La Dispute - How I Feel Lyrics

I say a drink might help me sleep
I say, I don't sleep much at all these days
I say, it's cold
Besides, I'm broken
Hard as earth, the love of the past
The worth of the world has frozen
Like the sheet of ice collecting on the windshield of my car
Where I caught my reflection captured in glass
A perfect broken image of the future envisioned in the past
Corrupted by fate now, fractured, fading away

Replace all I felt promised to me
To be
The one who
Figured it out
Who knew what to do
Who knew how to feel, and
Felt that
Love of the past
The worth of the world
Just set it ablaze, and
Thaw me out

Dim lit in a room dark red, where I said
Can't seem to break off from the way I felt
But, I guess you understand, man
We had no chance
I'm tired of fighting with the hand I've been dealt

So, I take the cards they give me
And keep my protest on the inside of my mouth
If the best I can do ain't gonna stop what's coming
What's the point in trying to change how the hand plays out?

Don't we all just die?
Don't we all?
Don't we all?
Don't we all just die?
Don't we all?
Don't we all?

When you looked at the light
Did it hurt your eyes?
Did it hurt your eyes?

When you looked at the light
Did it hurt you
Like it hurt me?

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La Dispute How I Feel Comments
  1. DreamsOfMadChildren

    La dispute is the only think that can help me this time

  2. Jeromes Dream

    Still sad they went pop

  3. PhilippM

    When you can't sleep, thinking about your broken relationship to your girlfriend, listening to Emo and finding this song, wich represents exactly my feelings.

  4. HO LIC

    this is literally the deepest song of all time

  5. MoChiptune

    is that jeremy bolm on 1:16 ?

    Frida Gandara

    +MoChiptune yes. it's fucking great.


    +MoChiptune Jordon shows up on the TA songs and Jeremy shows up on the LD songs.


    MoChiptune no shit

  6. Pro 13

    this is one of the best song i heard till long times

  7. Lanna's Missing Link

    Got a few songs from Spotify last year but just now finding this album and WOW! La Dispute are just amazing :3

  8. Samantha Ilyin

    I love this song... so so much!

    MCChristor Media Production

    +Samantha Johnson Not only you :)

  9. MirumExMachina

    ... I just got the ta ld on the cover -_- I've been listening to this for years

  10. Sara Packard

    One of my favorite La Dispute songs. Total catharsis. 

    Jonathan Trevino

    Song sounds like they wanted to sound like Touche Amore for the split. If you don't listen to TA I recommend you do. 

    Sara Packard

    Heh heh, I listen to Touche. Know their whole discography really well, and I saw them in concert last July when they were traveling with Tigers Jaw and Dads and in September on a different tour. 
    Thank you though :)


    @Jonathan Trevino Well it was a split with them so yeah they tried to mesh well together.

  11. Meowing Cupycake

    This band kicks ass!!!

  12. Demoans

    0:54 - 1:28

    ugh it sounds like hella rad ugh wish there was more like that dude

    Luka Nikolic

    that dude is the singer of the other band on the split. It's more about the lyrical content than the sound in this kind of stuff, everyone has a voice of their own

    Sara Packard

    Check out Touché Amoré then. They're super rad in concert. Oh god, best concert ever.


    I have the whole discography of La Dispute, Touché amore, The Wonder Years, Title Fight, Citizen, American Football, The Story So Far, Manchester Orchestra, Four Years Strong, Come Back Kid, Counterparts, Tigers Jaw, Glassjaw, Pianos Become The Teeth, Have Mercy, The Casket Lottery, Defeater, Make Do & Amends, and a lot more. Haha those are basically my top bands but honestly recently I think I've been listening to a lot of Say Anything as a total throwback :)

    Sara Packard

    That's awesome! Great taste in music, and... I want to contribute... If you count what I have synced on spotify, I have tons of La Dispute, Brand New, Touché Amoré, Pianos Become the Teeth (KEEP YOU ahhh <3), Citizen, A Lot Like Birds, Tiny Moving Parts, Brave Bird, Balance and Composure, Neutral Milk Hotel, Dance Gavin Dance, Tides of Man, Glassjaw, Converge, Defeater, The Mars Volta, As Tall as Lions, TWIABP&IANLATD, Radiohead, Interpol, Seahaven, Modest Mouse, Make Do and Mend, Emarosa, Stint, GY!BE, Secret Band, Stolas, Joyce Manor, mewithoutYou and others :)
    Have a nice day!

