L.A. Guns - Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys) Lyrics

The last fire will rise
Behind those eyes
Black house will rock
Blind boys don't lie

Immortal fear
That voice so clear
Through broken walls
That scream I hear

Cry little sister
(Thou shall not fall)
Come, come to your brother
(Thou shall not fall)

Unchain me sister
(Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother
(Thou shall not kill)

Blue masquerade
Strangers look up
When will they learn
This loneliness?

Temptation heat
Beats like a drum
Deep in your veins

I will not lie little sister
(Thou shall not fall)
Come, come to your brother
(Thou shall not fall)

Unchain me sister
(Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother
(Thou shall not kill)

My shangrila
I can't forget
Why you were mine
I'll need you now

Cry little sister
(Thou shall not fall)
Come, come to your brother
(Thou shall not fall)

Unchain me sister
(Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother
(Thou shall not kill)

Cry little sister
(Thou shall not fall)
Come, come to your brother
(Thou shall not fall)

Unchain me sister
(Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother
(Thou shall not kill)

Cry, cry sister
(Thou shall not fall)
(Thou shall not lie)
(Thou shall not fear)
(Thou shall not kill)

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L.A. Guns Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys) Comments
  1. Matthew Rogers


  2. Annah Anguiano

    The original Hollywood Vampires..L. A Guns

  3. K. c. lou.

    GREAT TASTE., I could be the greatest backing singer, can I give that a go, ❤.

  4. K. c. lou.

    R. I. P. 💐🌸💮🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷.

  5. Ryan Henry

    Did Lad-ie ever turn back?

  6. Ryan Henry

    It's just a cock micheal

  7. Archery Hunter Mike


  8. Joseph Rose

    It maybe concederd Receiving the blood of Christ in some circles.

  9. Joseph Rose

    There is something to say about getting Older? When it comes to The Lost boys in Never Never land The Shadow Rosay, gets better with age. How about a Flask of this?

  10. Mark Cox

    Phil - the best

  11. TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty

    I liked LA Guns, but this is horrible 😖

  12. Madame Khitai


  13. legend0091

    Stanzas are out of order... but, it works...
    VERY rich instrumentation on this cover.
    Not my favourite voice for the song, but, overall, a good cover.

    Danny Bones

    Marilyn Manson's version is far superior.

  14. Ex World Order

    This is the worst cover I think I've ever heard in my life. RIP, But god help us all.

  15. morphin mary

    Love this version, well done dudes

  16. BootlegFightVideo

    Axl Rose would take this song, fuck you up the ass with it, steal your band and make 100 million dollars.

  17. Leopold Troubador

    IDK why the fuck i thought this song was an Alice Cooper song... L.A Guns kick ass with this cover.

  18. Sergio Gomez

    Holy ghost people brought me here but still can't find the actual cover from the movie

  19. mike gaming tv Eminem naesse

    rip David

  20. mike gaming tv Eminem naesse

    la guns in the bitch

  21. Matthew Rogers

    So many people DON'T know wat movie this is from no other vampire movie since or b4 lived up to it THE ONLY THING I COULD NEVER STAND ABOUT SAN CARLOS IS ALL THE DAMN VAMPIRES

    Lorelei Kawchuk

    "Cry Little Sister" was used in the original "The Lost Boys", as well as each of the sequels, "Lost Boys: The Tribe" & "Lost Boys: The Thirst" (I know because I've watched each of them, 1 a night, over these last 3 nights) -- none of which were recorded by L.A. Guns, but I think that they did a fabulous cover of it!
    Yeah, the line which you said, "THE ONLY THING I COULD NEVER STAND ABOUT SANTA CARLA IS ALL THE DAMN VAMPIRES," was said by the late Barnard Hughes' character Grandpa in the original "The Lost Boys" movie.


    So now you know what we are now you know what you are

    Silver Algol

    It's crazy how Joel Schumacher managed to make a gayer Vampire movie than Twilight and it's better.

  22. Príncipe Payaso

    sorry, but this is bullshit.

  23. Ana Recio

    💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 love it

  24. Doki Unki

    can someone make an instrumental of this version?

    Mike Emerick

    Doki Unki use a free shareware music recording program like audacity then see if you can remove centerpanned vocals it should cut out the majority of the sound from singing then record yours on to it then possibly use the compressor feature to keep your vocals equal with the music

  25. Jane Doe

    It... was an attempt?

  26. DJ-Wild-Child

    Wasn't impressed with this version.

  27. DJ-Wild-Child

    I love this song I'd really like to hear the Deathstars Do this song it would take it to a whole new Dark Gothic n Sinister sound!!

  28. Josh Dunnam

    I just love this song no matter who sings this song

  29. Whatever Happened To Fun?

    We really don't need a second cover CD from LA Guns and this one is more useless than ever.... but this cover is just AMAZING! One of my favorite band connected with one of my favorite movies... that's paradise!

  30. Aurora Danes

    Not very often a remake can compare to the original, but this definitely holds it’s own. Surprisingly, i really like it

  31. Lea Marie

    This is as close to the original as your gonna find. They did it justice!

