La Dispute - Damaged Goods Lyrics

She forced a smile, said
"Boy, come kiss my mouth"
You know that hope you're holding to? It looks an awful lot like fear
Now, you're so quick to fall on failure, and so quick to raise your voice, like
'If I can't find a mistake to blame, we didn't have a choice'

Oh, but you had an option
I was your chance to feel complete
But when I leaned in close to you, you
Kissed your fear instead of me

You had my hand in your hand
You had my lip in your teeth
You had my heart on your sleeve
You had a chance to breathe

But, boy, you wouldn't let your fear recede so I moved on


And it's too late to change your mind now
You got scared, boy, and I got gone
Now you failed, and there's no way to turn back time
You had your chance, boy, I tried

"You tried?" I looked her in the eye and smiled
"My girl, you must understand that fear is not some product that I made
It crept unwelcome in my head the day they had her torn away
It changed me

Now at the end of everyday I lie awake at night and wait
To feel the wires of my brain get cut and quietly rearranged, and
Hear my beaten heart exclaim, 'Still, I refuse to let her go'"

So we escape to our mistakes for they wait patiently for us
Oh, how they always wait for me

If my fear has kept me here, only my fear can set me free

And I'm sorry, dear, but don't you dare speak another word
How could I risk holding your heart in me while still in love with her?

You were wrong

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La Dispute Damaged Goods Comments
  1. Roger Roger

    Every 4 months or so I come back to la dispute. And cry all over again at how well everything is relatable.

  2. Jigh Flaukst

    I didn't even know that the album was this old up until I saw this . I was jamming the re-recorded version all along.

  3. neznámé

    this song makes me smile and cry at the same time..

  4. Roger Losh

    I relate to this sing song so much

  5. Bryan Taravella

    Where’s the love button.

  6. Melancholia Lacrymatory

    The worst band, awful music and voice.

  7. sj yorgensen

    I love their heavier stuff, been trying to find more

  8. T Elmo

    you had your chance boy i tried

  9. Alexander

    fucking hell 18 year old me used to fucking rage to this song hahaha good times!

  10. Cyrill Burgundy

    fuck you ex gago sakit iyak si ako

  11. Kaylee Smith

    oh, okay......

  12. SJR mars

    this band is enough to make me proud to be from Michigan

  13. Nicho Insertlastnamehere

    So cut my wrists and black my eyes


    Nicho Insertlastnamehere stOp

  14. Paris Simpson

    Jordan playing girls when he clearly ain't ready to move onto another relationship? is that what this song is about?

  15. smac

    Nigga I'm angry sad

  16. Cat Wank

    wow this sound like a post-harcore version of la dispute

  17. Zen Vibes

    La Dispute has been my favorite band for more than 3 years and till this day they continue to be my favorite band of all time. I have yet to find a band that is even remotely close to what they're like. Bands like Pianos Become The Teeth and Touche Amore are some bands that I found through them, but I've yet to find a band quite like them.

  18. The Optimisten

    La dispute used to go hard

  19. Hailey Marie

    just gound these guys and o.o damn

  20. Mio

    0:16 - 0:24


  21. Jacob Estrada

    This hit a little too close to home....... I LOVE IT!

  22. Kali Pilgrim

    i finally understand this song

  23. Mike Chell

    I love how the guitars "argue" in this song

    star barry

    I thought about this comment for so long

    Mike Chell

    +star barry at about 15 seconds in is where they argue, which is genius to me considering the lyrics

    star barry

    +Mike Chell no I knew exactly what you meant, I just loved the comment because I never thought of that concept before

    Tom Guerrero

    Holy cow they really do

  24. SkyewardSword

    Can we please talk about how perfect that break at 0:52 is

    kenzie !

    literally my favorite part

    Sloppy Drummer

    SkyewardSword 1:44

  25. Moyah M

    This is literally what happened to me this past two weeks, I feel so sad because I'm hurting so much and I know he is too since he bluntly told me. At first I thought he was being an a-hole but he wasn't trying to be at least...he's just hurt but he needs to move on.