  13. One_Blaster

    Where I caught my reflection captured in the glass*

  14. oscar van

    1000th like woohoo!

  15. Tania Rojas



    Yo también XP Lol

  16. Dylan McGonigal


  17. bobbey smith

    fucking amazing!

  18. Yephenpeace

    This is one of those bands that I've wanted to see live for so long, but never have.
    These guys are great.

  19. Carly Earwood

    Best thing ever to happen basically ever.

  20. Robert Pratt

    Tits could just never be so perfect.

  21. momo gerdran

    this song is THE SONG

  22. UBiK

    i jizzed in my pants

  23. Milhouse VanHouten

    But no one cares what you want really, go fuck yourself.

  24. Lucid Strike

    *Definitely. It's from the La Dispute / Touche Amore split. =/

  25. chad toma

    This band will never cease to amaze me.

  26. MakeIt Epicc

    holy tits?

  27. theguymanish

    sounds like tom green.

  28. Tom


  29. Vanilla Extract

    lyrics in the description are wrong it's "captured in glass" not "frozen in the glass"

  30. Drew Flinn

    If the singer had more variety in his screaming or just sing normal for once I might like these guys a lot more.

  31. Sky Bawx

    Most likely Jeremy from Touche Amore :)

  32. Karine Sandsmark

    gives me goose bumps

  33. Shawna James

    Thanks. :D
    I guess I'll probably start listening to them now. xD

  34. el8manu

    the singer of touche amore. dreyer also makes the guest vocals in the A-side of the ep

  35. Shawna James

    Who's the guy singing at 1:18? His voice is incredible. o.o

  36. Boston George

    OMG wie bin ich nur hier gelandet ^^

  37. Wrior

    You're in CO too? I saw them in the springs about a year ago! They were amazing!

  38. Eric Gibson

    La Dispute. April 16th. It will happen. A city set on fire by emotion and a place set ablaze in the glory of the past and the light of the future while living among the present.

  39. The Gaming Cathedral

    "I say a drink might help me sleep, I say
    I don't sleep much at all these days, I say it's cold,
    Besides, I'm broken.
    Hard as earth the love of the past,
    The worth of the world has frozen"

  40. Brianna Dahl

    Im seeing La Dispute tonight in Denver. :')

  41. Nasty Nigel

    Apr 5, Chain Reaction, I wish they'd place this!

  42. Joe Bloggs

    Gives me goose bumps

  43. Karlandtheinstallers

    La Dispute. April 11th. It's going down.

  44. Takkun1138

    I fuckin love this song. I also happen to enjoy some of the music on the radio. Not all of it is shit. A lot of it is, but not all of it. Regardless of what is "mainstream" or isn't, this is good music.

  45. DeadReanimation

    @whatadooosh Well that was pretentious as shit.

  46. shon gagne

    @whatadooosh The music on the radio today inst music at all its just shitty mainstream that everyone is blinded by for some reason. This is music. Pure talent and actual meanings. La Dispute <3

  47. greenbean 2713

    My ears came.

  48. Jake Babineau

    @Xionei yes it was. it was a split ep TA did two songs and la dispute did too. should check touches half just as good

  49. asets12

    Yeah can't wait. It's in February at the Corner Hotel.

  50. asets12

    Cant wait to see them in Melbourne.

  51. First Riot

    Was that the lead vocalist from TA that I heard at 1:20?

  52. hypochondriatic

    @1idkmybffjill1 los angeles, TOMORROW.
    see you there

  53. Cassie Journeay

    I'd kill to see Touche Amore and La Dispute play a show together.

  54. cockbroker

    @edwardokelso i thought 'at the drive-in' aswell.

  55. Stephen McCrory

    ON MY CARRRRRR......

  56. Chase Ross

    I usually don't listen to this kind of music but this speaks to me

  57. Danica Tempero

    @funkpunkrocker11 Yeah, well I live in a small town in New Mexico, they are not touring too close to here but I may order their cds.
    That is amazing. I want to see them play so bad. I swear I will someday.

  58. Danica Tempero

    I really want every La Dispute CD. The Original C.D.s if anyone knows where i can get them let me know.

  59. Hoods 310

    When you looked at the light
    did it hurt your eyes?
    when you looked at the light
    did it hurt you
    like it hurt me?

  60. findanewgoddd

    holy tits this is terrific

  61. Andrew Tyson

    damn you guys mesh well... LOVE it!