Kylie Minogue - Slow Lyrics

Knew you'd be here tonight
So I put my best dress on
Boy I was so right

Our eyes connected
Now nothing's how it used to be
No second guesses

Track in on this feeling
Pull focus close up you and me
Nobody's leaving

Got me affected
Spun me 180 degrees
It's so electric

Slow down and dance with me
Yeah, slow
Skip a beat and move with my body
Yeah, slow
Come on and dance with me
Yeah, slow
Skip a beat and move with my body
Yeah, slow

Don't wanna rush it
Let the rhythm pull you in
It's here so touch it

You know what I'm saying
And I haven't said a thing
Keep the record playing

Slow down and dance with me
Yeah, slow
Skip a beat and move with my body
Yeah, slow
Come on and dance with me
Yeah, slow
Skip a beat and move with my body
Yeah, slow

Read my body language
Take it down, down

Slow down and dance with me
Yeah, slow
Skip a beat and move with my body
Yeah, slow
Come on and dance with me
Yeah, slow
Skip a beat and move with my body
Yeah, slow

Skip a beat and move with my body
Skip a beat and move with my body
Skip a beat and move with my body

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Kylie Minogue Slow Comments

    Existe alguien más sexy que Kylie Minogue?.. Nooo!!!

  2. Vlad

    Dum durudum duru dum dum dum dum... Perfect music and perfect video. People need to see this in 2020 to learn from the masters. <3
    Someone here in 2020?

  3. Bollox Off

    Ah time when it's was OK to have gorgeous ppl in videos.

  4. Rachael H.

    This song makes me want to roll around on a towel.

  5. Danilo Bernal Lopez

    The moment you realize this video was made literally two blocks from your house :O

  6. Débora Mira

    This is the most sexy clip of all time!

  7. Israel Velasco

    Canción para el tubo. ¡Me encanta! A song to be danced on a pole bar. I love this!

  8. Jonatan Testa

    january 2020??

  9. David Bosquette

    For me THIS is the hottest she has ever looked or sounded. Heavy French influence works on the Aussie pocket rocket.
    Sexy as hell 💪👌😍🤩

  10. Zoe James

    Thank you Kylie ❤️

  11. Zoe James

    Had us all par down to a sway blue dress black dress 👅

  12. B Rad

    Everything about her look in this video is perfect, from hair, makeup, wardrobe, to nails, and of course those legs- flawless.

  13. Mariah ly

    She always used for sexual stuff why?

  14. Daniel CH

    She Is my girlfriend

  15. Bonnie's World.

    The Sprit press play. 📦♾🌏⛩⛩🌏♻️⛓🕍 💍 international perfect. ✔♻️♾⚕👜 the spirit what is the rest. International completed and perfect. The spirit and ✔🌏♻️♾ ? the spirit on the entire 🌏♻️♾♻️🌏

  16. Daniel Clarke

    I remember watching this video in the early 2000s and thinking this was scandalous! No wonder I turned out gay

  17. Gonzalo Peña

    So sexy ... I love her! Who is watching on 2020?

  18. Sweet Willy

    That’s our Kylie 🕺🏼🇦🇺

  19. Arif

    I heard she's recreating this video but FOR WHAT PROJECT??


    I'm coming from 2020

  21. Armys Kat

    Se imaginan esto, eh HD :(?

  22. Alessia Colucci

    2020 💗💕

  23. MTV Addict

    Este video explotó diario en MTV. En los 60 Mejores de VH1 fue elegido como uno de los MÁS SEXIES y si que es muy sexy el video yo apenas de 10 años cuando lo vi por primera vez recuerdo no sabía lo que era estar horny 😆

  24. Guilherme Dias

    this is pure art

  25. targara evyl

    babe what is this ? you are so sexy and stunning!!!

  26. João Carlos

    Que veio pelo Anderson Vieira? Que clipe scrr 😍

  27. Luca MD

    10 anos dese som?????....

