LaBelle, Patti - I Don't Go Shopping Lyrics

I don't go shopping for love
You're somethin' money can't buy
I dream in colors and my dreams
Are all in shades of you, so I'm never blue

I don't go wishing on stars
Just wanna be right where you are
Too many times it felt so right
But it was just the night, now I see the light

I don't care nothin' about goin' out
Now that I've found out what it's all about
Hear me shout, I've saved it all up for you
So if you feel like I do, well, we're long overdue

I'm never out after dark
You'll always find me right here at home
If you're allowed to stay up late
Then please don't hesitate 'cause I can only wait

I don't care nothin' about goin' out, no, no
Now that I've found out what it's all about
Hear me shout, I've saved it all up for you
So if you feel like I do, well we're long overdue, oh

I don't care nothin', nothin' about goin' out, baby
Now that I've found out what it's all about
Hear me shout, I've saved it all up for you, babe
So if you feel like I do, oh, well we're long overdue, oh

I don't care nothin', nothin' about lovin' around, baby
I've been there and I found out what it's all about
Hear me shout, I saved it all up for you
So if you feel, feel like I do, well we're both long overdue

And I can't, I just can't, I can't go shopping for love
How about you? How about you?
I know exactly what it's all about
And I'm happy, happy our love for two baby

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LaBelle, Patti I Don't Go Shopping Comments
  1. John Anders

    Doing her Aretha imitation, Patti Labelle! Don't Go Shopping kinda reminds you of Aretha vocals.

  2. Rhiaanon


  3. david barard

    2019 still

  4. phantasm1004

    GREAT song by a CLASSY LADY!

    I don’t go shopping for love
    You’re something money can’t buy
    I dream in colors and my dreams are all in shades of you
    So I’m never blue
    I don’t go wishing on stars
    I just want to be where you are
    Too many times it felt so right, but it was just the night
    Now I see the light
    I don’t care nothing about going out
    Now that I’ve found out what it’s all about
    Hear me shout
    I’ve saved it all up for you
    And if you feel like I do
    Well, we’re long overdue
    I’m never out after dark
    You’ll always find me here at home
    And if you decide to stay up late
    Hey baby, don’t you hesitate
    Oh I can hardly wait...
    I said we’re...long overdue
    What about me...what about you?
    Long overdue

    I don’t go shopping anymore...

  5. David Barard

    This song was recorded in New Orleans La on my Birthday December 8th 1980. Its 4/23/19 on Bass David Barard.


    Hi David....New Orleanian here too! I remember this album when it was “released”! Heard this song and promptly bought the LP. Still have it — original pressing! In Dec 1980, I had been living in N.O for only two months and I never left — I’m still here...04/24/2019.

  6. Richard Edgcomb

    Love this song. "I Don't Go Shopping" written by Peter Allen and David Lasley and was recorded and released by singer Patti LaBelle in 1980. One of the songs that started her solo career! Go Miss Patti!

  7. Frances Rush

    Classic Patti! My Jam here! Played this one endlessly! Love me some Patti! Much Love!

  8. Nina Owens

    This is one of my favorite songs of all time

  9. Mr Tom Whiteside

    l love the song 🌹😊😘

  10. Maxine Hargrove

    Love this song just graduated from high school move to Norfolk Va. That's all the radio station played 😎

    Zina Rhone

    I'm from Tidewater and I remember when they played this in high rotation.

  11. Ronald Bennett

    Fantastic !!!!!!

  12. Ronald Peterson

    Fall in love and this song makes plenty sense.

    Jack Huf

    I AGREE!!!

  13. Ronald Peterson

    Sang it Patti.......

  14. Master P

    Thank you Mam

  15. LadyTessfirstofhername

    Timeless classic

  16. Savvynlady

    My eldest sister LOVED this song with a passion. She's the one that got me into Patti. Sadly she died fifteen years come May, but I came here due to Isn't It a Shame and got in the Patti juice. Decided to come here and remember her. Haven't played this song in YEARS.

  17. Ladi Jae1

    One of my fav Patti songs yessss i don't go shopping anymore!!! My best part is the ending I said we long Overdue what about me what about you? Who still listening in 2017????

  18. agapeinsp

    THIS is the song that made me a Patti LaBelle maniac!!!!  One of the greatest thrills of my life was when, during one of her concerts, Miss LaBelle called me on stage to sing and dance with her!!! Thanks Patti for the music and the memories!!!!!!!!

