Labelle - Chameleon Lyrics

Come with me
If you believe
Come with me
If you believe
The phases of the moon
Are changing much too soon
We'll be devoured by the sun
And if you find me there
Protect the love we shared
Pretend you never cared and carry on
And sing the song
Come with me
If you believe
Chameleon sing and pray
That they will see the day
That night falls
And colors set them free
It's such a crazy game
(if you believe)
Your sighs, your face, your name
Determines who's the same
Should we make believe
That I do believe
That I've been decieved?

We lived on distant shores
Until we yearned for more
Opened our hidden doors and followed through
Now that we've seen your light
We know the time's not right
Chameleons seek the night before the dawn

I do believe
That I've been decieved

I do believe
That I've been decieved
Come with me
If you believe in the magical world
If you believe in the magical world

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Labelle Chameleon Comments
  1. Arthur Smith

    Nightbird. By faris the best. album
    By. Far.

  2. Ann Thomas

    Lyrics.........Interpret in the Truth!~~~

  3. Val Mccrea

    One of the greatest female groups

  4. Donna Lee

    One summer in the mid to late 70's when I was in my mid to late teens Labelle was having a concert in Central Park here in New York City. Somehow, my friends and I didn't have tickets to get into the stadium so we found a perch high up above the stadium so that we could look down on the concert for free, as did many others.

    As we were waiting for the concert to begin It became cloudy and threatening rain and got darker and darker and the clouds got thicker and thicker and we were wondering if we would get drenched because there was nowhere to shelter from rain up there.

    Finally, the concert began with it still threatening rain, but as Labelle started singing the clouds parted and the sun shone through! It was a spectacular sight and event! Does anyone else here recall that concert? It was so miraculous that I'm even inclined to doubt my memory although I have an excellent memory, especially for things that happened back in the day . Labelle was bad in any case!

  5. Ann Thomas

    Practiced Vocal Chords on This One!

  6. D'Artenya Granger

    Labelle "Chameleon"

  7. M Aaron Taylor

    This song speaks to the belief of the reality being the true fantasy that exists on the plane of the tonal that deceives us all from birth to death and then repeats itself ad naseum

  8. Tina Neal

    The harmonizing of Sara and Nona are off the chain!!!!!

    Deborah Williams

    Tina Neal 64 txx,ad 0

  9. Tina Neal

    still rocking with Nona, Sara and Patty 12/3/16!!!! Love me some Nona Hendrix!!!!!

  10. Jerri I Goldstein

    National Anthem

  11. Tionge Johnson

    The cover art is puzzling. Why are we seeing the back of their heads? Because Labelle is in the forefront of a progressive movement -- arm in arm -- with nothing ahead of them but blue skies. The back of the album jacket shows these visionaries smiling broadly. President Nixon has resigned amid the Watergate scandal, the Vietnam War is over, and we're dancing to disco. The future is bright. Ironically, it was their final album before their break-up.

    Gari Barnett

    Tionge Johnson

    Gari Barnett

    Tionge Johnson and

  12. House Manager

    Love this beautifully mysterious track and have pondered its meaning. Interesting interpretation, Quaoo. A chameleon being a reptile that protects itself by changing colors to blend into its environment. Hmmm . . .

    Jacovb Tarver

    She's referring to gay ppl hiding in the shadows

  13. Caj Catt

    Destiny's child should remake this

    Loc'd Emperor

    +Jacovb Tarver and who the hell gon do patti part🤔

    Jacovb Tarver

    + Dick Johnson damn body......I would say fantasia could fill in but she don't have that Patti flare enough in her vocals.....

    Loc'd Emperor

    +Jacovb Tarver Labelle is one of the groups that you just can't do they would have a better chance doing swv

    Loc'd Emperor

    +Jacovb Tarver but The original Envogue might be able to pull a lil somethin

  14. USA. Chocolate Legal citizen.

    This was not... Philly international records recording. It was Epic, a label from Columbia records. The album was their last as a group from 1976. The song was in code, its about gay men hooking up and hiding it in the dark, so the Sun do not catch you in the act of loving each other. [a Nona song]

  15. Gari Barnett

    What happened to the live version? It was amazing

  16. Jacovb Tarver

    Sarah is really going in on that background!!!

  17. vanessa4u4evr

    And we wonder why the corporate-politico did not allow another generation of this insightful, inspiring music to continue.  

    Alex Lundell

    @vanessa4u4evr Patti Labelle willingingly left this style of music


    I'm afraid You're missing my point. I'm not talking about Patty's choice. Labelle was not the only group recording deep, inspiring music that was elevating consciousness. There were many. And it all ceased and disappeared in the music industry before the next generation came on the scene. But the next generation is uncovering it all here on YouTube and can't get enough of it because it makes them feel something that is not present in their generation's music. They feel purpose. And that's what the music industry and world faction didn't want them to pursue. And those who did pursue it, like Tupac, were put to rest at a very young age.