  28. Schimidth Mont Clair


  29. Klaudia Julia


  30. Mazin Cucucuc

    If anyone can play her i think margot robby is why she is created to do

  31. Cassandra Lovelle

    🌸 come dance with me yeah s l o w

    Skip a beat & move with my body yeah s l o w

  32. Victoria Rufino

    This music video is a masterpiece.

  33. Özcan Öztürk

    Altın oran

  34. Siddarth Kariholoo

    My favorite song of Kylie...

  35. H8 M3

    I would've called this video "Hot" lol!

  36. Nikola Anastasov

    Hello! Sending to Kylie Minogue mi video

  37. Chase Rhys

    Every single frame is sublime! Perfection really

  38. leonardo braz

    Sultry af 🔥💕

  39. Alex the Pensmith

    One of Kylie's best videos this. She looked amazing here!

  40. Nina Nae

    I remember a boy in my class singing this song and doing the routine to it during matt time until our teacher rudely interrupted 😳

  41. Preferatul fetelor

    Will you marry me? :D

  42. JesseDaveTV Official

    Her Last Hot US Billboard ever and it charted and #91! Still love her music regardless

  43. Samppa Koivula

    She looks and sounds like she has had ten orgasms in this video. Makes you want to feel the same....

  44. Warren Chrismas

    2020, signing in! Don't miss the 'making of' video, folks...

  45. Zoe James

    We love you Kylie ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️

  46. Tahsin Deniz Arpaci

    it was great video...

  47. Alexandra Asmat

    Oh my heterosexuality is in danger 😍😍

  48. DRG Fitness Sports- Music & Fun

    Hey 2020 who's with me? :) Happy new year to everyone who will see and gives a Like to this! Kyle I Minogue is so beautiful and sexy sensual. I love her!

    Cassandra Lovelle

    DRG Fitness Sports- Music & Fun 🌸 sub’d 👍🏼

    DRG Fitness Sports- Music & Fun

    @Cassandra Lovelle awwwn thank you so much! God bless you and for better communication if you want here is my Instagram: @danny_drg7369. Have a beautiful evening! 😊🤗

    Cassandra Lovelle

    DRG Fitness Sports- Music & Fun I’m not on Instagram. I deleted the account. Too many issues lol 😂

    DRG Fitness Sports- Music & Fun

    @Cassandra Lovelle okay than. Keep in touch here. I hope you will enjoy my videos and feel free to comment to any video you will want :)

    Cassandra Lovelle

    DRG Fitness Sports- Music & Fun ok 👍🏼

  49. COLTON

    I remember watching this MV on mtv daily because of hot guys and bulge lmfao

  50. Yotuber Pakistani

    I look at this video and im like damn we are a beautful species

  51. Toxic Boy

    2019 Australian tourism commercial homage brought me here.

  52. Wojciech Owedyk

    Kylie Minogue
    Body language

  53. иван михайловичь


  54. Holden Caulfield

    Epic ! ❤️

  55. Ash Williams

    O R G A S M S 2 0 2 0

    Isotretinoina Adapaleno

    Ash Williams oye pendejo aún faltan días para esa fecha .... sigue siendo 2019

    Ash Williams

    @Isotretinoina Adapaleno Sorry, my watch doesn't speak spanish.



  57. tompparaideri

    Why did they record this music video on film in high quality and then only show it in really bad 720p?

  58. Marty Honey


  59. Tahsin Deniz Arpaci

    I saw this with an ex girl Friend. She helped me very much. I never forget her. She was a Fan of Fenerbahçe...However I am Fan of Galatasaray...

  60. High Yoda

    crap song

  61. kamy khaled bounsi

    I remember fapping to that video song before I discovered porn

  62. Celso Lopes Silva

    Very sexy , very hot , wonderfulll Kylie ... amazing womam !

  63. hmh830

    So slow yet so sexy!

  64. Oozz Kansas

    Body langaue absolute sublime! My love will be hers forever!

  65. Johnny MEW

    @ .75x speed is so bomb

  66. David Vielma

    Kinda disappointing how this song did not top the billboard charts. And I also don’t understand how her success was really only in other countries except the US. I mean Fever was an amazing era, but damn, America has really been missing out.

