La Dispute - Last Blues Lyrics

My precious wife, I am in shambles
I am crumbling, I am
Was it something I did
Bid the tide to climb so high that it ripped our shore up
I can fix it, I swear
If you trust me
I am old and I am rusting but I care
I care

My precious wife, we made a promise
Pledged our flesh to be one
How can you doubt a love that stood so proud as we raised our children
I believe in it still
It has faltered and it has faded
But I know it's there
It's there
And how'd it change
The way you thought of me
How strange to think we once were lovers
Now we've wrapped the past up in broken glass
And when you speak my name you shudder
My precious wife, believe I'll save this
I'll revive it, I will
We've built a family from this marriage
Why would you tear it apart

Speak now, precious
Your silence screams
You're giving in to your failure
Hear me, the promise that you made was meant to keep forever
Until we die, you're not allowed to change your mind

Oh husband, I could not control
Husband, I could not abstain
One cannot stop the wind from blowing
Nor refuse the falling rain
Love stirred up a storm inside me
Wrapped its arms around my waist
I failed you dear, I'm sorry, oh I'm sorry
But there was nothing I could do
No, there was nothing I could do
Sure as the rain will fall
Some love just fails

There was nothing I could do
There was nothing I could do
There was nothing I could do
There was nothing I could do

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La Dispute Last Blues Comments
  1. blablabla x

    I know this song is about marriage but i broke up with my boyfriend a while ago and honestly sometimes even when you have loved with all your heart, some love just fails and you can't do anything to help it. after a million times that things don't work togheter you can believe in it all you want even if you think that was gonna be an everlasting love but eventually if nothing is changing you have to give up want it or not..and this song explains that clearly and i can relate a lot to it. "Im sorry. oh Im so sorry." Im really sorry if the last option available was breaking up after 3 years of love.

  2. Blade 142

    I came from cuestar

  3. Xochitl Enciso

    I’ll always love la dispute

  4. kllrbee69

    I like the idea...but sounds forced...not authentic.

  5. Casey Paul

    "oh husband, I could not controlHusband, I could not obstain"
    Perfect lyrics, my heart breaks everytime when I hear them. The pain of someone who is precious to you betraying your trust and cheating is such a hard pain to overcome

  6. _.v0latil

    Someone of Mexico or I'm the only one that love this band? :(

    Maria Juarez


  7. Bojack DeepMayo

    One cannot stop the wind from blowing
    Nor refuse the falling rain
    Love stirred up a storm inside me
    Wrapped its arms around my waist
    I failed you dear, I'm sorry, oh I'm sorry
    But there was nothing I could do
    No, there was nothing I could do
    Sure as the rain will fall
    Some love just fails

    There was nothing I could do

  8. trvppxnatsvnrxsx -

    3:21 on, just. ...

  9. Simone Brionee

    I love how this version and the other are so different, I prefer this version though, it has a completely different feel to it than the other

    Caitlin Morrow

    i disagree

  10. D. Slytherberry

    When I first heard La Dispute (being a pretty big fan of MeWithoutYou) I heard the similarities in the vocals. If you're as ignorant as to say they don't have any just because you're not a fan of MeWithoutYou than so be it. But don't insult someone else over them making a connection.

  11. rid3rofunicorns

    Slint > La Dispute. Go take a listen.

    Seuly Delamancha

    Nop, you're wrong.

    DerTomatenToaster - Patreon

    The only band which is better than La Dispute is Suis La Lune! :P


    @Der Kanal den ich umbenannt habe damit er nicht mehr mit meinem Hauptkanal verwechselt wird Debatable. They're both brilliant bands. 


    Do Slint do acoustic ballads? No? I'll stay here then because obviously that's what I came for.

  12. Jared Bohager

    I can't believe you related a band as scrappy as mewithoutyou to la dispute. They are not similar in the slightest. I

  13. recovery beer

    If you guys like this, you should listen to mewithoutYou. They're nearly identical. Thought provoking lyrics with a whimsical yet sullen spirit.

  14. Imogen Emery

    this crushed me :'(

  15. Gunnar Ellis

    this is basically poetry with music, i love it.

  16. ZEEMMO

    Thi is a song I hope never to relate to. Although he does so well to make me feel all he feels

  17. saralyn

    holy shit. the feels. Jordan had such raw emotion in his voice, acoustic or otherwise. mega feels;mad goosebumps.

  18. Jordi schooreel

    This band speaks to me like no other, those lyrics touch my heart

  19. nicolexists


  20. deniseissmiling

    omg i didn't know they had an acoustic version of this it's beautiful

  21. starfish6697

    And mine today.

  22. beenhereforhours

    I just found this song by accident, love it!

  23. BeSabin

    this sounds a little slow after hearing LBFBK. Original presented that surge of energy which here has been replaced with melody-ish version. I'd have preferred this verison if I had listened to this first too probably.

    but @ilawlatyourface is right. "somewhere at the bottom of the river between vega and altair" just grows on you. That is my favorite albums of La Dispute too.