  26. uncreativee

    2:22 to 2:32 gets me every fucking time

  27. Gypsy Glass

    And it's to late to change your mind.

  28. Hadassah Miriam

    1:22-1:39 got my ass c r y i n g

  29. Maggie Rhiannon

    Loving a recovering drug addict be like--

  30. Dylan Carracher

    I have never related to a song so much

  31. Cern


  32. Lucas

    they are even better live :D

    BreakA Deadlock

    +Ruukasu „Freakindashing“ v.d.

    ...they brought me back to life live - a *never to forget event* !  
    Just awesome*

  33. Gen Matt

    Awesome :3 !

  34. Trinnity Nalley

    Getting my la dispute tattoo today<3

    Karla y ivanna y Clau


    Jesse Martinez

    Got one too

  35. Maggie Mcdonell

    La dispute is probably one of my favourite bands because the emotions behind the lyrics

    Roger Roger

    Too bad the dood sucks live. 😂 He can't do any of this live.

  36. Mat North

    The pressure of being in a relationship society wouldn't a prove of and the guilt I feel for pushing you away. I had my chance to be loved and the fear made me run as far as I could only to realize Noone compares to you.

  37. Dimitry Berry

    It's like poetry with music! I love them so much.

  38. Pixel Hippie

    strange how i found this song just after i lie in bed with the girl i love and couldn't kiss her because i was afreid. now i feel like shit. 

  39. Debussy

    I wish this was longer

  40. Jenna Dethloff

    I can't... This isn't even singing, which its horrible in my point of view, but it's so unique 

    Levi Smith

    He sings off tone on purpose (obviously) sometimes he actually sings ok (not on the album) He does it because he feels he can get a much stronger emotional response from it. This is their best album imo. Just check out more songs and keep an open mind. also LYRICS VIDEOS!!! 


    @Levi Smith off tone? He is singing that particular scream yell (cannot remember the actual word for it) and its definitely not off tone. Somewhere is all over the place about only about half the album is really solid but wildlife is fucking incredible. Every song is great and has its own flavor thats makes up the lp.


    listen to twelve or for mayor in splitsville

  41. Sir Psycho Sexy

    The intro sounds like a Rise Against song... Fortunately, it gets much better after that.


    That's funny, say what you will about Rise Against' later work, but Revolutions Per Minute amogs this album.

    And I really like this album

    Witness Me

    @Sir Psycho Sexy I'm sorry, as much as I like La Dispute, Rise Against are way out of their league.


    @Witness Me Well, let's not get carried away. Revolutions Per Minute era Rise Against are out of LA Disputes league.

    Witness Me

    @Matthew Thomas My favorite of their albums is actually The Sufferer and the Witness.

    R A T C H E T

    Except ghost notes and not in basic time signature.
    Rise against's first albums were raw shit, good as.

  42. Lamb Blood

    That fuckin bass line runs deep.

  43. Jack Hooper

    idk why this reminds me a lil bit of Fugazi

  44. playboy princess


  45. iLkan Kurt


  46. undeniably unicorn

    Honestly I was NOT going to listen to them because of his voice. I don't usually listen to this type of rock but after a while I got used to it and I love the meaning behind it all. I can't stop listening to their song and this all happened yesterday.!

  47. Lizethh Annette


  48. Amelia Hernandez

    La Dispute has so many good songs, its hard to have a favorite, like oh my god.

    Marry aoalwldkdmwäw

    Amelia Hernandez such small hands is definitely my favourite song :D

  49. Ambria Karlson

    *huge sigh*

  50. Arazpink

    To the guy who just compared LA dispute to mewithoutyou
    Fuck you


    Why? They are both really good bands with similar styles.

    Jack Hooper

    they're pretty fuckin similar dude
    i prefer la dispute to mewithoutyou, but lyrically, thematically and musically, the bands have a lot in common tbh

    paz-belle brown

    @Jack Hooper

  51. 95129 WJY

    Sexy voice yo

  52. Pink Fried Memes

    Faith is music rest in fucking piece.

