Labelle - Come Into My Life Lyrics

Come into my life
Come into my life I've got a lot to give

I can smile the perfect smile
And still be hurt within
The scars I bear are nowhere near
The surface of my skin
Who can love the perfect love
Never short or thin
If you’re above suspicion
Knowing my condition
Come into my life
I've got a lot to give

I can play the perfect game
And still have room to lose
The choice of how I crawl of bow
Must be mine to choose
Who can hear the perfect ear
Playing out of tune
If you're above suspicion
Knowing my condition
Come into my life
I’ve got a lot to give
You can come into my life
I've got a lot to give
You can come into my life
You can come into my life
You can come into my life

I have seen the high and low
And all the inbetweens
Shared your cause and found applause
To be a distant dream
It was never, never, never, never, never far away
So it always seemed
If you're above suspicion
Knowing my condition
Come into my life
I've got a lot to give
Come into my life
I've got a lot to give
Come into my life
I've got a lot to give
Come into my life
I've got a lot to give

You can come into my life
You can come into my life
You can come into my life
You can come into my life
You can come into my life
You can come in to my life
You can come into my life

Come into my life
I've got a lot to give

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Labelle Come Into My Life Comments
  1. Gail Murray

    These women's poetic voice skills could never be matched; not even close.

  2. Henrietta Parks


  3. Candyce Saturday

    U can come into liiiiiiiiffffffffeeeee

  4. C. Walden

    These lyrics are deeper today then yesterday. Queen Patti.

  5. かずさんイケメン


  6. mochaabeverly

    Badest group ever! Under rated

  7. Bernard Smith

    Mary can hit patti n Nona! Mariah is Sarah! And j hud and Fantasia can do both!

  8. Bernard Smith

    I think Mary j Blige , Mariah and Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia can remake this! Won’t sound like the true Goddesses! But will come close!

  9. Bernard Smith

    Angels Goddess Queens! Hands down , the vocals are epic

  10. Bernard Smith

    Impeccable vocals, smfh the melody, tone and notes are breathtaking. I think about my moms and my aunts. This song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. NightJazminProductionsluxury NightBlissNightKing

    Slay Slay and Slay Me Again with them Harmonies , range, exceptional writing Throw The keys away lock me in Singing Heaven!

  12. Onlythetruth247

    Are they singing this song or what!

  13. karen lee

    This song makes me weep. I love it soooooo much

  14. Mʂ. Lҽσ

    Can't take any more!😅🌷❤❤❤❤❤

  15. To Rog

    All Labelle albums are worth having but this, for me, is there 3rd album that you dare not skip any song on. (Pressure Cookin', Nightbirds and Chameleon).

  16. D Mecca

    Futuristic soul!!!

  17. Dinah Bling

    I can play the perfect game and still have room to lose.... Woman deep indeed

  18. Jennifer Vaughn

    I heard this album when it was released 1976 I graduated from high school Balboa (SF) it gave me strength and endurance I moved to LA(Compton) went to work and college at night by my 18th bday October 10th my boyfriend and I rented a apt in Gardens on El Segundo I drank cold duck in the pool FYI rent was $180.00 (the good old days)

  19. peacefull778

    GOOD music never gets old, these ladies could SING, sounds as fresh now as in the 70"s

  20. Lynna Gilmore

    I haven't heard this is quite awhile and it is still as great as it was in 1977!

  21. john black

    Labelle has been bad too the BONE for a long time.

  22. jclutchman17

    I can play the perfect game and still have room to lose damn I bet that is when Patti kicked them damn shoes off and blew everyone away love you Patti you helped make the 70s 80s very fun and sometimes dad but that's what life is about right

  23. Tina Neal

    I just finished listening to Aretha Franklin Sparkle album. of course I love the album, but I'm sorry, Vocally Patty has her beat!!! Her range is totally and completely astounding!!!


    LOL this is not a football game, or a reality TV singing contest where one has to win, and the other to lose, because the producer says so. They are not competing with each other. In Patti's own words they were "sisters in song" They have both blessed us all in their own unique way with their virtually stunning vocal talent, and dazzling "musical genius" that has "helped craft the soundtrack" of many a person's life. I don't see any reason to compare one to the other.

