Labi Siffre - Cannock Chase Lyrics

Sitting in the back seat of my car
With my arms round my guitar
And the rain falls from the roof of the world
Nothing around just the trees and the ground
There's a bird in a tree singing a song just for me, just for me
I've been down for oh so long
It seemed like my soul was dead and gone
But it's alright - I'm back in the fight
I thought my day would never come
Maybe it won't but I'll have fun
And I'll hold tight 'cause that way it might
Oh I know I'll be down again with my old friend
This friendship never ends
The blues is always the same, the blues is always the same
Well I don't know just where I am
I'm a nowhere man I'm a Desperate Dan
But I'll find out - maybe if I shout
Give me your hand I'll give you my mind
It's a fair exchange if your deaf, dumb and blind
And we're sold out well that's what it's all about.

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Labi Siffre Cannock Chase Comments
  1. david gibson

    I'm a nowhere man, I'm a desperate dan....killer lyric

  2. mac man

    Perennial favourite I never get tired of listening to , complex spiritually uplifting all the things I listen for in music and this has them all in abundance .

  3. alberto balsam

    Very good