La Dispute - Twelve Lyrics

Walked into find you sitting in your kitchen, softly singing,
"Someone carry me away."

If there's someone always leaving.
Will we ever stop believing that the winter fits us perfectly?
Isn't someone always coming?
Once the summers up and running
Won't you feel warm with me?

But we're so tired of when we don't make mistakes
But things get torn away.
And we're so scared of losing faith
That we can't put things back together when they break.

Walked into find you staring out the window at a city
Holding memories of older times and how'd she'd gone away.
And we sang through smoke and rum and coke and
Promised with our pity, man, one day, I swear we'll be ok.

Walked into find you sitting in your kitchen, softly singing,
"Someone carry me away."

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La Dispute Twelve Comments
  1. Maria Monteiro

    miss you

  2. Viertel-Tschechin

    If you keep people deep in your heart they will live on forever. No matter how far they wander or how much they have changed. 'Cause the time you once had with them won't change, can't change! And maybe that's all that really matters...

  3. North House

    For some reason, I always think they're crowd-surfing a kayak in this picture. I know it's just a steel beam, but I like to think it's a kayak.

  4. Bobby Reyes

    Forgive me Esther

  5. LaMingo Johnson IV

    Mi amor, shoutout to Rosa💖 The love of my life.

  6. souven ir

    This song kicked me right in the feels and never took it's foot away. :'(

    I'm sorry, Nicole. I wish I could take it back.

  7. Luevano Menez

    I love you Ania

  8. Briana Nicole

    My favorite thing on this planet is just sitting in the dark and having this play on repeat ♡

  9. Beth Jean

    love love love this

  10. Faboi

    wait he sings in one of his songs omg jordan

  11. Joey

    carry me away

    awake to the snake

    fucking LOVE them!

  12. Mateo Hernandez

    This song is just...On a scale of 1-10, i cant even...literally.

  13. MirageBand13

    Great mellow song :) Their album is sick.

  14. Valarie Ferguson

    Here,Hear is by far the best album. You see a completely different side of La Dispute. It shows a lot of the poetry that influences their later albums.

  15. Robin Webster

    This is one of their best albums

  16. Initiatrix

    lol yes they are.

  17. chocolatemilkhotel

    the other day my friend asked me what my favorite here, hear song was (all 3) and i went with ten, but definitely i'd have to say twelve after hearing this song

  18. Chib

    Wow. That was great.

  19. Merrickrock

    this song is just hits home with me. i see it being about being there for a friend and sharing his depression with him. i used to do that all the time with my best friend. we've grown so distant though, it just makes me miss those days. don't ever take anyone for granted. be there for your friends. being there in the worst of times makes your friendship so much greater.

  20. Mrswhugy

    This song is amazing

  21. jackie reyes

    This song saved my life

  22. Initiatrix

    I wish i could have all three volumes of here hear on vinyl, or any physical form.
    I just want to hold it, it's so beautiful.

  23. Quinn Lawton

    Go to the Myspace page to get them. There are other places to get music other then iTunes!

  24. jaybe2k12

    ever hear of bandcamp? ...

  25. Placidas-Esse

    Download a discography and they are included.

  26. hellotherealexandra


  27. Aphelion Crow

    This is friggin' beautiful... La Dispute must make an EP with Jordan singing songs like this (clean vocals). I love their heavy stuff with all the screamo and emotion, but I want to see a lighter side of them. More songs like this please.

  28. Grant Kobo


  29. Amber Lynn

    So beautiful

  30. TheCmickG


  31. Jake Frank


  32. Isaac Lampner

    its a musical series every song in it is only named it's number so until here, hear IV it's 1-12

  33. jfb21

    yeah i cannot figure this out ahah

  34. Chloe Elizabeth

    I really like Eight, Four, and Twelve the most.

  35. Bajs Korv

    Something that we hopeless romantics feel

  36. Chloe Elizabeth

    oh my god i fucking love this song

  37. lulullabylu

    so different, but so good <3

  38. Midwest Photography

    Wow.... This is the first time I listened to this band and..... It's unexplainable -3

  39. donttouchthatrabbit

    Probably not gonna happen.

  40. Sophia Taylor

    the tags omg why

  41. feelinghangulat

    anytime, bro :)

  42. 234234234mr

    Thanks brothaaa :) I'll try that. Sounds like you got the right idea :)

  43. feelinghangulat

    grab a guitar and figure it out :D the basic chords are E, A, B and C#m, and there are some places you should play G#m and C#mmaj7. at least I play it this way, hope it helps

  44. hippiesuck

    I can't come up with words to explain how much I fucking love them.


    Gives me chills everytime

  46. 234234234mr

    If someone can figure out how to play this or finds somewhere i can please let me know :|

    Keegs Verme

    Ive got the banjo tabs for ya

  47. cowcow1212

    with the above before it, and the capital slash w the symbol. hope this helps man.