    Candyce Saturday

    shineproductions everything always has to be a competition..ugh 🙄

  24. Tina Neal

    I went to stay with my big sister in NJ when I was 13 yrs old,  she totally turned me out to Labelle!!! been in love every since!!!!

  25. Mykelangelo Buonarroti

    With Patti's power, enormous range and talent for improvising; Nona's genius for songwriting; and the trios' incredible vocal harmonies; this song really showcases how brilliant they were. And the emotional impact of it all is so palpable. There was only one and there will never ever be another, LABELLE.

    Blossom Hicks

    Is anyone really listening?? You know music!!

    Blossom Hicks

    Or Nona or Sarah!!

  26. Queen_Of_Domination

    I always loved this song. I'm a Labelle and Patti fan for sure. I'm a native New Yorker, spending summers in North Philly, as well as going to High School (10th to 12th grade) there. I was exposed to much music by Patti, the Jacksons, MFSB, First Choice, Teddy Pendergrass, etc. Philly is a great city, and really appreciated it's artists. I probably wouldn't have known about good music like this if I didn't live in Philly during that time. Good memories. Thanks for posting.


    Queen_Of_Domination yes ma'am you said a mouth full right there I am from north Philly born and raised I started out on 25th and Girard ave and at the age of 10 we moved to 25th and Lehigh the 70s were my era some great times and a few rough ones but made it through lol but north Philly was not bad


    jclutchman17 Lol I know those areas. 😂 North Philly was my heart though. It was pretty straightforward. I loved the vibe and atmosphere. I was never afraid 😨 like they tried to portray North Philly. My family is still there too and I love the music that they played outside during the summer. This song reminded me of it. It's funny how a song can remind you of good times.

  27. Jodi Griffin

    I love this song it sometimes bring tears because it touches so close to home.

  28. Butterlv

    The music from these "original Diva's" never gets old! I never missed a live performance by them! Thanks for posting...


    Butterlv you're quite welcome 😉

  29. Tina Neal

    listen to these ladies at least once a day! they're Music simply touches my soul!!!!

  30. HipKnowSis 9

    No one can vocally express like Black Women. Gifts from the Sacred Celestial Heights!!!

    Atlien Rider

    Ssshhh! Don't put the "secret" out! ;-)

    HipKnowSis 9

    ...but then again, no one can feel the depth of pain like them either...

    Blossom Hicks

    No one but Tena Marie is on listening?

  31. Therone Dawson

    I feel you when it comes to these wonderful ladies . Is it a shame that we do not have any R&B girls groups that sing with such emotions.

  32. The Awthyr Eden

    Nice to hear this again! This used to be my jam when I was a little girl. I lovvvees me some Nona Hendryx!!!

    The Awthyr Eden

    My memories go back as far as me being 2 yrs old. Now I'm almost 50!


    Patti Labelle sang, but Nona was the writer/composer.  Nona Hendryx is the high priestess and empress of songwriting.


    For me I can remember when I was 2 and a half, I was 3 1/2 when this came out and now I'm 44!!


    wfsn11359 - Nona was part of the intro vocal "Come into my life I got a lot to give." Nnenna Freelon did a wonderful jazz version of the song on her "Maiden Voyage" album, not a replicant of this version.

    Jermaine Johnson

    Nona is awesome

  33. Frances Jelley

    great feminist anthem, to an oldie

  34. Rhonda Bland

    this brings back such wonderful memories. I am a child of the 70s. Had the pleasure of seeing Labelle live.

  35. sirresebethea

    Love this song this song here was slept on

  36. fdpgeorgia

    amazing song. anybody have all the lyrics for it. can't find them.


    can you post them here or link me to them? thanks! :-)

    Cinthia Soto

  37. Bobby Boyd

    Great song. The Emotions were the only other group that came even close to Labelle back in the day.

    A. Taylor

    I'd say The Jones Sisters could be on that level too. Listen to some Nights Over Egypt!

    Mario Washington

    Damn right!


    Bobby Boyd - I disagree, listen to pre '77 Pointer Sisters and En Vogue (my home girls , Oakland, and yes I knew most of 'em) they would clobber the Emotions... and it's true I've seen them all live. I'm Cindy Herron's age and saw her live with her sister playing Billie Holiday. I thought she was a teenager when she's actually older the me (a couple of months) and thought her older sister was the bomb! Same with Brenda Vaughn (*If* rumor is correct was slated to be in En Vogue). The Pointers and En Vogue (in their original recording incarnations) are far more capable solo singers than Labelle, the Emotions or the Jones Girls and while I don't listen to gospel (much) their only rivals are the Clark Sisters as a group or individuals.