  18. Ann Thomas

    Piano and Guitar!

  19. Kathrine Leek

    Labelle was waaaaay before their time, but great people are anyway, true? Whenever I am down, I put on Any Labelle song, and just the first minute, me b cool once again. Luv ya Labelle. Catthee

  20. Tasty Love53

    That's My Girl Sang Girlfriend! Come With Me If You Believe! 5/4/14.

  21. joyce johnson

    I love this song, it reminds me of the good old days. Having fun at the house parties where everyone just had a good time at my Mama's house.

  22. kc454

    I wish someone would re-post the live version of this, THEY TRULY KILL IT!!

  23. Ann Thomas

    Cure For Cynicism! NOW!

  24. discolady2

    this is a jam like the beat .*-*

  25. sjrobertson1984

    lol i've never seen an uploader's own comments be hidden for receiving too many negative votes before

  26. Ann Thomas

    Its Physics!

  27. Fahim Sharad

    I agree with you but the guy who posted this probably thinking about her later affiliation with Gamble and Huff. Many of the artists from that era were loaned to other labels as a matter of practice. Anyway, a great recording!

  28. Ann Thomas

    I dont know what happened to my album.....I was twelve at the time roughly! What a choice i made!

  29. Jimi Phil

    just needed to point out this wasnt a philly intl release it was Epic Records

  30. Tasty Love53

    Come With Me That's My Girl Pattie LaBelle!

  31. Patricia Peoples

    I know I'm meddling, but I disagree with NOT supporting these women. Rolling Stone
    voted them one of the most important female vocalist in out era--- this month's RS.
    Check out what was said if you have to read it in the store !

  32. AzzedineAliaFan

    OMG i would play LP EVERY DAY after school, over & over, i loved it!!

  33. Patricia Peoples

    What do we have to do? I'll try to do anything I can for these women !!!

  34. Patricia Peoples

    Tell it, my friend !

  35. Sandra Basket

    I would love to have this album posted, loved the songs!!

  36. vanessa4u4evr

    See, this bad boy was way ahead of its time, and it kinda got stepped over back in the day. But we're living this shit now, true and blue -- I do believe, we've been deceived. Except now, I don't believe it, I know it. Nona Hendryx was a visionary and a writing ass. This song is still above most people's heads.

  37. Sandra Basket

    such deep lyrics..I love this song!!!

  38. Sandra Basket

    such talent these ladies no they can sing!!

  39. not2shy2say

    If you don't have the LP,Please purchase the CD and mark it as a classic. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT loan it out to ANYONE.

  40. Matthew Cheirs

    One of the best damn concerts and yet the saddest one at the same time. This was the last appearance of the LaBelle in New York's Central Park. I enjoyed my stop from the trees. After they went their separate ways... They were the Best!!!

  41. swilliams121jab

    @notorioustia same here; still have the album; 1976!

  42. Noodleydoo

    @MisterCrazyLegs Absolutely. I finally got "Pressure Cooking" on CD and after listening in my car--Patti's vocals are beyond the pale. She is so amazing on that album! I had forgotten how masterful she was. I'm not just talking about range (although she is off the charts in that category), I am talking about vocal agility. Patti can go up, down, left, right on a melody and still land home

  43. notorioustia

    Oh, I STILL have that album on Vinyl(since I was a little girl) I was in love with the cover art.

  44. labellefan

    @cdjblue52 I happen to like both women. Only Patti is meant to sing like that. I don't want Diana to try and sing like that. They are both DIVAS, there music collectively is timeless.

  45. gregory gray

    This was a moment that will never be repeated. Labelle!

  46. T. Sharron

    The harmony is so sweet! And Patti on the lead vocals, crazy! One of the best vocal groups to ever do it IMO!

  47. Jeffrey H

    Diane, cant fill Patti's gas tank with the pump in her hand in the gas station, it's going to be another great year with the baby I'll probably fly/bus to a couple of shows feels like another five to eight shows.


  48. Jeffrey H

    Patti already starting for the new year already has two dates for New York assigned.


  49. Hanifah Chiku

    This brings back memories of seeing Labelle at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby PA in 1976 which turned out to be one of their last performances. Still have the vinyl...thanks for posting!

  50. Noodleydoo

    It IS followed by Gypsy Moths--there's just a cut here.

  51. SaPiek

    So great.... it brings back the days of thigh high lame' boots... but a great letdown not being followed by "Gypsy Moths". That's what it is building up to is "Gypsy Moths" ...right?

  52. Jeffrey H

    Tina is coming to A.C. in March, better get your seats now. Also, Maze, The Whispers and Teena Marie and coming to Broadway Hall in A..C. get your tickets now.


