LaBelle, Patti - When You Talk About Love Lyrics

I'd like to give you a test,
So darlin' prepare yourself,
When I say Love please explain,
What picture pop in your brain,
'Cause when you talk about love (love, love, love),
When you think about love (love, love, love),
When you talk about love (love, love, love),
You should be talkin' 'bout me.
Now if you need to be taught,
Don't make me an after thought,
For every lesson that's wrong,
You can bet my good lovin' will be gone,
So let's erase any doubt,
Take a few seconds to figure out,
Speak from your lips to my ears,
Yes, I know you know what I wanna hear,
'Cause when you talk love (love, love, love),
When you think about love (love, love, love),
When you talk about love (love, love, love),
You should be talkin' 'bout me.
No I'm not gonna play tit for tat,
When it comes to affairs of the heart,
But if I love you I want you back,
And I know that I love you so just do your part.

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LaBelle, Patti When You Talk About Love Comments

    Lets do it, gohead patti they be talking about 💘!! do your part!!

  2. Dr. Andre Eugenus Fox

    SAY MY NAME. Patti Patti as a teenager i knew to obey my elders

  3. Mundo Fonográfico Tv


  4. Jay Brown

    Yes I know

  5. Jay Brown

    Talking about love

  6. Charles williams

    Classic album

  7. Redd Hawt

    I love this lady! She seems like such a sweetheart and I KNOW that's her on the masked singer show!

  8. MR HUFF

    Say my name PATTI PATTI !!….this da joint !

  9. Ms.Fabolus Morgan

    90s R&B and Midnight L💗ve who is here in 2019

  10. Bina Walburn

    A very catchy song. I just discovered this song this week. But I do think some of the folks guy and girls were a tad bit too skinny in that video. I am small myself (size 6) but several of those folks were too small I think. I watched a few of her older interviews. She is such a gracious person and very elegant too inside and out.

  11. sabrina ponnet

    she has a very good music hole

  12. 5StarFilmz


  13. Gregg Mitchell

    Say my name, Patti, Patti!

  14. olusheyi banjo

    Happy 75th Birthday to Patti

  15. Krika Brown

    Woah she’s really hot here...I see u Patti... that lil short dress lol #hotteacher 🔥

  16. Anthony Barlow

    Absolutely Priceless 👀💕

  17. Ra'Chelle Banks

    I remember watching this video on VH1 before school back in the day. I totally forgot about this. Wow.

  18. Mark Gillard

    Is there a bit of Alexander O'Neal Fake in here?

  19. Christopher Moore

    it's just a test, it ain't your life. (we better recoginze)

  20. roger thornton

    Ms Pattie Pattie !!!! 2019. Still jamming !!!!!

  21. B-Town CHILL


  22. Jefferson Rock N Roll

    Listening to it in 2019... anyone else?

  23. Ethan R

    This is one of my favourite Patti songs! She is an underrated legend!

  24. Pistas Musicales EXCLUSIVAS

    coolest woman

  25. Trisha Larkins

    Patti patti!

  26. Tamika Rogers-guy

    This laddddy sound so dammmmm GOOD she touch my SOUL..................!!!!!!!!L.O.V.E..💖💖💖💞💞💞🙌🌞🌹🌹🌹

  27. Julie Ann

    Omg, next to Tina.... She is right there...Just Love her!

  28. Signora Jones

    Sweetie when you talk about love you should be talk in about me!!!!!!!!. Patti sets it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Vincy Celebrity

    here in 2018

  30. Happy Dee Dee

    OMG I need that maxi dress with matching long cardigan in my LIFE! Please someone tell Miss Pattie to send it to me, LOLOLOLOLOLOL! (no seriously) Peace friend🦋


    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂good one 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀no seriously, good one made my day!!!!! Thanks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Melody Sanger

    (MARCH 19, 1966 - SEPTEMBER 29, 2018) [09/30/2018]

  32. J. B.

    Sexy teacher.

  33. Loretta De Herrera

    Just love this 💘 💘

  34. ICTphoto7

    I love to crank this song up when I'm out in my garage working and immediately start dancing around with joy in my heart. God has a special place for you in heaven and I hope I can be one of your backup singers....

  35. Karen Bowers

    Her voice is nothing short of AMAZING!!!! Please RE-RELEASE this Patti! It IS CLASSIC!!!!

    Christopher Moore

    AGREE!-One of my favorite Patti songs, it just true and grounds me :)

  36. TheJds1993

    I was a little boy about 7. When this joint came out. Nothing like oldschool music especially when it. Comes from a legend Patti labell

  37. Lala Love


  38. HG_7

    Who's rocking to this in 2018
    Love Patti

  39. Chyba Zartujesz

    Gee who came up with the music video idea??

