LaBelle, Patti - If You Asked Me To Lyrics

Used to be that I believed in something,
Used to be that I believed in love,
It's been a long time since I've had that feelin',
I could love someone,
I could trust someone.
I said I'd never let nobody near my heart again, darlin',
I said I'd never let nobody in,
If you asked me to I just might change my mind,
And let you in my life forever,
If you asked me to I just might give my heart,
And stay here in your arms forever.
If you asked me to,
If you asked me to,
So now ever since I've been around you,
Can't go back the way and on my own Can't help feelin',
Darlin', sinceI've found you,
That I've found my home,
That I'm finally home.
I said I'd never let nobody get to close to me, darlin',
I said I needed, needed to be free,
If you asked me to I just might change my mind,
And let you in my life forever,
If you asked me to I just might give my heart,
And stay here in your arms forever.
If you asked me to and I would give my world,
Little baby, I need you now,
Ask me to and I would do anything for you, baby,
For you, baby.
If you asked me to,
I'll put you in my life forever,
If you asked me to,
All you gotta do is ask me to,
If you want it I could give you my heart,
If you asked me to,
I'll give you anything that I say, baby,
If you asked me to,
I'll do anything that you want me to do, just ask me,
All you gotta do is ask me to,
If you asked me to,
I'll give my life,
All you gotta do is ask me to,
If you asked me to.

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LaBelle, Patti If You Asked Me To Comments
  1. Shawntaye Debrew

    If you ask me to Paul Copeland
    I love my Baby farther endless

  2. Gemz Forever

    I’m a youngin and this is my shhhh 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can relate to all the oldies

  3. Kia Mull

    Whos here wher yall AT!!!!

  4. Kia Mull

    Patti Killed This Song!!!

  5. Nicola Stewart

    Here 2020😍😍

  6. Naomi Lambert

    Love her and love that powerful voice

  7. Marvin Sangster

    3:25 she kick them heels off

  8. Marvin Sangster

    Its 2020 so if you ask me to I just might let you in my heart for ever

  9. steamyboy69

    You know when things are getting heavy and serious because Ms Patti will start kicking off her shoes like she ready to throw down

  10. no no

    Decade and century platium even measure only to exist god thou shall have no other kingdom blessing all gator

  11. Joe Blow

    January 2020!

  12. Cecila Brooks

    She knows she's bad and she is

  13. Tiffany Hayslett

    Who listening with me 2 days in 2020

  14. Bill Fulton

    Oh what a voice


    Músicas eternas😍😍😍

  16. Sheila Fort

    I'm here at the beginning of 2020 still Enjoying this Incredible woman's music.

  17. Dabarawah Jacob

    When a woman kicks off her shoe it's either a good thing or a bad thing...very bad... Pattie just too good for them shoes and no other singer can fill them #2020

  18. Berri Hill

    1/1/2020 Blessings to everyone that made it out of 2019.. You the real MVP


    Here I am....♥️
    January 1st, 2020....😍

  20. The Fonz

    Blanka can sing.

  21. Jeson Manalang

    the best James Bond movie soundtrack

  22. Marquela Bruce

    I love this song

  23. reid kleinman

    One of the greatest voices of all time. Her sound gives me chills every time. Love her!

    Angel Johnson

    reid kleinman i agree

  24. Valenda Newell

    What I loved about Patti was she was so different from everybody else that was in the music industry. She had her own style and vocals, it was like she came from another world and landed here on this place we call earth. THANKS for sharing your talent with fans.

    Angel Johnson

    Valenda Newell i agree

  25. thebrundleflyFuhrerfan69 THX007 Hitler

    Who here to see james bond movie in 1989

  26. Andrew Hernandez

    If ,you, smell like azz.

  27. Kadian Tracey

    2019. Still a jam

  28. Lorna Swasey

    2,takes 2,when one cant think of it or do it the OTHER HALF CAN🤗

  29. melvinna Alford

    Yasss patty❤❤❤❤

  30. justin M

    The Names Bond..James Bond.

  31. DW 001


  32. marcia mccrorey

    wowww so sorry patti you are a true survivor God Bless you always

  33. Nate Pierson Jr

    This is in the top 100 songs of My all time list #ADOS .

  34. Barthotuber

    Love this song and Licence to kill by gladys night song! But the movie is absolutely my least favourite Bond film..

  35. darinaria

    Beats the dion version hands down.

  36. Rodel Deluta

    I really love this song and i so much love the last part drama.. Hehe love love love you so much! 🤩😍

  37. folerx

    One day I will be 007!!!

  38. Loretta De Herrera


  39. Solar Radio

    This is the dope ! Are you listening and learning, young men !

  40. Angelica S. Keyser

    Talent. Pure talent.

  41. Jackie Gumbs

    Father God comfort those who are grieving for their Loves one.

    Rachyl Neal-Williams

    Thank You So Much... I Just Lost My Aunt Last Week.