  48. cowcow1212

    Hope you feel alright.. look it up on grooveshark

  49. Lays Calazans

    my belly wriths with those lyrics

  50. justillogical

    I just love this song so fucking much.

  51. Clayton Harder

    I wish i could find Eleven. :/

  52. peach tea

    I just love the duality of this band.
    Sometimes loud and frightening in lyricism, but earnest and real.
    Other times, inviting and sincere, and warm

  53. lionsandgods

    This and Nine are descriptions of every summer I've ever had.

  54. PACZKii

    if there's someone always leaving, isn't someone always coming?

  55. Jack Fisher

    Every time I listen to this, I cry. Every single time. I love this song and La Dispute. Keep being fucking perfect. :'D

  56. John Marshall

    This is probably my favorite song ever. I can't get enough of it. Does anyone know if there's a complete tab of this?

  57. AriBee MUE

    @LuffNdStuff I want to have the kind of passion I hear in Jordan's voice. I just hope to have as much passion in my body that La Dispute has in it's entire existence.

    Sorry about that rant. I've had more of those the more I listen to La Dispute. :3

  58. AriBee MUE

    @LuffNdStuff My jaw dropped and quivered. La Dispute's lyrics, even the one's that they didn't write have ignited a fiery passion that I can't contain. Before I'd always wanted to go unnoticed, but now I want my opinions to be heard. I've been writing so much more lately, and I want to start a band even more. But not one of those crap bands, a band that has a message.

  59. AriBee MUE

    I just started listening to La Dispute this year (October-ish actually), and I feel as if I've listened to them my whole life. I just started listening to the volumes of Here, Hear, and was in awe and kicked myself for not listening to them earlier. I first listened to Such Small Hands, and got shivers up my spine. Then I heard I See Everything, from Wildlife and cried. I'd always loved Jordan's voice, but hearing him actually sing in this song, I was mind blown.

  60. aeglosCORE

    I saw La Dispute live in January. I cried. I'm still crying because I want to see them again.

  61. Andru Yohin

    @laurrei14 Life

  62. A Nihilist Abroad

    @Waldomustdie, lmao

  63. Anthony Padellaro

    Cried when I heard this.

    Last time I cried was when I heard la dispute.

  64. Nyuuzz

    I'm so glad I found out this band today.

  65. Sierra's Lisp

    His clean vocals. One of the most comforting sounds in this world, I'd have to say.

  66. Reilly Shazam

    @MckayElizabeth I did that with this song today and Gentle Breeze a few nights ago

  67. trilled

    i love how they are naming all these songs after numbers/

  68. MorgagnpeParr

    @MckayElizabeth i do the same thing, i can't stop listening to it,

  69. regikap820

    la dispute's so fucking beautiful.

  70. BtotheS10

    Are you effing serious? Really What the eff.. He can sing too!?!? I mean no its not AMAZING singing, but better then most singers today! What the Hell!? Is there anything La Dispute CAN'T do !?

  71. Shane Kinzer

    Is it just me, or is there something infinitely comforting about this song along with all the songs on the Hear, Hear EPs? They always make me feel's like i know exactly how it feels to be "staring out a window at a city holding memories of older times and how she'd gone away"...but i always have hope because something about the promise that "someday we'll be okay" just sticks...

  72. Leonardo da Vinci

    @ItsTheEJ let me check your math on that

  73. Bryce Apodaca

    I think it'd be amazing if he'd sing more...

  74. Gage Bass

    Great song to end a great album.

  75. John Steinbeck

    @laurrei14 stupid shit.

  76. SamuiAme

    where can i download this?

  77. Gabe F

    Everything that I feel is in Twelve, Nine, Fall Down Never Get Back Up Again, and Such Small Hands...

  78. Heather Viglione

    3 people obviously dont have hearts.

  79. austrianbmx

    what a beautiful song ...

    ..just dropped some tears

  80. Connor Pierce

    This is easily my favorite song from the Here, Hear ep's.

  81. Thomas Drake

    IT GOT A DISLIKE?! Who do I kill?

  82. john doe

    @OurKingdom09 Haha just because if you've heard their other stuff you'd probably agree that he doesn't need to speak up and I'm not talking about the here hear series. Check out some stuff from their full length.

  83. ian phillips

    100th like. 100/0. Congrats La Dispute fans, there are 0 douches among us.

  84. john doe

    @OurKingdom09 Have you listened to their other stuff?

  85. Jesse Belor

    lyrical genius

  86. Noel Martin

    "And we're so scared of losing faith
    That we can't put things back together when they break"

    Thank you for putting this video on!!!

  87. quietriot

    Hey, this is "Club Scheiße" in Cologne on the picture. One of the "hottest" concerts ever. Thanks for this song on Youtube.