  19. Al Gibbs

    This is music

  20. Clara Harris

    What's wrong with people that listen to that kind of music. I think she should try it out again. it is a HIT!!!

  21. G.A.

    my Mom's favorite Patti song...

  22. Danielle Daniels

    I love this song!


    +Danielle Daniels -- So do I Danielle, I always felt this song was underrated

  23. Sharon Jackson

    my friend in Bham Ala could really sing this song

  24. Damali5610

    sing it Ms. Patti !!!!

  25. iayyam

    Takes me back to my high school days.

  26. Sheronda Gross

    nice song

  27. Leslie Garrett

    I've always loved this song.

  28. Tony P

    written by  Peter Allen, the " Boy from Oz" fame. But Patti owns it.

  29. Earnest Smith

    i'm from philly and my mom used to play this ALL THE TIME back in the when all my gfs wondered how i knew it word for word high note and all i say i give credit to my mother...and it's definitely in my collection and gets good rotation...good music and voices are eternal...40yo youngin with OLD SOUL.

  30. discolady2

    Long over due cant go shopping for love it will come 

  31. shawn pinckney


  32. MrSuperman Gillespie

    This lady's resume is sick with it!!! ... GONE PATTI!!!!!

  33. discolady2

    Precious brought me to this song love is long over dew a true love we all need

  34. bftime1

    I love this song,my favorite Patti song and I especially love the ending when the backup singers kick in(sounds like James Brown's Famous Flames)!

  35. annamarquise

    Happy birthday Miss Patti!

  36. 53orion

    i dont shopping anymore...long overdue....

  37. Wayne Hazzard

    ditto ditto ditto. Says it all.

  38. donna swayne

    Ohy my, I love this song. first time I heard Patti sing it though.

  39. Harry Mirach

    Thanks for your feedback. I listened to Patti's song Live and Learned & found I had not heard that line quite the same beforehand as I do now. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I had not realized how much of the bitter I have taken with the Sweet... There are many songs I recommend on that 2006 Beautiful Ballads cd: If Only You Knew, Love, Need and Want You, On My Own, Come What May, Find The Love, Quiet Time, Do I Stand A Chance, You Are My Friend, Love Has Finally Come, & Over The Rainbow.

  40. Connie Cordell

    well said baby , To thine own self be true. I can see you are true to you. I can see by that statement you've figured it out. Listen to Patti's song Live and Learn. You take the bitter with the Sweet and the best thing you can do is taste it

  41. Connie Cordell

    Classically beautiful

  42. Norman Scott

    Sing Diva....

  43. Mykelangelo Buonarroti

    @EAST6thWEST Those back-up singers were all David Lasley who co-wrote this great ballad with Peter Allen. I agree with you that those harmonies are great!

    Barb Lewis

    I love this joint cause Patti sung it and all her songs are great. The back up singer are tight! Love it!

  44. 53orion

    One of my favorites...Ms. Patti!

  45. cheecheedivine


  46. Ron Jones

    One of my Fav's...
    Back in the early 80's the days of my Drag act... GiGi Price at Friends lounge in Jacksonville N.C.
    I really worked
    Patti's male background singers were on point...


  47. Harry Mirach

    This song is one of many of Patti's classic soul ballads in a 2006 cd called Beautiful Ballads by Patti LaBelle. Basically this song and "Isn't It A Shame" are two of my favorite songs from that cd. It doesn't matter how much one sacrifices for another's love, if the other person doesn't feel the same way, then you wind up in a game of Give and Take! When you are a giver, the takers are always looking to take whatever you have to give and move on.

  48. msdiza campbell

    this is my mother's SONG!!

  49. jesstjazz

    I used call this song long overdue, no wander I could never find it. This came out like 79,80. Shoot, and i was ten then and loving it. I never here this on the radio. Thanks for postiing the original. This is the best of Patti starting by herself.

    Zina Rhone

    I thought it was called Long Over Due too.

  50. all4meCurry

    @audrisrozelle (same here) just can't get enough of this song!!!!!

  51. Audris Bradley

    I can never get enough of this song

  52. C. Ashe

    This is definitely an oldie but goodie!!!!!!

  53. brian skeete


  54. aprilryals

    I love this....