L.A. Guns - Original Sin Lyrics

Roll up roll up roll up
The show is about to begin
Take your seat for the thrill of a lifetime
Come see the original sin
Unleash the night electric
Witness something resurrected
The neon dragon lady
She's the one who drives them crazy

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce Mr. Johnny Guitar
Gonna play you licks and tricks
Gonna break your pretty little heart

Shot out the night electric
Witness something resurrected
Somewhere 50 thousand miles
Deep inside my brain
I heard someone calling to me
I think I heard your name

Let's get this party started
I wanna burn this mother down
I'm smoke and lightning baby
Nothing ever gonna slow me down


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L.A. Guns Original Sin Comments
  1. jimthar17

    Yeah this tune is frikkin awesome. Ordered the 'Waking The Dead' album last week. Now I gotta go and order this one too.

  2. c4talin94

    Epic indeed! :)

  3. Dorian Vale

    This song should be America's national anthem!