Kylie Minogue - Off With His Shirt Lyrics

You trespassed upon my kingdom
And now you are in my sway
Which basically means
As a Queen of all Queens
I'm going to make you pay
(Will we be throwing him in the dungeon?
Or tossing him to the bear?)
Well, one thing for sure
We'll settle the score
And trust me, it's more than fair

Off with his shirt (yeah)
Strip him down
Don't be shy boys, go to town
I'll bet that chest
Is heaven blessed
So firm and pert
Off with his top (yeah)
Let it fly
Check that six-pack, it's to die
Tell ever Lance and Bruce and Kurt
Off with his shirt
(Oh this is so fun, I want to fly like her too
Someone pick me up, go on, pick me up too)

Mmm, so now that you're in my power
We'll put you behind these bars
There you will stay
Taking orders all day
'Til Mars is aligned with Mars
For our pleasure, we'll keep you waiting
Who knows just how long you'll serve
But baby you bet
You're gonna get
The punishment we deserve

Off with his shirt (yeah)
That's the deal
You're a beefcake happy meal
Go on you guys
Just feast your eyes
Until they hurt
Off with his shirt (yeah)
'Til the dawn
Dig that lush pectoral lawn
Drink in those lats and traps and delts
And after that who knows what else
So save some room, boys, for dessert
Oh, off with his shirt

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Kylie Minogue Off With His Shirt Comments
  1. something interesting

    I love how at the end of this Richard is talking with pops about destiny being gay - and he's all "Do you think Destiny, knows?!"

  2. Aryeh Burg

    I can't think of anything more culturally appropriate than Kylie owning a gay bar in the middle ages


    she should be so lucky..

  3. Bruno Oliveira

    Now and then I come to watch this music video cause as a gay man I need to kylie to give me some strength to live one more day.
    And I really love the way she uses her voice here. I wish she would use it like this on her own music.
    To me this song is unforgettable.

  4. PJ Doland

    Boooo why did they cancel in

  5. SimonSonian

    I feel like this song for the crew to see him with no shirt.

  6. MegaStig25

    I heard this before I saw the show. Exactly how I pictured it would be

  7. Dave Arroyo

    She does sound like Olivia Newton John in Xanadu, I guess that’s the point

  8. Majito Cuenca

    Is it weird that she was my inspiration for my Bicolline character the first time I went?

  9. Patrick

    I feel like Disney cancelled this because we can’t catch them trying something original and going against the grain.

  10. Rodshark75

    I kinda wish they would have had an actual drag queen for this role instead of Kylie... but she does absolutely kill it though. And I guess Joshua Sass turned out to really be her beefcake happy meal *lol*

  11. Chris LaCour

    I'm a guy and I am straight up jamming to this

  12. Red Headed Tyrant

    I've rewatched this series too many times- But of course this is the song stuck in my head

  13. Bill Mai

    Production on this show is incredible.

  14. Bill Mai

    One of Galavant best number.

  15. Areté

    Best musical series of all time

  16. Sarah Wagner

    Forgot how hot this was lol

  17. Mystical Keyblade


  18. ambiej123

    I love this scene, I just wish Ru Paul was doing the singing.

  19. emotion engine


  20. Mikayla Lottihall

    This show is so underrated 🤦🏾‍♀️

  21. Lauren O

    Her hair is everything

  22. Lauren O

    I feel like Galavant deserves at least two more seasons. It’s not fair that this masterpiece was cancelled but absolute garbage gets renewed year after year.

  23. Ramsey Uhter

    Does anyone know what this song could possibly be paying homage to? I know they do this with other songs (ex: Daweves vs Giants references West Side Story), and this is really making me think of Send in The Men from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or A Man After Midnight from Mamma Mia.