  53. MEH NAME

    my fav band =3 what a song

  54. Zackery Daley

    He doesn't sing it's like mewithoutyou. He talks loudly, sometimes clearly, escalating passion

  55. Laila Sp.

    But. I really like the way he sings.

  56. emoooly

    then don't listen to it.

  57. Jack Daniels

    Hey, I love his voice the most haha


    If Shakespeare were alive today, he would be in La Dispute.

  59. Jerry Richer

    Yeah but it's fucking unpleasant to have a grating voice shout at me, dear.

  60. FunnTiM3r

    Omg chills on this song to wat the hell

  61. Jake

    Whenever I listen to their songs, I imagine myself on a rooftop sitting down with my legs crossed and my eyes closed and imagine him standing and walking around me whenever he speaks his lyrics.

  62. Tyrone Walters

    I love his voice too, its just, pure emotion.

  63. Devin

    Actually, it is singing. "To utter a series of words or sounds in musical tones"

  64. Simone Brionee

    His singing style suits the lyrics, that's what you have to consider.

  65. Oxymoron655

    I personally like the vocals, shows the emotion he puts in it.

  66. Grace Lyons

    His voice is sex, fuck you guys that don't like it.

  67. Bernadette Piffard

    It's just a matter of taste. I like the vocals you don't, that doesn't make either of us a lesser person or any style of singing/screaming/whatever any less than any other.

  68. Zero Gravity

    Why should I? This can barely be called ''singing''. Maybe I'm wrong, but i like when singers sing instead of crying and whining. And it's a shame since the instrumental part is actually good.

  69. Grace Lyons

    This song means so much to me. It defines a delicate time.

  70. TooMuchEyeliner101

    Bite your tongue, darling.

  71. Lauren Ford

    I haven't listened to much of La Dispute yet but I love them already because of the raw emotion of them

  72. Peripheral xo.

    Wow... In tears. Such raw emotion.

  73. metalxoa7

    I agree with you. If you want more lyrical genius, check out The Front Bottoms. :)

  74. NoAverageJoe

    this band pretty much is. And I love it too

  75. Vanessa Marie

    Feeling the pain in every word he screams out.

  76. Murderficationism

    And I happen to like the vocals as well as the lyrics.

  77. Frau Cobain

    I'm getting so fucking addicted to this band

  78. jessica patterson

    sucks for you kid.

  79. Rachel Pettit

    I honestly don't understand why people come on here and complain about his vocals.
    Personally, I think La Dispute are one of the most lyrical genius bands out. Plus I actually love his voice, it's different and different is good. :)

  80. Kaitlen Martin

    My fucking life right now.

  81. Noah Brewer

    If you dont like the band then why not just click away? No one cares about your negative opinion. Go listen to another band. You arent needed, nor wanted, here. So kindly fuck off.

  82. abcdefghijklahfrigit

    What do you mean?

  83. Zoë Alexis

    fuck haters. i love them.

  84. whisperPhonic

    nice ad at the beginning of a video made up of content you own no rights to.

  85. FrydaysWithFry

    So why are you here?

  86. breanna ybarra

    sounds like he's crying! xDDDDDDD

  87. Marjorie O

    Your username is gLeek443. Just think about that. You're not in the position to judge anyone or anything.

  88. S Katrina

    You mad though. :*

  89. RunSlagathorRun

    i cant imagine how people dislike his voice, i think his voice amazingly expresses the emotions that the song is proposing through its meaning. absolutely perfect.

  90. Erin Williams

    I can totally understand that, but God I love his voice. The raw emotion brings me to genuine tears in some songs that while still emotional lyrically, wouldn't have the same effect if sung regularly (like King park or I See Everything in particular... gets me every time.)

  91. Gibson Les Paul

    It's definitely a love it or hate it band in terms of the vocals. Personally, I love it because the singer shows so much raw emotion, it's refreshing. To me, it would fit nicely in a Tim Burton film

  92. Erin Molony

    this sucks so bad oh my god

  93. Skyla Shugart

    Me too, I like the lyrics and the music but I can't stand the vocals.

  94. Willy Steve

    nice name

  95. miss miya

    youre not human goodbye