La Dispute - Sunday Morning, At A Funeral Lyrics

Sunday Morning still
laid innocent in sheets,
barely half asleep.
Sunday Morning I was dreaming I was turning from a busy street
into a parking lot.

Sunday Morning broke
and dragged me out of bed,
slightly less asleep.
Sunday Morning I was warming all the cold parts of my head
in cups and coffee pots.

In the Winter I wonder
what it’s like to be anywhere else,
to be anywhere but here.
If I leave and don’t return I hope the factories get full
of people making furniture, with
the river running clear.

Sunday Morning fell
apart and back to sleep,
where I was running late,
where I looked out of place.
Sunday Morning pace of steady, nervous feet
headed for the church doors.

Sunday Morning dressed
in suits and shades of black.
Sunday Morning soft in Sunday best.
Sunday someone’s never coming back here
to this place anymore.

In the Winter I wonder
what it’s like to be anywhere else,
to be anywhere but here.
If I leave and don’t return I hope the factories get full
of people making furniture, with
the river running clear.

Sunday Morning stared
at rows of crowded pews.
Half or all asleep,
looking for a seat.
Sunday Morning waiting for a call from you
but didn’t hear my phone ring.

Sunday Morning had
to sit and watch you bawl.
Sunday Morning left the ringer off.
Sunday Morning missed it when you called and
couldn’t do a thing
but watch.

In the Winter I wonder what it’s like to be where you are.
In the Winter I wonder what it’d be like if you were still here.
Would the factories fill?
Would the river run clear?
Would the river run?

Sunday Morning dreamt
about a moment passed,
about a time I failed.
Sunday Morning I was staring at a clock, trying to push it back.
Sunday Morning wished to be a kid.

Sunday Morning shook
me all the way awake.
Stirred me from the dream.
Sunday Morning I was thinking of a phone call I should make
but never did.
I never did.

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La Dispute Sunday Morning, At A Funeral Comments
  1. thefopsvids

    I miss you, Dad...

  2. Meera Al Batayneh

    I live for a good funeral, rushing nervous feet looking Sunday soft in Sunday best heading towards the Church doors looking for a seat. Shoulda been a mortician, shoulda been a Gothic architect. "Hi, God. It's me, Meera Al Batayneh".

  3. j b

    I am in MONTROUGE PARIS 14 rue gabriel peri 92120 montrouge!

  4. ShattForte

    It was the first time I ever saw bawl. It was the first time I had ever seen you express emotion.

    It destroyed me.

  5. thisisine

    i miss you dad so much it makes me want to fucking die now

  6. elkfairy

    A friend of mine from high school passed away last year. I attended their funeral on a Sunday. It's weird, knowing I listened to this song so many times while knowing them. Not knowing that one day I'd be attending their funeral on a Sunday morning.

  7. snakey snake

    my ex boyfriend just died 5 days ago. he shot himself. thinking of a phone call I should make to you but never did...

  8. 00wada

    This hit me so hard.

  9. Lupe Kane

    I love you, mom.
    I will always love you.

  10. Elizabeth Blythe Davis

    I miss Meghan so much. She probably would have loved this song. I can't believe she was taken at only 18. R.I.P <3

  11. Celline

    The grandfather from my boyfriend passed away today at 11 a.m. .. on a sunday. :(

  12. pauline

    december 13th 2009, sunday, at 9 am, my dad's plane crashed.

  13. Emily Carter

    I have so much love for La Dispute, they have such beautiful variations of styles of music. They can go from hard rock to soft blues and smooth jazz in many different songs, and don't even get me started on the lyrics, they're so beautiful and intricately thought out with so much emotion backing them

  14. HeyitsBee

    my wonderful grandfather passed away on a sunday and yep this  hits home :(

  15. adventureinthesea

    I miss you mom

  16. Kadyn Avery

    Madison Nicole, I miss you so much. RIP.

  17. britt....

    my brother died last december god do i miss him

  18. Puntos Suspensivos

    It's just me or the singer sounds like Tyler Joseph (TØP) in this song?

    Peaches B

    +Tea Kurbegovic Real shit


    +Tea Kurbegovic does it make it any less trash honestly they're both equally shit I don't know what I expected from this


    Puntos Suspensivos don't even compare LD to that bullshit

    maggie i don’t have a last name

    i agree with initial comment but the replies, no. fuck off, they asked for statistics, not bitchy remarks.

  19. Nina Belgam

    I am going to my mothers funeral tomorrow at 11 in the morning. I chose that time because that's when she wakes up every morning. She likes her coffee black because it's healthy that way but I never understood it because she smoked too many cigarettes in one day. It's a little funny because out of all of a first funeral experience it has to be my mothers. And I might start laughing because it's that funny. She liked to read a lot. Daddy leaves the light on every night because he likes to think you're still reading in your room while he's sitting on the couch at 2 am sipping his coffee. He likes to put the pillow under the blanket to make it seem like you're still here. I still set your alarm clock for 11 am every day. Even if I'm at school. I'll let it ring all day. And I call your phone to hear your voice. I'm trying to figure out how to braid my hair like you did. With your fragile fingers and your soft eyes. Sister misses you, she blames me. She won't look at me. God we miss you.


    my uncle who was like my dad died in November of cancer and I watched the whole downhill battle and I was there when he stopped breathing and just laid still on the couch and a few months later in February my grandma passed from cancer also and I didn't even get to see her through any of it and I don't know which is harder but I know that it feels like a downhill battle and you feel empty but then you remember how happy they were and how they want that for you and you live happy not for you but for them


    Be strong, we love you <3

    Emily Dykhouse

    This genuinely made me sob.. im so sorry for your loss

  20. Light

    La Dispute makes me sad, I want to listen to them but at the same time I don't want


    feel you

    Noah Petty

    Not all their songs are doom and gloom.