  24. Ephlanuist

    We didn't deserve this show

  25. José Vitor Resende

    After years and rewatching this I realized Kylie is representing not only a Queen but also a Drag Queen

  26. Jareth The Goblin King

    Im back here cuz im now finding out Kylie was the green fairy from Moulin Rouge

  27. The_Trekky_Linguist

    When she said she was the queen of all queens I was thinking "Honey, you're like sixth in line for that title." 😂

  28. daChaosKitty

    I love how she refers to herself as "The queen of all queens."

  29. Herman T.

    If you havan’t started dance you have no heart


    Herman Tselinsky I walked fabulously, does that count??

  30. Acesta Panther

    bear! I just got it

  31. PyroShayNiac

    She's stunning. This is literally my favorite song in the show!

  32. Princess Cheese

    This show needed more than 2 seasons

  33. PyroShayNiac

    This is my favorite song on this show, I swear.

  34. Kylie Connelly

    My mom named me after her! :)

  35. MorgaineRiddlePrince

    I wanna sing this to my husband at the wedding!

    Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

    MorgaineRiddlePrince you're the 69th comment

  36. Ben17ism

    When a hot guy walks in:

  37. Ben17ism

    Poor Cain.... Nobody will pick him up

  38. TheColorOfCaramel

    Kylie!!! :-D

  39. charming jim

    The televised version had a bit more musical embellishments.

  40. Djoudi Djoudi

    انا نبغي هادا الفيلم بزاف

  41. The Impossibly Holistic Girl

    Please, anyone make a video with Daenerys and Jon and this Song!!! 😂PLS!!!

  42. Harley Blake

    Needs renewed!

  43. MrArmystrong85

    This gets cancelled but Kardashians is still on air. There is no justice in this world

    sacredredwolf !

    And takes off Galavant an original tv show not many attempt and makes more modern and speaking while they let repetitive shows that do the same thing over and over againg


    I honestly think it ended the best way it could


    I think it was just too expensive to make and they weren't seeing a return on their money whereas a reality show doesn't have to cost that much and mindless morons tune in each week.


    Fuzzyscarfandmittens pretty much the reason.....

  44. Adamosca

    Imagine you walked In a bar and all this sudden your in a musical and then your tossed shirtless behind the bar to make drinks? I mean that's a
    Weird situation to be.

    Preston Downey

    Adamosca Id be like
    "Ok, at least I have a job now."

  45. Jennifer Wills

    that song has me under her spell

  46. Alejo Tobon

    beautifull. KYLIE KYLIE KYLIE

  47. Avalon Willowbloom

    my spouse and I are planning on using this for a drag show


    You are what's right with the world.

  48. HeroOrGod

    come back Galavant ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; i miss this show so much!!!!!

  49. WondrousFlyer20

    where do I sign to become part of this kingdom

  50. A. Lu

    When I was watching this first, I was hoping the queen of queens would be a drag queen since it seemed like it was leading that way, but Kylie did not disappoint.

    Hari Seldon

    She might have been intended to be an exceptional drag queen since it was stated the women's restroom was never constructed because there were no women.

    Santini Soriano

    @Hari Seldon now that you mentioned this, i did not realize this until i watched it again

  51. Terézia Marková

    I haven't seen a single episode of Galavant and some trusted reviewers I know don't like it, but the songs, oh, the songs... Heck, this is the Luke Pasqualino fangirls' anthem!

    Emma Jean

    WATCH IT. You'll be hooked by the end of the first episode

    Kristalla Smolder

    Oh yeah, this is the Luke Pasqualino fans' official anthem!!! 😏☺️😎

  52. Kisses A

    Kristen Chenoweth in this role.

    Martin Wiseley

    I was legitimately surprised it wasn’t her

  53. spiritgirl41192

    "I wanna fly like her, too. Someone pick me up! Pick me up too!" XD

    Amy Graham

    spiritgirl41192 I Know Richard is precious

  54. Jade Montpetit

    I love this song her voice is so strong it's amazing . and it is a catchy one too . has to be one of my favorites

  55. misscanadarain


  56. Princess Cheese

    This show has been on my watchlist so long, I just started watching it yesterday and I love it

  57. caveman Versace

    Does America even know who Kylie is?

