Labelle - Isn't It A Shame Lyrics

How is it that two people
Who laughed together and loved together
Sometimes end up far apart?
(Tell me how is it?)

And how is it that two people
Who cry together, wanna die together
Sometimes end up with a broken heart?

Isn't it a shame
(Isn't it a shame, my friend)
Sometimes such a love?
(Sometimes such a love such as this must leave?)
Isn't it a shame
(Isn't it a shame, you have to laugh before you cry?)

And how is it that two people
Who cling together wanna dream, dream together
(Cling together wanna have a little dream together)
Oh, they end up alone?
(Tell me how is it?)

And how is it that two people
Who plan together, make a little life together
Sometimes end up along that road?

Isn't it a shame?
(Isn't it a shame, my friend?)
Sometimes such a love
(Sometimes such a love such as this is must leave)

Isn't it a shame?
(Baby, you have to laugh before you)
Isn't it a shame that such a love must leave?
(You'll have to laugh before you cry)

Isn't it a shame?
Sometimes such a love
Isn't it a shame?
Isn't it a shame that such a love must leave?

Isn't it a shame?
Sometimes such a love
Isn't it a shame?
You have to laugh before you cry

Baby, look, shame
Oh, you gotta laugh before you
Isn't it a shame
That such a love must leave?

Isn't it a shame
Sometimes such a love?
Isn't it a shame
(You have to laugh before you cry, cry, cry)
Isn't it a shame that such a love must leave, woah?

Isn't it a shame, my friend
Sometimes such a love?
Isn't it a shame, isn't it a shame
That such a love must leave, woah?

And how is it that two people
Who live together, dream, dream together
Sometimes end up all alone?
(Tell me how is it?)

I said how is it again that two people
Cling together, dream, dream together
(Cling together, wanna build a little dream together)
Sometimes end up all alone?

Isn't it a shame, my friend
Sometimes such a love?
Isn't it a shame, isn't it a shame
That such a love must leave?

Isn't it a shame
Sometimes such a love?
Isn't it a shame, isn't it a shame
That such a love must leave?

Isn't it a shame
Sometimes such a love?
Isn't it a shame, isn't it a shame?
(Such a love must leave)

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Labelle Isn't It A Shame Comments
  1. Cheryl Thomas-Hughes

    This song NEVER gets old! One of my favorite songs of all times!! Heard it bacon the 70s!!!.💕💕💕💕💕

  2. EddieWordzTv

    I wish I could make this go viral!!!!!

  3. Marylin Collins

    Love you patty you were still cute back then

  4. Lamont Jacobs

    Patti Labelle the greatest female singer God ever created

  5. Dayzed

    One of thee best vocals ever in R&B. Fight me.

  6. Esther Curry


  7. Ikahn El

    Isn’t It A Shame.................

  8. tbonela213

    The entire band is absolutely killing it! But that bassline & piano really stand out imo

  9. Jace Johnson

    Nelly - My Place

  10. Henry Morgan

    Awesome performance!

  11. Ikahn El

    I heard this in my head and had to come back and find it.

  12. Mister Evans

    God bless Labelle voice to sing strong hearted in the choir at times.

  13. danielle shaw


    Constance Curry

    I'm so glad she touches a feeling I can't verbally express.Thank you Patti. Gone and moan again for me sister.

  14. TheHoodGirlGoneGood aka the_full_fruit

    It was 1976, when I was ten. My mama was 25 and her marriage to the father of my sisters, was over. He met someone else. He and her shared a deep love of music and had speakers up on giant spools in their bedroom and in the living room. So when a song played it resonated and reverberated throughout the house. My mom would play this song and cry in her bedroom and I would cry too😢. I felt her and understood exactly what she was feeling. Isn't it a shame that such a love must end? When I Was Ten.

  15. Candyce Saturday

    That damn Patti voice MY GOD!!!!🖐🏽

  16. Lynita Newsome

    This song always reminded me of my mother (RIP Mommy)

    Lynita Newsome

    Janice D.sunrise 12/?...sunset 12/1983 Venice Beach,Calif. (GHOST TOWN (

  17. gloooopo

    I hear the ghost of Amy whinehouse

  18. Tanya Renee

    If you don't know you will NEVER know....👑👑👑💖💖💖🔥🔥🔥🌟🌟🌟👐👐👐

  19. timmy841212

    From 1962 until 1976... they held it DOWN. Hard to imagine funky divas like En Vogue, Brides of Funkenstein, Xscape, TLC, Brownstone and Destiny's Child without Labelle/Bluebelles/Patti.

  20. Troy Staton

    "Sang!!! y'all!!! From Blewfoot.......

  21. TLC

    Pure perfection!

  22. Ronaldo Freitas

    🔥✊🏿🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 ouvindo essa obra de arte em 2019 e sempre, alguém +?

  23. Carol Vaughan Davis

    I hate that I love hard...this song is a staple for me, was then and still is today...Thank you Labelle and thanks Southerngirl675 for downloading it.


    The humming that starts at 3:55💯

  25. Rodney McCray


  26. Onyedikachi Ibeji

    This song is so long!

  27. Frank Diaz

    Amazing vocals hands up Pattie Labelle

  28. Suki B

    Isn't A Shame that hardly anyone listens to this in 2019?

  29. mr mr

    isn't it a shame no one sings like this anymore

  30. IG Lives

    Never heard this before but its now on my playlist and monica did a great job with her sample of this on her song catch me.

  31. scrodeo

    TS Madison brought me here.

  32. deidre B

    This brought me to tears!!!

  33. motownfan3


  34. Sharon Williams

    I love this song ❤️ it's a sad 💔😭 hearts 💔 and broken.

