt
You don't have to worry
No, you don't even have to shout

The world is full of strangers searching for a friend
The world is full of sadness
And we must learn to smile
'Cause sadness never ends

I, I will always love you
Darling can't you tell
I will be your champion
Through heaven and through hell
Good fortune may desert you
People can be unkind
The world may turn and hurt you
And I, I will always love you.

We may be separated
We'll never be apart
We'll be dedicated
I'm gonna love you with every beat of my heart
Giving it all is the secret of life
Taking no chances when I'm with you tonight.
Thinking the hands of time won't stop
And my devotion won't even remove
You got it, you got it yeah

I, I will always love you
Darling can't you tell
I will be your champion
Through heaven and through hell
Good fortune may desert you
People can be unkind
The world may turn and hurt you
And I, I will always love you.

I will always love you
Nothing's gonna stop us,
Nothing's gonna keep us apart
You'll be my lover
And I'll keep you here in my heart
No matter where you are, you're here in my heart
Never, forever can't keep us apart
'Cause I love you

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Labi Siffre I Will Always Love You Comments
  1. Irma

    Supurb outtro

  2. Andre Dos Santos

    Dear Lord... how will the new generation hear this classics? I need them to feel this sensation

  3. Kabi Ranyali

    Skuza Bell, Leseli fm

  4. Bobo Montwedi

    Wow!! Thanks at last I hv a chance to hear ths song in YouTube... Its a great song done by Labi Siffre... I love the song.... Who is listening ths 29--05--19...Botswana

  5. william hindle

    Love this tune.... Great memories from years ago

  6. Leila Ahomed

    Reminds me of my Bear always there 😘😘

  7. Afa Same

    To you My sweet Kenny love. Happy 2019! I will always love you. Thank you for loving me through thick and thin.

  8. Graham D

    Such a shame that only certain songs by labi are recognized and played on the radio. For he has lots of unknown gems in his repotoire.

    Ricky Cura

    Very true but that's what makes these artists and track's more special! But I know what your getting at, it's frustrating that there so good these sort of track's they deserved to be heard by more people! My favourite labbi siffre track!

  9. Archibald Orapeleng

    Oh gosh it reminds me of my home town...north west South Africa....

  10. lin 1

    One my favourite Labi Siffre tracks ❤🎶💋👌

  11. Mandy Bower

    I got married to this song as my husband had battled cancer. And 13 years later I played it at his funeral... Having discussed it with him.... Our all time favourite.... I still cry everytime I hear it x

    George Stacey

    Mandy Bower it is nice that you two talked about that and you played it and so shared in it and through it something beautiful. I like it when favorite songs our shared between people at those moments, how sweet to do that for one another.

    Sam Lucia

    Hey Mandy, My sincerest condolences, sry for my writing, I'm from Belgium, Europe. I've liked this song since I was 15 yrs old (nobody ever heard of it at all not then or later in life) I think like we all do, it's only for people that really understand, and comprehend... I truly don't understand why it never was a TOP song, anyway, I can imagine that this song at your wedding was the most beautiful song ever, but later on the most sad song ever. I wish you all the best in the world, and no matter what good health, I hope you may find lots of luck on your way X

  12. Mandy Bower

    My favourite song... Walked down the aisle to this when i married my husband Geofff.. And then played it at his funeral after he got cancer after 13 fabulous years together... His birthday is today.. 72....Xxxxxx

  13. 11dsw

    He is so awesome... But the 80's sucked hard compared to any part of the awesome 70's....Watch Me and I Got the.... Blow my mind

  14. Afa Same

    I will always love u.

  15. Mbongeni Mkhwanazi

    This song is a so smooth..Reminds me of my favourite radio dj Eddie Zondi..

  16. Charmaine McDonald

    God's Love displayed.

  17. Lucas Mazibuko

    What a song. Everytime I open Utube I go straight and hit this song

  18. bongani zitha

    My favourite song

  19. Pinini braun

    Wow...first time I heard this song was when my former boyfriend sang it for  me...I melt into his hands today we are happily married...Thank you Mr Siffre,  this song is fantastic ....!!!!!

  20. Karim Al Hassani

    Labi wrote so many beautiful songs, I wonder if this tender love song was written for his husband Peter? They were together for 49 years before Peter's death three years ago.


    A song to be celebrated and enjoyed.I sincerely love it

  22. Amy Collins

    I have been looking all over for this song! Thank God for YouTube and Google!

  23. luiz antonio alvarenga cortes Cortes

    Musica especial e cantor mais especial ainda

  24. Letsosa Lesala


  25. Edmond Boric


  26. blackandtanful

    英国ブルーアイドソウルメン達に信奉されたアフリカ系イングリッシュソングライター、ラビ・シフレ、ゆったり揺れ動くアーバンモード"I will Always Love You"

  27. Marshall Worsnop

    Hi Labi, I remember being in the audience at YTV Leeds in about 1979/80 when you were called back to the Studio just to have a custard pie thrown in your face. Apparently it was something you always wanted to happen to you. A good laugh, remember?
    You have a unique voice
    Best wishes from spain

  28. brianboru62

    Labi your such a sweet spirit what a great inspiriation God Bless you

    Eunice Moncho

    yes yes yes...

  29. Kalahari54

    One of my all time favourites :)