    Dee Forty-Five

    She's not an icon like she is overseas, but she's still reasonably well-known over here

    caveman Versace

    @Dee Forty-Five I would think the gays know who she was as she's one of their icons like Cher and Streisand. This show was weird and camp as hell.

    Magical Hamster

    Hell yeah we do! She was on that one episode of Doctor Who with the space Titantic. : P

    Hari Seldon

    Her 'Loco-Motion' single did fairly well here. The DW episode was mentioned, but she also did the movie 'Street Fighter' with Van Damme, though it didn't do very well since it wasn't very good.

  58. Gavin Davy


  59. Hot Guys

    Always been jealous of Kylie Minogue. But now, more than ever, now that she has this dude as a BF... Damn!!!


    Yes, the cougar is strong in that one *lol*

    Samreen Ferdousi

    Fit Studs they broke up

  60. Phryne Mnesarete

    kylie, still faithfully giving the gays life

  61. Sasha DarkCloud

    Anyone else notice that Galavant is shirtless in The Enchanted Forest only 2 minutes and he is already covered in glitter? You can see it on his back and chest in certain lighting.

    ajay crisp

    Sasha DarkCloud I never noticed that!! and now I can't stop stareing😂😂

  62. Leonaristo

    OMG! That should be released as Kylie's single, or download from iTunes!

  63. Unknown And Unversed

    or tossing him to the bear? ... love that part!! lol

    Hari Seldon

    Yes, but to be epic would have required a Brian Urlacher cameo. :)

  64. Dire Badger

    I do believe that that was one of the best songs in the whole series


    Personally, Maybe You Won't Die Alone is one of my favorites. And My Dragon Pal and Me.

    Lauren O

    Definitely top 5

  65. Julianne Storms

    How funny that Kylie is actually in a relationship with Joshua Sasse (the actor that plays Galavant) XD

    Carla Starchild

    hes single now


    In January of this year (less than a year after he split with Kylie), he almost married a woman called Harriet - but she called the wedding off at the last minute. Look at the news today, eight months later he's just wed an Australian woman by the name of Louise. That's three different women he's been engaged to in 18 months. Utter waste of space!


    @ProofreadEnglish He's a waste of space because of his own personal life? That's his damn business.


    @Ledy Tell that to the people in the village where he was due to marry Harriet. He ran off leaving a string of unpaid bills. They're not happy to say the least.


    @ProofreadEnglish That's a dick move but you were talking about his love life. I don't have to tell anyone anything. I specifically argued calling him trash based on his love life, nothing more.

  66. Carol Reaume

    can someone please do a mashup of this with 'I Need a Hero' and 'Its Raining Men'?

    You're Welcome!

    Carol Reaume you can do it


    It's literally a mashup of both of those songs

  67. Sid

    This show is a gift

    Michael McBride

    You got that right! Loves it. :)

    Mike Brammer

    Sid Brenders I miss this show. Yes, it was completely stupid and ridiculous, but it was so dumb that it was freaking hilarious.

    RASL E. Joy

    So sad 😭 they cancelled it


    @Mike Brammer the show was genius musical, you have to stupid not the get the point of the show

  68. kukuzice

    Gorgeous Kylie!

  69. irakli ninua

    UK could win Eurovison with this song!

    Mari Skulstad

    Good songs never win eurovision. Haven't you learned that neighbouring countries always vote for eachother? x)


    She's actually Australian.


    @Mari Skulstad Not all of them. No country has given The Netherlands fewer votes than Belgium. I agree on quality not winning though. You need to have an act that seems like it was rejected by the circus. Or be a man with a beard in a dress.

  70. Kylie2011DcsabaS

    My life and my shirt for the Queen :-)!

  71. K SMR

    Oh your majesty, you always give the people what they want!!!!!

  72. Lucas Lins

    Te amo <3