LaBelle, Patti - Need A Little Faith Lyrics

This I know is true, all my life
It's been hard for me to just let go
And to trust someone again
And oh, I will be alright, still I can't let go
So I hold too tight

And I've been hurt like you in my life
But you just go on and start again
Since you left the sun shining
I know that your heart won't break
It'll just get strong, it's a choice we made with our life

Hold on to me and we'll be stronger
Together, stronger forever
Gotta have a little faith
To help us see things through

And I agree that we live our lives
With a hope we'll find that special one
Who knows all that we can be each day
It's a chance we take if we just hold on
Only love's at stake this time

Hold on to me and we'll be stronger
Together, stronger forever
Gotta have a little faith
To help us see things through
(This I know is true)

Yes, we need a little faith, a little bit
Together, me and you
(I believe that we)
(Oh we need)

Yes, we need a little faith, a little bit
(A little bit)
To help us see things through
(You and me, together, forever)

Yes, we need a little faith, a little bit
Together me and you
(That's all we need, that's all we need)

Yes, we need a little faith, a little bit
To help us see things through
(A little faith, a little bit of me that's all we need, that's all)

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LaBelle, Patti Need A Little Faith Comments
  1. Helen Jackson

    Need A Little Faith.

  2. The Boss

    Who else got teary eyed

  3. Delicious Desserts

    Greatest vocalist of all time!!!!❤❤❤❤

  4. Karla Kosta

    The best Patti Labelle

  5. Ever C.

    Any musicians in the house? @02:32-02:36 what style of riff is this? It kinda reminds me of a blues juke-joint riff. I've heard her do this with Over the Rainbow as well. Thank you and one love.

  6. Sharelle Ervin


  7. MinIanLC

    A true dramatic soprano! Technique and vocal control par excellence! Love you Mrs. Labelle!

  8. C Charles

    this performance really demonstrated how dynamic her voice is.....

    Paddi Labale

    She has the gift do u agree with me

  9. Kaleia Brown

    Ms.Patti can u sing Need alittle faith in your new sets.....this song brought me through a trying time in my life...but it was that little bit of faith...that helped me see things throu....

    smooth persuader

    kaleia brown she can't sing it like this anymore.

  10. Jaesun Campbell

    This performance perfectly demonstrates why Patti LaBelle is the greatest voice of all time. She goes from whispers to full power, low tones to upper register. Do you hear that response from the audience?!? This is a song that wasn't a "hit" for her and she still moved the audience...incredible!!!!!


    so true , there are A LOT of her songs I feel that were hits vocally, but I realized the music industry is not about talent and good music! Its about marketability and demographics of who is buying music! Im SO GRATEFUL Patti stayed true to herself and her fans WE LOVE HER jut the way she is! Its not about money for her you can FEEL she LOVES TO SING! Her success is and ill be greater because its coming from God!

    SteveTex Junior

    @INDIA SIMMS There is a Video of her on here singing this in 2015. Blew down the house!

    J NYC

    This song should have been a hit. Its my fav of hers.

  11. Natalie12768

    This concert (IMHO) was her defining moment. I don't think their was any other show she could have done to top this (and she's done a LOT of extremely AWESOME shows). This DVD should be in every Patti LaBelle fans' collection.
    Simply Beautiful!

  12. Bueno Falangja


  13. Lavince Williams

    like miss patti says "And that's how you pay the rent." *snaps fingers* lol

  14. darcellbios

    3:33-3:38.... No Comment

  15. stillwill2215

    yeah, that is one of the best, if not the best [it is] live concerts i've ever seen on video. ms. debbie henry also put her thang down on that, thanks to patti.

  16. AndreOfDallas

    Their are no words!

  17. smooth persuader

    This is one of my favorite songs Ms. Patti. I love this song and wished she sang it more in concert.

  18. 68NYC

    The ending was not part of the Song.

  19. 68NYC

    Oh I just love this song.
    The original is Awesome.

  20. ch2clmn

    it sound like "new attitude" sorry if im wrong

  21. Itsypurgirlaly Msp

    Who wrote this song?

    smooth persuader

    Mary Ann Rousseau Burt Bacharac like I thought

  22. Newport 100s in a box

    i saw it on ebay for $20...but so many people were bidding on it

  23. Newport 100s in a box

    i need to buy this DVD

  24. SingingShannon Legrand

    Can someone please post the song that her back up singers sing on this tape! please! I want to teach it to my group. Thanks

  25. Garth Jordahl

    I found it! Gospelepsog has it up... Everyone take a listen!

  26. Garth Jordahl

    Would you post "You are my friend" from this performance, with the backup singing the lead in? It's my favorite part... so moving I get the sniffles every time.

  27. Silver Singing Method

    THE BEST! Bar none in this style! Anyone who doesn't like Patti does not like singing or does not recognize it as greatness.

  28. Malcolm Brown

    Honey There is one singer for me... Aretha is great, Chaka is fantastic, Celine Dion is remarkable but Honey Patti LaBelle is the GODDESS!!!

  29. DollPjTay

    That was really great! I love how she started off very soft and mellow building up towards the end. And then ending soft. PURE control over that great voice. Also a great video to watch for those that think Patti can't sing with belting.

  30. jon hoeffner

    very cool