  35. Vic Tories

    Impossible to match this today! IMPOSSIBLE

  36. Larry Davis

    1975 5th grade to 2019

  37. Timothy White

    Speechless. Smh

  38. Shalaine P

    Man this song is heaven opened up my goodness

  39. Karen Stewart

    What powerful voices! Isn't
    It a shame we do not have more beautiful music like this? You do not need a choir when these ladies sing. They are the Choir! Love It! 2019 😍😍😍

  40. Kenneth Grant

    Patti  Labelle had a lot of hits CD.         the other two Nano Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix sister) has a GH  Cd

  41. Vic Tories


  42. Sheila Palmer

    Ilove your voice

  43. Sheila Palmer

    You are the r eal deal

  44. Sheila Palmer

    You are fab

  45. Sheila Palmer

    This is my jam

  46. Sheila Palmer

    You are apowerhouse

  47. Sheila Palmer

    You are bless

  48. Sheila Palmer

    Ifeel you

  49. arlethiq johnson

    I just love this song !!! let's go back just one day😔😢😣

  50. Pablo Sanz

    As powerful and soulful as Patti is here, it is Nona & Sarah who make this song really soar.

  51. Melvin Cohen

    If you really think about it notany entertainers have longevity in the music industry. SHE IS ONE OF THE FEW.

  52. krys gritty

    Means so much to me and my current situation. 😥😥

  53. Angel Jackson

    "How is it that, 2 ppl, who plan 2gether, make a lil life 2gether"......that part right there

  54. soul soul

    Old soul

  55. P. Blaylock

    My bff got married at the early age of 19. Unfortunately things didn't work out, but a beautiful baby girl was blessed out of this union which is my God daughter. After the realisation of the direction her life had come to . We listen to this beautiful and truthful song over and over while drinking M.D. 2020. Oh yes, we thought we could sing NOT!!


    discute com a mulher não q ela é foda

  57. Nichelle

    How is it........ Tell me how is it!?!?

  58. moodahs

    They sanging!!!!

  59. Life 4 Learning

    Ain't it a shame you have to laugh before you cry!! Matter fact momma told me same thing make you laugh will make you cry.

  60. Wynter Hughes

    Monica brought me here!!

  61. Giovanni Levrone

    Tell me how is it!!!!! Damn dem words!!!!

  62. Giovanni Levrone

    They carried my uncle casket out of the church to this song. Everyone lost it!!!!!!

  63. Giovanni Levrone

    You hear the piano in the beginning and the tears build up

  64. Giovanni Levrone

    Ok. I'm a grown ass man but damn you cry to shit every time!! Damn damn

  65. James Young

    One of my favorite songs I could listen to pattie labelle all day long it's a shame music isn't like this anymore

  66. Ready Redd

    the one and only MS TS MADISON sent me here. 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗

  67. demetrius hill

    Patti ,Sarah and Nona

  68. demetrius hill

    My mother would play this as she cleaned the house should still be played on the radio

  69. Omowale Spears

    Hmm hmm hmm.

  70. 万照片

    Lady Marmalade Group!

  71. blue53100

    Sarah's part THo'🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣💛💜💚🗣💓💕💖

  72. Giovanni Levrone

    "Tell me how is it"..
    damn damn damn

  73. Humberto J. Morales

    Killed it! Another reason to hate American radio. They only play the pop stuff.

  74. karen lee

    Me and my shell shocked son's father made our son to this song

  75. Zev Feldman


  76. Tom Smith

    Labelle members Nona Hendryx, Patti LaBelle and Sarah Dash were great solo vocalists, but when they sang! Just listen to the powerful background vocals.

  77. Troya Holton

    Lord, I truly love this song. My favorite of Ms. PATTIE

    Karen Stewart

    Patti holding that long vocal note at the end of the song BEAUTIFUL!!!! My God these women will draw you in to sing along with them. Simply Beautiful Voices!😅😍💝2019

  78. lisa ford


  79. Tom Smith

    Best Soul & R&B Quiet Storm Old School Slow Jams Love Songs (PERFECT DATE MUSIC PART 2 PLAYLIST)

  80. moodahs

    I love this song!

  81. Gregory Gordon

    Work it Ms Pattie. This is a good song you and the ladies of LaBella were another good group.

  82. Mary Bradley

    wowww😋she is it

  83. Mary Bradley

    wowww😋she is it

  84. D Lynn

    A damn shame black music has been hijacked and weaponized because we sure used to be able to use it to lift each other up. Don't you miss those days?

  85. Ms Alison

    Pattie will take you to church no matter where you're standing 🎤🎵❤

  86. Hartford Las Vegas

    This is my shiiiiiiiiit 🎼🎼🔥🔥

  87. Youtuber lndonesia XD

    Nelly my place?

  88. R True

    Leaving New Orleans, after the Bayou Classic, stuck on "the 10" trying to get back to the H. This comes on. First time hearing this. Car got quite. When the "Uhmm uhmm's" came on.
    'Nuff said

  89. Antoine Emory


  90. Ladi Jae1

    Ms.Patti-Patti my girl!!! She sings the hell out of any song but this is one of my Favorites!!!! 8/1/18 still listening who else can't get eno0ugh of this Queen???


    Ladi Jae oook lady. We get it!!!!

    Ladi Jae1

    You are very welcome

  91. Cali-girl40

    come thru Patti cakes

  92. Darlene Hackett

    My favorite Labelle song

  93. Island Girl

    Isn't It A Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. era blak tv

    😂Patti sings the hell outta this

  95. Velma Royster

    I love this song so much thanks

  96. Island Girl

    The BEST song in my OPINION Patti ever Performed!!!!!! This is when I really liked her in the 70's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!