  53. Jeffrey H

    Jesus, Sara can match Patti note for note she is frighting. Range is off the charts, 50 years of friendship, are you listening Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  54. Jeffrey H

    I just got back from DAR Constitution Hall in D.C., and the girls were out of sight. What the Apollo needs is a nice new wrecking ball, to bring that coffin down to the ground. It's too old for today's modern sou nd, as well as there 1920's seating arrangements.


    See you at the Beacon on Thursday.


  55. Noodleydoo

    I'm with you Rein. I think Destiny's Child are sweet girls with a lot of talent and no attitude. Look at their "Bootylicious" video--it's hilarious! You can tell they don't take themselves too seriously, which is refreshing for a group as big as they are/were. I know for a fact that all three girls are big Labelle fans. At the same time, I think Labelle fans are just so happy to see Labelle perform again that we want everyone to sit up and take notice!

  56. Jeffrey H

    I've been to the Apollo show, just did the Atlantic City show, going down to D.C. in a few weeks, then coming back home to New York for the Beacon Theatre shows, they do this because they can!!!! Nonpareil baby, at one point I thought Patti was killing it, it turns out that Patti was backstage changing into one of the old space suits and Sara was singing.

    When Destiny's Child grows up and becomes seasoned women maybe they will think about being Labelle, a sister freindship of 50 years.

  57. Noodleydoo

    And the reviews Tina is getting are stellar--as have been the reviews of Labelle's reunion tour. Yeah this is music from another time but as Rein says, it isn't music from the 80's, 90's and new mill that is being sampled these days--it is almost entirely 70's and 60's music. I think it was great seeing so many 20 something's at the Apollo show.

  58. lalin59

    Sarah's soaring sorprano just sends me up every time I hear this song.

  59. Noodleydoo

    I saw Nona last year at SouthXSW in Austin and she blew all the younger bands off the stage. Most of the people in the crowd didn't know her, but by midway in the show, Nona had that crowd dancing and going nuts. While I agree that a lot of people let themselves go to pot past 30, but Nona is NOT one of them.

  60. Noodleydoo

    There is a live version of it.

  61. maceo28

    Betta question....what DO YOU know about that??? Just curious....

  62. sljjrphd

    what you know about that boyee?

  63. royalsoulness

    The harmonies on this song is off the chain! I wish there was a live versioni of it. I can listen to this song again and again and never get tired! Nona, Sarah and Patti did the damn thing! Go ladies!

  64. maceo28

    "The phases of the moon are changing much to soon"....oh my god!!! Illinois State University..Watterson Towers...Van Buren Suite...fifth floor...a ounce of the finest bud money could buy and Muthafuckin' Labelle taking me to a place I KNEW I needed to be!! "I DO BELIEVE THAT I'VE BEEN DECIEVED"!!!! You betta' work Patti!! "IF YOU BELIEVE"...'nuff said!! Peace from Chi!!!

  65. CGwithEd

    Oh snap! If ony knew how much we partied during the time when this album was out!

  66. Noodleydoo

    If someone asked me my favorite Labelle song--it'd probably be this one. Love the cool album cover too. I really thought this was the best album, bar none, of 1976. And yeah I think it's even better than "songs In the Key of Life"--even though that was great too. "Chameleon" takes you to another world...

  67. novembertalespinner

    This was an amazing group! Not just because of Patti. Labelle was so unique in style and apperance. They threw it down live! I am so glad that you posted songs from this album.

    Thanks for sharing your gems.

  68. mistermilkman

    We lived on distant shores/ Until we yearned 4more/ Opened our hidden doors & followed thru/ Now that we've seen ur light/ We know the times not right/ Chameleons seek tehe night b4 the dawn & trust the unknown
    I do believe that I've been deceived
    Come with me
    If u believe in fantasies
    If u believe in the magical world that we live in

  69. mistermilkman

    We lived on distant shores/ Until we yearned 4more/ Opened our hidden doors & followed thru/ Now that we've seen ur light/ We know the times not right/ Chameleons seek tehe night b4 the dawn & trust the unknown
    I do believe that I've been deceived
    Come with me
    If u believe in fantasies
    If u believe in the magical world that we live in

  70. mistermilkman

    Come with me/ If u believe
    The phases of the moon r changing much 2 soon
    We'll b devoured by the sun/ & if u find e there/ Protect the love we shared/ Pretend u never cared & carry on & sing the song
    Come with me/ If u believe
    Chameloens sing & pray/ That they will c the day/ Night falls & color sets them free/ It's such a crazy game/ Ur sighs, ur face, ur name
    Determines who's the same/ Should we make believe that
    I do believe that I've been deceived
    Come with me/ If u believe

  71. Harold Gibson


    THANKS IN ADVANCE... mystkpizza