    @ohd00bley I don't disagree with you and I don't totally agree with you either. There are seven "girl groups" that will always be in my rotation and this will never change. (In no articular order...maybe time wise) The Supremes, Labelle, Pointer Sisters, Emotions, Jones Girls, First Choice and En Vogue. No group is better that the other, just different styles. I could listen to these seven groups all day everyday.

  38. Isaac Ortiz

    At 4:08 Patti straight up demolished Beyonce,Christina Aguilera,Kelly Clarkson,JoJo,Jennifer Hudson,Lady Gaga,Sia,Adele,Ariana Grande,Taylor Swift,Selena Gomez,Katy Perry,Miley Cyrus,Lorde,Tamar Braxton,Lana Del Rey,Demi Lovato,Mehgan Trainor,Jessie J,Ledisi,Tori Kelly and every other female singer in the game today.And granted,five of the women on this list cannot sing at all.

  39. Isaac Ortiz

    Jesus how this woman sang the way she did is beyond me.She is simply the best female singer and vocalist I have ever heard.She did things with her voice no other singer could do.Nor hit those phenomenal notes she hit.Not even Whitney Houston who was considered "The voice" could sing this.And even today,there are no female singers that come even close to the legendary Patti Labelle.

    Monique Williams

    I totally agree, this belongs EXCLUSIVELY to Labelle!

    Isaac Ortiz

    +Monique Williams Agreed,Patti is phenomenal.Over 70 and still burning down stages putting this new girls to shame.That vocal at 4:08 slays every one of them haha.Patti could have been a spanish singer

    Umm JJ Nine

    Isaac Ortiz You have spoken the truth!

  40. jclutchman17

    my first year in high school Dobbins tech 22nd and Lehigh ave Philadelphia PA and meeting Teresa Hall man this girl stole every inch of me when she played this song one of the first songs I really understood what it ment and man when I would sit between her legs so she could plat my hair and lean in and kiss me o boy the electricity would build so much every time I touch something metal I would get shocked I miss you my first love thanks for everything more so thanks for teaching me how to truly love and appreciate a woman



    Jacquie Y Dennis

    Love them!

  41. sjrobertson1984

    wow I posted this song simply because I love it so much for all the reasons you have all stated. no way did I imagine it would reach so many views. just goes to show how timeless these ladies are - ahead of their time and still inspiring people 40 years later !!

    Adam Christopher

    Tina Neal yes

    Kim Wright

    Tina Neal This is just 😍

    Fredi CRUZ

    sjrobertson1984 lobe

    Blossom Hicks

    sjrobertson1984 I lived this song when it came out music Luke never before.


    I'll be honest. I knew of LaBelle, but it took a friend to tell me of the song, Isn't It a Shame, and that song took me somewhere and I'm like, dang, this album was boss, bad. still relevant.

  42. Anna LP

    I still have this album. Every cut is gold!

  43. Sandra Basket

    I can hear all of the ladies in this cut. I adore them so much. This album was golden.

  44. Theodore Diggs

    The first blackfemale group. .that was actually beyond any other female group of their time and still today comoared to any all femalegroup. Labelle was more popular in Europe actually..before the was in europe that gave the group the type of costumes worn during concerts..I was young and my mother took me to my first concert was Labelle.. they changed costumes..did all kinda things on stage with was amazing ..and their voices together was like nothing I ever heard of since as an adult still going to concerts..this was the time when groups really sang and gave 3 hrs concerts with non stop you're lucky if you get 90 mins..and half of that is track music from the single and the artist is lip singing with the track music only.. those group of the 70's and 80's were authentic singing groups such as Labelle, the supremes..they had excellent writers and musicians..Sade had the best Band ever behind her live and on record did Tina Turner..who was another authentic performer and rock singer.. Tina gives a excellent concert also for about 3 hrs of non stop stage music , singing and dancing. .she earned several Grammys she received. .

  45. lginpdx

    Lyrically and melodically, one of their best cuts.

    Sandra Basket

    +lginpdx yes indeed!