  24. Dylan Crolly

    They should do this for all (or most) of their songs...

  25. Casey Fitzpatrick

    I ache at the sincerity of his tone. Jordan Dreyer, I beg to personally thank you for changing my life. This is genius, and beyond.

  26. iknowme

    It definitely captures the heartbreak of the song perfectly. Interestingly, this version removes the "bloody knuckles" portion of the title, because it's less of an "angry" rendition. Just noticed that.

  27. With Georgina

    I prefer this version as well. It just brings so much emotion into it.

  28. mark wolf

    They have been my most favorite band for the past year. c;

  29. With Georgina

    This song sends shivers up my spine. Such beauty in simplicity.

  30. iknowme

    Yeah I do like that record a lot now. But I cannot listen to LBFBK, it sounds too weird and I love this version way too much. I think I might be the only La Dispute fan that prefers this one though.

  31. Nick Cvet

    I listen to this song and I can just feel it

  32. Mitch Coté

    Exactly, I think of this as a more subtle way of doing a Last Blues for Bloody Knuckles version 2. Similar to Slipknot's Vermillion and Vermillion part2. Sounds similar, uses some of the same lyrics, yet conveys a VERY different message. The original was a very angry song. Rage doesn't even do it justice. This the conclusion such anger eventually subsides to before either you move on or off yourself. I think it's a brilliantly executed song in this style that changed the emotion entirely.

  33. Anna Manalo

    ....Wow. Just... Wow.

  34. Shawna James

    His emotion is obvious even in an acoustic version. Jesus, I love La Dispute. <3

  35. Sam Smith

    Beyond touching. I love his emotion and lyrics so much

  36. stefan429

    i honestly think most of their music isnt that good, i mean the guitar in this song is cool like some other songs. but theyre lyrics deserve awards, he is the shakespeare of our time.

  37. Greg Drudy

    nobody care's for how long la dispute has been they're favourite band or not. As long as we all share this beautiful passion with this, we can't go wrong. None of us..

  38. xXEnkilXx

    The music is great, but why is the vocalist just talking? Sing!

  39. ep ps

    so mutch emotion, so mutch passion. this is awesome

  40. Hannah Morse

    how would i even be alive if it weren't for music like this. i don't even know.

  41. DubeeMcCheezy

    man his voice just screams teen angst.

  42. Tom D

    im so mad that i didnt know this band sooner, so many wasted years hahaha.......seriously i love metal n shit but this shit is fuckin awesomeeeee...........sooooo many great songs

  43. gracii92

    @whisperperfectlies I know that feel, bro.

  44. Charles Bronson

    I like indie rock music,but this music is SO FREAKIN GOOD

  45. bassmaschine

    @Username1361 thank you!!!

  46. vampyXjess

    I love listening to La Dispute on youtube.
    not only do I relate to the band, but i also relate to people that comment the video!
    Same passion for this band:)
    i dont know if i had any sense but yeah .... <.<

  47. bassmaschine

    chords anyone?

  48. whorebagofbread

    So is this basically just an acoustic version of Last Blues for Bloody Knuckles?

  49. AriBee MUE

    I love Last Blues For Bloody Knuckles, but this is beautiful.'s amazing. Their music makes me shiver with it's awesomeness.

  50. sarai m

    Seeing them tomorrow at the House of Blue! <3

  51. PeopleMakeNoise

    @ilawlatyourface truth

  52. Shana

    @whisperperfectlies mine too.

  53. Lance McQuesten

    You too? haha. I've just been going through all their videos 'til I said "fuck it" and bought all their albums on itunes. His lyrics are so unique, so much emotion. Love it.

  54. asets12

    La dispute needs to make more music like this. Their screaming stuff is pretty good but this is amazing

  55. Ally S

    I love Koji
    almost as much as I love La Dispute
    almost .

  56. nikki marie

    I just found this band today and I can honestly say it's now one of my favourites. There's no other band I could compare this to. When I listen to songs of theirs like this, I feel the emotion and passion pulling at me. It's incredible. I feel like I'm listening to poetry.

  57. Pat Bowden

    I can relate to what was said below - I love post hardcore, especially crazy, energetic stuff with meaningful lyrics like this but I just can't get into La Dispute's heavier stuff. I think it's the vocals mainly. Hopefully it'll grow on me, I really love the softer stuff like this and Here Hear III is amazing.

  58. iknowme

    They write great lyrics. It's a shame I can't stand their scream-heavy post hardcore stuff. I am a fan of that type of music, I just think there are many bands that can do it well and La Dispute isn't one of them. Maybe I need to give the album more listens.

    I'd really like to hear more stuff like this from them but I don't think that's going to happen...

  59. Chace Campbell


  60. Anna Ripberger

    fucking incredible