  40. Prince Webster

    Ms Patti Patti enough said go HEAD YASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  41. Banardo H Forte

    Ms.Precious Patti*; Ur Such A Beautiful Young Lady & Thur-Out My 19yrs. Of Marrage U Just Kept On Blessin Me Wit Ur Good Music; Ms.Patti Im 51yrs.young Now & My x-wife Iszz 55yrs.young We Have 3 Beaitiful Kids 2girls & My Babi Boie Well He's No Babi Now 24y.o.; He Dont Like Bein Called A Babi; But I Tell All My Children They Need 2 Go 2 Ur Concert Cause Ms.Patti Was Playing.Errytime Me & Ur Mother Was Playng Ms.P.Labell So Tell Her I Said Thank You So So Much Her Voice Just Melts U Kids Daddy #4/sho" Ur Boie JoeJoe

  42. Royce Rowland

    This was the jam!

  43. Carlina Randall

    get it patti you better push!!! through!!!💃💃💃

  44. Starrtasia Jackson

    There can only be one diva, and her name is Patti Labelle! #slayed

    Adrienne Cobbs

    Starrtasia,I agree with you 1000 percent.

  45. Dávid Müller

    This woman has a voice of a bunch of metal :O

  46. T. N. L.

    come on now Patti!!!!

  47. King Kami

    Sing that shit, Auntie Patti.

  48. NellyBelle

    *L0veL0veL0ve* !!!!!! The song right here!! Get it Patti!!

  49. Joy Tow

    she definitively can get the party jumping roadie queen of soul,cute videos

  50. Tevona Iles

    lol...I laugh cause Ms.LaBelle reminds me of my auntie Joy--Ace (Joyace)

  51. writerzblock00

    Patti Patti 🎵🎶♩♬

  52. Louvinia Hayes


  53. Monique Brown

    This is the video they used for DWTS group dance👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Ms. Patti Labelle is so beautiful here & now(2017)

  54. Deborah Patterson

    Smiling thinking of aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll the GREAT memories made with this in the background.

  55. Anita Loyd


  56. Debra Johnson

    Patti Patti!!!!!

  57. Anita Loyd

    Good morning and thank you love.

  58. Larice Booker

    I want to be Patti when i grow up...

  59. Spirtual Gangsta

    she looks soooo beautiful!

  60. Kohunui Taniwha

    my my my what a woman Patti much love

  61. A Englund

    A nice one...

  62. Florida Man

    We will talk about love over your sweet potato pie

  63. AlwaysintheUltaStore West

    loves me some Patti!!!

  64. Cleopatra Stewart


  65. Kavaris Sirmon

    My grannie use to play this song to death. I miss you lady.

  66. Terry Sanders

    Lawd have mercy... Miss Patti you re the best.

  67. k. rich

    patti, patti!!!!! still listening in 2016, love ya patti!!!!

    Jesse Gates

    When I first heard this song I fell in love with it this of my favorite songs I've always loved her in the group but as a solo artist she has been damn good but this song just moves me

  68. Cinzia D'Angelo


  69. Jay Frazier

    Patti, Patti, Patti

  70. gemeos bitencourt

    Uma diva da musica americana

  71. g diamond

    you go girl  ms. LaBelle

  72. Ladi Jae1

    All Hail "QUEEN PATTI" !!!!

  73. Mister Stelio


  74. Terelon

    Very Al Greenesque, good song.

  75. David Booker

    my phone keeps freezing up gots to add more byts

  76. David Booker

    my phone keeps freezing up gots to add more byts

  77. David Booker

    my phone keeps freezing up gots to add more buts

  78. Jazz Smooth

    Say her name, Ms. Patti.....

  79. Adrienne Simpkins

    My mama and me used to dance around the house when it was just us she's Patti's biggest fan Patti Labelle I love you your 2 fans in the world Adrienne Simpkins and Delmar Simpkins

  80. Shawn Johnson

    Another Jam!!!

  81. mrspence spence

    Love miss Labelle can sing there only one #Ms.PattiLabelle

  82. Luciano Tinoco

    O meu sonho é conhece la, patt lebelle I love you <3

  83. Luciano Tinoco

    Essa cantora realmente é a melhor, linda <3

  84. J Gonzalez

    A little Patti 2 kick FriDaY off..

  85. Dan Theobald

    Patti, Patti! There is no more....

  86. Krishun Johnson

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  87. Hayes Louvinia


  88. Reya Quarles

    There is only ONE supreme Diva...#Ms.Patti

    Syphon Filter

    @Charmagne Quarles My mom has the habit of calling Patti "The Duchess" in the Duchess of all Divas.

    Seriously all you young singer-mistresses out there: You want to put sheer style into your performance? Watch and memorize Patti.

    Reya Quarles

    I agree @Syphon Filter!!!

    Shawn Johnson

    +Charmagne Quarles So are.....and such a pretty complexion. :D

    Reya Quarles

    Thank you kindly @Shawn Johnson​, very much appreciated 😄


    shes a goddess. of all the great female singers, none can match her presence and charisma.

  89. pattifanalwayz

    the sample Al Greens  "Love And happiness."


    You have a beautiful ear for music 👂💗👂💗👂

  90. pattifanalwayz

    We  saw her at Long Beach Pride. She was Sunday and Salt n Pepa on Saturday. They both killed it .

  91. maria lopez gago

    very well

  92. mdeltafox1

    when you talk about love you should be talking bout me

  93. winterstorm king

    Seen here last yr at Memphis in may and this was the last song she did . I had Eva heard it before . its the shit live

  94. Ewart Sanderson

    Great singer