  42. Sandra Robinson

    If you asked me to

  43. John Bowerman

    Love this lady.

  44. Peace Waylee

    After listening to Céline dion version I realize that the original song is the best..... But Céline dion is also good tho

  45. Charlton Bolden

    Go, Ms. Patti!!!!!!

  46. Moises Gil

    thats a diva

  47. Tarnita Jacobs

    I love her so much..I admire patti❤❤

  48. Giovanni Socci

    A beautiful,MOST beautiful woman,sensual,classy and beautiful voice...

  49. Camel Tracker

    She just like possessed by a 3rd spirit

  50. Nick Banks


  51. Shaniqua Brown

    I'll be here 🌲🌲Christmas 12/25/2019

  52. Jay Brown

    Come back here

  53. Jay Brown

    You in my life I am
    Asking .

  54. Jay Brown

    I am asking you.

  55. Digital Fanboy

    james bond should be proud

  56. Astral Frost

    Before hearing this version, I heard Celine's and Brian McKnight's. I believe Patti recorded it first, and her version is beautiful also. Man, she really goes for it towards the end. What a legend.

  57. Sandra Crooks

    Love this song

  58. Porsche Man

    Nobody can sing this song like The Magnificent Patti Labelle, Nobody Period.

  59. Deborah croft

    Oh, this is another song that I Love.

  60. Kerri Talbott

    She is a superhuman... Has she even aged since the release of this video. She's phenomenally gorgeous, it's that black don't crack, huh?

  61. Eagle Eye Gordon


  62. Rebirth Studio

    If you ask me to be
    I might just change my mind
    2019 still listening

  63. Noline Roque

    I love you ms. Patti Labelle

  64. EON 007

    License To Kill most overrated James Bond movie ever!!!!

  65. tshepo molefe

    REMINDS me of the movie licence to kill rnb videos had that thing back in d days

  66. KiwiRosa

    2019 and still loving this iconic song

  67. claudnilson castro


  68. Antwon Scott

    When that shoe flew off though !

  69. Sweetness Overload

    Back in the days.... wow I love 💕 her voice so much.

  70. David Taylor

    When she kicked off her shoes tho...I was through. Chills. Deep.

  71. Ulra Deja

    one of the few sincere artists left in this world of autotuned and dubbed vocals

  72. Frankie Ontiveros

    Indeed she is a living legend!!

  73. shannon diaram

    Didn't know Celine did a cover of this song, and I never want to listen to it. This is the only one I need.

  74. shannon diaram

    When a person can get to the heart of another without getting naked.

  75. K Jewels

    Anybody else here December 2019?

    Sheila Barnett

    Here forever!

    suleiman urmajesty

    Yeah. 30/12/2019 22:47hrs

    Richard Adam Shaw

    I am January 2020.

    vince mendoza

    Im here!

  76. Joseph E. Rodríguez Pagán

    Listening in December beautiful song.

  77. Matthew Villasenor

    If you ask me to listen to this song in 2019 & beyond all you got to do is ask me to this is my song I grew up to you Patti Matthew age 37 true fan in Norfolk, Virginia United States of America !!!!

  78. schello schwarze sonne

    The best music

  79. raj kainth

    Pure bless beautifully sung what a star she is

  80. Abelard Lindsey

    I hear this song and mourn of a time and life that is gone.

  81. Edward Powell

    Why I love this song so much, in the name of hope.

  82. Daughter of the Horn

    You are too nice 😘

  83. Mario Madrigal

    Love you RH

  84. Michael Ferraro

    Someone want to remind Celine deon that she’s second rate to this version? Thanks

  85. Tykia Cole


  86. Alonzo Neloms

    One thing i have learned in this life! Don't sweat the small stuff! Treat each day like it's your last! Because one day it will be! Ms. Patti i have always loved your music. And side projects! You can't please everybody! And don't waste the precious air trying to. We tell God here's my plans! Then he laughs. Then he shows us his plans! We are in Awe!

  87. ghazza mael

    Patti's rendition tears my heart everytime I hear it... shes' feeling like its her whole life depends on it!!!


    She made this video after burying her Sister earlier Her heart soul and grieving is coming out

  88. Richard Stillabower

    My favorite cover of the song

  89. Sandra Robinson

    If you ask me to

  90. Sandra Crooks

    Love this song

  91. David Fischer

    The ONE AND ONLY MISD PATTI LABELLE, others have attempted to do this song but it belongs to Miss Patti. A true entertainment legend, one of a kind!!!!!

  92. Loretta De Herrera


  93. Just Tony Out

    This is music

  94. Matt B

    007 sent me

  95. TransDimensional Relocation

    I just watched the James Bond classic, License to Kill. I had to see this vid.

  96. Canboray Soykan

    Patti is a timeless legend but Céline owned and killed this song.


    Hell naw!

  97. LadeeHornet93

    Timeless music

  98. Pool Table

    PAT I see u