  21. imakeitlast

    I miss you daivid.

  22. syd

    Please please please answer calls or call the people you love. One day you might regret not picking up that phone just to say hi and you will miss hearing their voice and how they talk and their mannerisms . April 22nd of 2015 my sister died at 21 and I would give anything to hear her voice again. I don't want anyone else to regret not talking to your loved one one last time.

    Dario Pyrokollege

    Sorry for your loss, Dude! But yeah. We should be glad about those little moments, when your just talking to somebody you love..


    +syd R.I.P.

    when my grandma died my first reaction was to call her and talk about it..

  23. Sylvee Diane

    This very oddly. . . Calms me down. I don't feel as alone as I have a lot in the past couple of weeks when I listen to this song. But it does also remind me of the loved ones that aren't here anymore with me 😪💙💙💙

  24. Franca O. Rod

    This song reminds me of when my dad passed and the morning after. It was a Sunday. I should've called him at the hospital, and missed his call five days before he passed away.


    i am so sorry

  25. David Tapia

    where did this song come from? what album is this?


    Untitled 7"


    Lol jk that's wrong
    It's their split album with koji

  26. Emilio Gonzalez

    Sunday morning I was listening to Sunday morning at a funeral

    Devious Grace

    Emilio Gonzalez same my dude

  27. Aquarius Thompson

    I don't understand or see the talent. Exactly what kind/genre of music is this?

    Aquarius Thompson

    Cool I will definitely check out more of their songs. Thanks

    Learning Makes Me Happy

    @Aquarius Thompson It's called "post-hardcore". It's also a technique called "yelling". The amazing thing about it is that the more he does it, the more songs he makes, his voice will be more and more damaged. So every song holds a weight to it because he may never be able to do it again.


    +Christopher “Hartliss” Shelton You are completely wrong. There is a certain way to yell without harming your vocal cords. Most (if not all) emo/skramz/whatever the fuck singers use this technique to not lose their voice. There even books and tutorials online that teach you how to scream.

    Learning Makes Me Happy

    @Colin Allen The difference is, that's screaming with a technique. La Dispute and Touche Amore intentionally damage their vocal chords. That's what makes it so beautiful. They know how to "scream" without damaging their vocal chords but choose not to.


    It's post hardcore, but it can also be labeled under spoken word, I also recommend levi the poet and hotel books

  28. Brad Chavez

    Even more emotions from La Dispute

  29. Joshua 47

    Losing my sanity at 1:50

  30. Isabella Milano-Harrah

    All of their songs leave my body tingling.

  31. Nikki Sykes

    I get that this is about his wife dying but it reminds me of my ex who recently left town... Winter's coming and I want to be there with him. I don't know, it's emotional for me on a different level I guess.

    Nicole Elizabeth

    You know often times with La Dispute, they have a certain story for each song. Each song is beautifully written into an experience they have gone through or witnessed or even fathomed from imagination, but it's not hard to find my own experiences in their stories. Maybe my perception isn't the literal meaning behind the song but La Dispute makes it so easy to find myself within their music. I get how you relate to it differently

  32. Maddy Patty

    My dads funeral was on January 26th, 2014. It was on a Sunday. When he talked about the phone call he should make, but never did God, that killed me. Once again beautiful lyrics from La Dispute that fit my life. 

  33. Grace Alexandra

    i couldn't go to someones funeral a couple years back, and i remember just listening to this song in the morning 

  34. Ben Ta

    This song is actually about La Dispute's first singer's wife dying.  He talks about how he wakes early on a Sunday morning and goes to her funeral. The chorus talks about how he rather be with her.      

    Michael hayes

    I'm trying to read up about that but can't find anything. How did you find out that it was about that? I'm really curious. Thanks

    Ian Aberbach

    +Michael hayes I don't think this is true due to the fact that this is an older song and they're not that old

  35. Korey Koch

    Except they grew up in Grand Rapids which isn't a small town, rather a city


    If yah know that much you should know their songs aren't necessarily about them or their stories.

    Arian hmn

    True, but Jordan often write from the perspective of other characters, neither Wildlife nor Rooms of the House is about him. 

  36. Renee Love

    +jairo hernandez :D it's amazing

  37. meepster5683

    What are everyone's interpretations of this song? I'm curious to know :D

    Luzilyo Stormchild

    in my opinion it's about a good friend who died, maybe they met and became friends while working in a furniture-factory close to a river.

  38. jairo hernandez

    Why cant this automatically replay....

  39. TheGhostInMe.

    I believe, don't quote me but just a guess from this and A Love Song For Michigan, that it was to do with their hometown.. Apparently that's what the factory there makes. Idk if you guys have ever lived in a small town, but its the factories that keep small towns running.. If the factory is hurting so is everyone depending on it to do well, all the small towns people..

  40. Kristen O_o

    I dont get that eather lol

  41. oscar van

    What's up with the furniture ? Can some one explain it

  42. Icareaboutyourapple

    Sunday morning i was thinking of a phone call i should make to you but, i never didd

  43. GospodKiwi

    La Dispute AND Koji *

  44. Sarah Foster

    well i wanna fucking party when the funeral ends.

  45. Isaiah Hill

    Love you giys so much