LaBelle, Patti - You Saved My Life Lyrics

Now and then,
I look where I've been,
It seem the good sometimes went wrong,
I see in YOU, the love that pulled me through,
The love that kept me strong...
You saved my life,
When drowing in a lonely sea,
You reached out and rescued me,
You save my life,
With love You saved my life,
Yo've been there,
When no one dared to care,
Somehow you shield me from all harm,
A guiding light, in my darkest night,
My shelter in the storm...
You saved my life,
When all around was sinking sand,
You were there with out stretched hands,
You saved my life,
With love you saved my life,
With nothing to gain, you bared my pain,
From the start, showed me love from the heart,
And when all else failed, on faith in you I held,
Yes my life, my soul, I owe you...
I... saved my life,
It took time, but now I see,
Your love supplies all me needs,
You saved my life,
With love YOU saved my life.

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LaBelle, Patti You Saved My Life Comments
  1. Grisel Tellez

    jenny and tai lung

  2. Kaleia Brown

    This song............😭😭😭😭😭💯💯❤

  3. Elisabeth Sauer

    My favourite song of that great album!!

  4. Brenda deGraw

    The gratitude is surmountable in this performance ☆☆☆☆☆

  5. Mr Tom Whiteside

    What a wonderful lovely song. Yes lord you saved my live to 🌹😊

    Angel Johnson

    Mr Tom Whiteside amen!!!

  6. Barbara Jones-Williams

    I love this song this is to that special someone who doesn't have a clue how very much he's appreciated thanks Mrs.Patti for such a Heartfelt song.

  7. Stephanie German

    Patti Labelle is really talking to me tonight, touching my heart /missing My mom badly

    Angel Johnson

    Stephanie German im sorry to hear that

  8. Tiffany Lakatosowa

    zaposlouchejte se. Něco tak dokonale zazpívané se neslyší tak často. Je to vzácná shoda okolností. Neuvěřitelný hlas, kompozice.a koneckonců celkové výsledné aranžmá této soulové pecky se musí zaručeně líbit každému

  9. JCOLON901

    beautiful song

  10. Wilhelmina Key

    Love this song!!!!