  46. GPlatinumTV

    Gabriel, I am inclined to agree but I have to add "Pressure Cooking"...PHENOMENAL WORK!


    @***** +1, I agree... David Rubinson & Friends did a fantastic production, as they did with the Pointer Sisters (w/Bonnie) albums and the Harlette's. (Sharon Redd, Ula Hedwig & Charlotte Crossley), as well as Patti's first two solo Lp, which in my opinion are her best.


    Pressure Cooking is an awesome album! 😀

  47. Maxine Dorsey

    Still my favorite!!

  48. DiDi72

    My aunt has this LP!!!

    Joseph Alston



    Hi Joseph

  49. Kathrine Leek

    I played this song for my boyfriend, guess what, we got married the next year. And still married! ,,,,,,, Not sayin anythin bout the song bein trueful an soul searchin, but it worked for me. Thanks Labelle, luv ya Catthee

    Austin Center for Development

    It must be a slow working song. Gigglin

  50. Dawn Bless

    Im doing a one hour solo tribute to Patti Labelle in Chicago on Dec. 31st. 2014. Check out my channel:)

  51. steve hewitt

    Great track off LP.

  52. David Hill

    How do you possibly get any better than this!!!!!!

  53. Perushion Rushion

    I have to get this Album #LaBelle #Beautiful <3 I'm glad my mother played her music around me. I'm hooked on LaBelle <3 Muah #TeamLaBelle

  54. gamergirl464

    @sjrobertson1984 Please sir,  post entire album if you have it. I would be eternally grateful.

    Atlien Rider

    Did you ever find the complete album?  I have it if you need me to post it.


    Yes, but thank you for your kindness :)

    Atlien Rider

    @gamergirl464 You are welcome.  

  55. Cami Jones

    My mom said she named me Camillia after this song.30 years later I'm hearing it for the 1st time. #over here in tears# #I'm so glad she allowed me to come into her life 30 years ago#

    C. Walden

    Beautiful 🌹👑✌🏿

    Candyce Saturday


    Blossom Hicks

    Now you are 36 years old a d you're mother did good!! Go girl!!


    Cami Jones I love this song a lot of people slept on this song I remember my parents playing this song back In 1976 and went to their last concert in Baltimore

  56. anu14ujm

    Best group hands down. Best album ever!!!! Perfect perfect perfect

  57. sirresebethea


  58. Noodleydoo

    I agree completely. Every song on this album was stellar and Nona was at the top of her game as a song-writer. The group's vocals are off the charts on this one.

    Tina Neal

    The diva Nona Hendrix was a huge part of lebelles success. Way ahead of her time!!! Love everything about her and what she stands for!!!!

  59. Andre Simmons


  60. Andre Simmons


  61. 76grandprix

    I so love the ending. They are in perfect harmony!

    Blossom Hicks

    This is what you call music!!!

  62. uniqueme611

    Come into my life vs Beyonce's "Upgrade You"? Comments on that please!

    James Pearson

    uniqueme611 Your kidding Right? Listen to that note Patti hits at around 4 minutes and get back to me.

  63. Keithko007

    Totally blows me away still! Legendary!!!

  64. wlsn11359

    I believe you are correct MsTexas73. Nona Hendrix doesn't get enough credit for her song writing abilities. She was way ahead of her time. She is not only a singer, but one of the high priestess and grand poetess of song. Few have the gift of putting words into verse and at the same time make you really think about what she is trying to say. WE LOVE YOU NONA

  65. TheMacedoniabilla


  66. MsTexas73

    If I'm not mistaken, this song was written by Nona.

  67. Robert Holland

    This one still makes my knees buckle!

  68. Davon Black


  69. Davon Black


  70. zelstephen

    I saw them do this live and they tore this up along with everything else,and of course Patty was Patty with her theatrics and voice,and Sarah and Nona did their thing


    thats some good sh*t!!!!!

  72. niki geeah

    right there with you first thing I did was close my eyes lol !

  73. niki geeah

    Simply Beautiful!! I stumbled upon this AND THEN I RECONIZED THE FIRST NOTE AAHHH YES!!!!!!!!!!!! sing ladies.............

  74. 76grandprix

    Did they sing or did they sang???/? Get it, Labelle!

  75. Khikovision

    in my opinion, this is one of the best albums ever recorded.

  76. Tracie Cole

    I love this song!