  67. berkani inakreb

    The Graham Norton Show brought me here.. thumbs up from the Netherlands

  68. Fabio Paolini

    I never been so focused on the edges of the framing as i was in this video during my teens. Thank Kylie for contributing to my sexual self-consciousness

  69. Toki Tim

    1:47 she hurries to make the figure with her body and does not match the music

  70. Rob TZ

    Won't regret this

    Danko Sekulic

    As Seinfeld would put it - "a cleavage poke" 😁

  71. Pizzazz Art

    Wish all those towels were Versace , it would really pop x

  72. Dushan Stojadinovic

    So good so GOOD!

  73. Artur Szczepień

    This was the end of Kylie for me. Boring song and disappointing album :/

  74. GuidoAnchovy B

    damn I used to race my bike back home during school recess to beat my dick to this on MTV

  75. Astrid A

    Great song , perfect for Kylie , Written by Icelandic / Italian Emiliana Torrini also singer her self

  76. Beautiful Girl

    Baillie Walsh also made Taste it video for INXS😉

  77. راكان العجمي

    So unique video clip it’s so hard to find another video clip like this nowadays and the music in this song itself is a story

  78. hande aykan

    For Me:
    1. Chocolate
    2. Red Blooded Woman
    3. After Dark
    4. Slow
    5. I Feel For You
    6. Obsession
    7. Sweet Music
    8. Promises
    9. Secret (Take You Home)
    10. Still Standing
    11. Loving Days
    12. Someday

  79. راكان العجمي

    This video is the best one ever recorded in the history it deserve 1000000000 views


    2019 Listen listen on repeat ^^ ^_^

  81. Gold Web

    Рандомный Русский камент :D

  82. Aciobanitei Marius

    Wow....beautiful and sexy lady !!

  83. Stewart Hall

    1:13 Look at that chest, those boobs are gonna bust out her dress!!!!. Smoking hot chest!. Her body is smoking like a big fat cigar!!.

  84. Paul Stiffle

    Good song - shit video

  85. E M

    Kylie is a classy kinda sexy.. Love how she is still very natural looking too. Not pumped full of lip fillers and butt jobs! She is and always will be a very beautiful, sexy woman ❤

  86. Be Free TV

    I am a brunet as well...for sure you would love me if we meet...hahaha!

  87. Be Free TV little dictator...erased my comment...I Love U anyways...hahaha!

    Hans Landa

    why are the same old comments still there? I can't find mine anymore. yet it was not vulgar. what was your comment? what's wrong with that comments section???

  88. Hans Landa

    152cm of pure sweetness!
    Love Kylie!!!

    Esneyder Toledo

    @Hans Landa 72 cm approximately

    Hans Landa

    @Esneyder Toledo Gawwdd my kind of girl, I knew she was perfect!! but she's super-perfect! Her legs are proportionally long for such a small body!! My last girlfriend is 149cm, I lifted her like a backpack with one hand.. all my ex-girlfriends are tiny, I love tiny girls. I only live for that! Why were you laughing??? the emoji

    Hans Landa

    @Esneyder Toledo you prefer taller woman? it's why you laughed?

    Esneyder Toledo

    @Hans Landa it's funny she is so small and her legs so long i have never seen a girl like her

    Hans Landa

    @Esneyder Toledo That's what I thought. She is perfect and the perfection is very rare.

  89. J L

    If this song come out now it would be a BOP

  90. japon taci

    Az mastürbasyon yapmadım varya 🔥🔥🔥

  91. izoyt

    everybody just keep talking about she being hot etc (well, she is, no doubt), but do you actually listen the music? this is done on different level, just like her videos from that era. what a fanfastic crew she has..

  92. Croatia Sarar

    in Croatia in the summer it’s always like that. on the beaches a lot of people on towels. hard to get to the sea

  93. Mrs. Fox

    Gay anthem

  94. Ray Russell

    Still watching in 2019!

  95. RuPhaux

    Oh I really wish the video were in 4k so I could enjoy the "song" better