  32. James jam

    dam la guns killed it .

  33. Ashley S.

    I would have liked to have listened to Chris Cornell sing this one!

    Sarah Boller

    that would have been awesome ☠💋🖤

    Ty Peterson

    He would have been incredible covering this

  34. Leisa Lee Davis


  35. Warehouse9

    totally crap

  36. EccentricScorpio

    Love it!!

  37. Bonnie Hundley

    Where have I been? I am just now hearing this song in 2017. Love this!

  38. Chu Kim

    The gun toting chick on the cover is exactly my type of girl.

  39. leslie sunwalk

    This is the best hit L.A.GUNS come out since tt

  40. Mario Live Gaming


  41. Kari C

    Edward who? haha For me The Lost Boys is the best vampire movie ever! it was a real masterpiece.. with amazing vampires and soundtrack, awesome actors. Somebody need to bring us back those days.

  42. William Klahre

    It's weird that any of you would be fucking to this song....... don t ask me why , just listen to it.

  43. Tommy Kavanaugh

    Its okay. Im spoiled by the original i guess lol

  44. Alesis_drummer

    Movie version seems to be the best just bc of the dark way it was played..this is pretty good, i guess i usually like the original in every aspect, and most fuck it up some way or the other..off topic...wtf is with people fuckin to this song..not knocking it, just wondering lol..

  45. Pharaoh 0303

    Apparently this is the best song to bang too so that's the next priority of 2017

  46. kingpenguin2k

    love l.a. guns but dammit was the world gonna end if there wasnt ANOTHER cover of this song out there.

  47. whytetyger79

    131 taylor swift fans.

  48. bassman5123

    Cool version and I've always liked L.A. Guns. However, the poster got both the writer's first and last name wrong. It's Gerard McMahon (aka G Tom Mac), not Gerald McMann. He is a British songwriter who specializes in writing music for TV and films.

  49. Why So Sensitive

    I think Marilyn Manson would do a kickass job with this song

    July Johnson

    Manson did it... ABSOLUTE FUCKING GARBAGE...just like every cover he does



    Chris Genyk

    He already has done a cover

    Michael Tarver

    Talk about predicting the future .... Damn it hit the nail right on the head he rocked that shit....

  50. Mandy Noriega

    my favourite cover by far but. No idea who Gerald McMann is. Maybe you mean Gerard McMann who originally did the song???

    Music loving metal head

    Mandy Noriega he also went by G Tom Mac

  51. Ahhw E-Any

    is this originally by Phil collins?


    No, it was written by a fellow Brit and songwriting extraordinaire named Gerard McMahon. (the poster got both his first and last name wrong). He's been writing great songs for films for decades.

  52. pagan rush

    I prefer the original version. This band has ruined it.

  53. Sin Sanity

    This doesn't sound like the same singer they had back in the 80s. Is it a different guy? If not then his voice just sounds different after 30 years. Which I guess would make sense too!


    It's him.

  54. vigilanteghost

    Cover's aside, this is the best version Period.

  55. shootermav11

    I have always respected L A Guns; so this is a treat hearing them do one of the coolest songs...

  56. Henry Swanson


  57. Necrogirl

    RIP David
    RIP Dwayne
    RIP Paul
    RIP Marko

    vincent brabec

    Necrogirl YOU killed Marko!

  58. ashleyscott1117

    God bless America, oh the goosebumps....mmmmmm I can candles and rose petals among other things

  59. Ashley Mahaffey

    Oh the goosebumps I get....mmmmmmmm

    Angela Wilson

    I've always loved this version!

  60. ashleyscott1117

    omg the things I would do to this song! how very sexy this cover is! I love the movies and I love LA Guns so this is amazing for me!

    Robert Burkhart

    Ok here is what the song is really about from the original song writer. Do a little research before you start spreading shit on the fucking walls

    McMahon(the song writer) has said that he "wanted it to be about the longing for family from a rejected youth's perspective, which I went through myself and that many of us have felt."

    Young RewindZ

    Shut up bitch

    Scott Emerson

    U had me at OMG Ashleyscott....lol


    Fuck that shit. The song is fucking written to fuck to. ashleyscott is right on. If some dipshit moron is picturing banging his/her sibling... your the moron fucked in the head.

    Realm23 X7

    @biggunsnu u mad bro?

  61. negative creep

    brilliant cover love the sound track thanks

  62. Heather Pursell

    not bad. I definitely prefer the Sister's of mercy version better, though


    The original is by Gerard McMann, not by Sisters of Mercy =)


    +viktorgorchev many bands have done this song


    Check out the one Aiden did

    Tom Quinn

    SOM never did this song.

  63. Mateo_Cafe

    seasons after's version is a little better to me, but this interpretation isn't bad. music is awesome, especially if the double bass sound isn't your thing

    Project 420

    Try the Ventana version


    +Diablo Pesina I did. .. again, not bad, just not my preference.
    seasons after version has been my favorite remake so far

    Project 420

    Fair enough


    +Diablo Pesina I will give then this, they Def give the song the Balls it deserves.

    Project 420

    lol agreed

  64. Edward Mosher

    it's not a bad cover, and while as covers go it's up to the artist to make the song "theirs" I do wish he had sang it with a little more heart to it. otherwise its not horrible

  65. Angela Wise

    This Cover is amazing

  66. John John

    first time I had sex this song was playing :)

    Joel Gonzaga

    I think a lot of us are jealous of you.

    Paulie Walnuts

    so everyone in other words what john john is sayin is he banged his boyfriend in the ass to this song lol

    Darya Darya

    I think it was fucking amazing. This song waking up so deep and pleasant feeling in me, I cannot describe! It's so deep and sexy snd beautiful...

    Cool Breeze

    And you never looked at dogs the same way again. 😕

    Colt Ditsworth

    the song is about the father beating his little sister then him being done with it and in trying to protect his little sister he accidentally kills his dad... but no judgement, great song

  67. SIA_ROG

    Almost sounds like a Phantasm song.

    Tommy Kavanaugh

    Chaoteee phantasm = best movie ever

    J.J. Decay

    I love that movie and that theme song . the second was the best, I have always thought

  68. Cody Banks

    they started halfway in the song instead of at the start

  69. jfaulk111

    DMC brought me here

  70. GraveyardKing666

    The best cover so far has been Carfax Abbey

    Inna Yan

    GraveyardKing666 Check Aiden

    Matthew Toxic

    In Yan , as much as I like Aiden, I wasn't a fan of their cover of Cry Little Sister. Seriously, look up the Carfax Abbey version.

  71. Shannon Blackman

    I love it!!!!!!!!!

  72. Dave Nothereman

    But I like every version I've ever heard there all awesome.

  73. Dave Nothereman

    Zug Izland did a remake of this song...check it out

  74. David L. Taylor

    i agree seasons after's version is way way better.i mean this is good but vocals not so much and the fact that they don't do the whole song L.A. Guns do this song 2 mins into the org is where they start so i have to say not a good cover.do the whole song and this sucks since they did not do that.

  75. rickwatford4573

    This song definitely set the mood for the movie. To me Lost Boys is the definitive vampire movie. And listening to this song brings back the mood and feel of that movie. And, the fucking vampires were actually bad unlike these Twilight vampires.

  76. Chris Haarstad

    Sorry people but Seasons After's version is way better. This version is pretty good tho.

    Mick E. Ficks

    Blutengel has the best version out there so far.


    @kevrkey Best at what? The kid doesn't even sing it like it should be. Just sounds like he picked up the lyrics and started to read them.

    Mick E. Ficks

    @TheSlayerAddict I guess you're one of those people who think that all covers should sound exactly like the original...which negates the purpose of doing a cover in the first place. If we're going to discuss recreation rather than reinterpretation then Aiden did the better job.

    Ashcats Live

    Was not to fond of Seasons After's version, but did enjoy their acoustic version of it.

    chris brock

    Satellite Down has a good one.

  77. Chadley07

    Awesome cover

  78. Cassandra Gomez

    Great cover

  79. Cali Roberts

    "Blonde Boys Don't Lie"

    I love their version too

  80. Nick CHAVEZ II

    There is the awesome original and the Charlie Sexton version which is sooo close to the original it's scary! The Lost Boys is one of the best vamp movies ever... ironically directed by the same man Joel Schumacher who destroyed the Batman which Tim Burton got so right in 1... not so much in Batman Returns. The Christopher Nolan Batman trumps all!

  81. Paulo Francisco Ciotti Palla

    Muito bom!!! a música não perdeu sua essência e ainda ganhou cara nova!

  82. mtlsixshooter


  83. jeff filler

    im usually not into "re-makes"
    however, this is amazing !!! This was the way it shoulda been in the first place.. Phil Lewis was born to sing this song.....

  84. DBC MCK

    Awesome !!!! only a year late but still awesome


    never grow old michael never die but you must feed

  86. Geoff Moore

    "You're eating maggots, Michael. How do they taste?"

    john brown

    Like chicken

  87. Chad Gamble

    Joke well crafted.

  88. chojrak2411

    this song it dedicates for my husbend Arthur..............Justine

  89. Angel ique

    j'adore le film lost boys vive les freres frog

  90. A J

    True blood is for you then

  91. John Torres

    Yeah! this is a pretty aw'some cover! they don't make Vampires the way they used to.

  92. Danny Johnstone

    i love this song and LA guns have done justice to it Bravo!!!!!!!!!

  93. John Levonitis

    Awesome cover, I like this better than the original. Kiefer Sutherland is a cooler vampire than these new candy-ass true-blood and twilight types. God this makes me miss the 80's.

    Ryan Spalding

    John Levonitis I know this comment I way late, but if you want newer and badass vampires, check out the Hellsing Ultimate anime series. trust me, you won't​ regret it.

  94. jakuma ss

    i just jump back n forth from this version and seasons after. i like L.A Guns vocalist more though.

  95. frances kelly