Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World Lyrics

Come, come, come into my world
Won't you lift me up, up, high upon your love

Take these arms that were made for lovin'
And this heart that will beat for two
Take these eyes that were meant for watching over you
And I've been such a long time waiting
For someone I can call my own
I've been chasing the life I'm dreaming
Now I'm home

I need your love
Like night needs morning

Come, come, come into my world
Won't you lift me up, up, high upon your love

Na na na na

Take these lips that were made for kissing
And this heart that will see you through
And these hands that were made to touch and
feel you

So free your love
Hear me I'm calling

Oh won't you
Come, come, come into my world
Won't you lift me up, up, high upon your love

I need your love
Like night needs morning

Oh won't you
Come, come, come into my world
Won't you lift me up, up, high upon your love

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Kylie Minogue Come Into My World Comments
  1. noayRL436

    I dream of being massaging her feet to help her to relax from walking all clip long!
    4 Kylies = 8 feet to massage ;)

  2. Mariusz Paziewicz

    Kylie Beautiful Music🔊🎶😘💞💋🎄🎅🌠

  3. ShrekMAN Castle

    Kylie Minogue - Inception

  4. Alejandro gael Morales cantarell

    Come into My World ay Love

  5. Art Clark

    I still remember the fist time I heard this song on the radio. However the radio sound quality was not so good. I heard "Oh baby, come, come into my womb." 😂

  6. Rakesh Bhayana

    I am from India I still love this song

  7. Marcelo Old Boy

    Este clipe é uma obra de arte!

  8. rezzy greg

    I make my Subwoofer bleed with this song. Yup still jammin 2019

  9. Taasin Abedin

    when life used to be simple n sweet.. those good olf days..sigh...!!!

  10. daniellua1

    I have FINALLY found an error:


    at the far back on the left

    Clint Tapper

    daniellua1 well spotted sir! You must have been combing frame by frame to find that. How long did it tight to find it?


    @Clint Tapper
    I've been watching/listening to Kylie's singles dozens of times lately and I just happened to give a glimpse at the screen of my PC for a few seconds thinking how well done the background was. XD

  11. Maty Emece Oficial


  12. Jahir Corneole

    Años buscando esta canción donde quedaron estas buenas canciones

  13. deep blue

    one of themost unique videos ever

  14. Jahdai Dawes


  15. pikara issa

    Aun escucho el video y me encanta, es super sensacional!

  16. Luis Cervantes

    After almost 20 years of searching this song, I finally made it

  17. Mr3dPHD

    Michel Gondry is an absolute genius. Every music video he does blows my mind.

  18. Edney Simon Paul

    round 2

  19. Edney Simon Paul

    so demanding . . .

  20. buri zaemon

    So the Multiverse had already been there...

  21. Matthew McRee

    I've never been so pleasantly confused as when this song was played inside a store at this shitty outlet mall in the suburbs in like 2004. I was bored out of my mind and then Kylie started playing and made my boredom go away for at least a few minutes (with this song stuck in my head for the rest of day).

  22. Ignacio Carrera

    Almost 2020 and a lot of people wanna come back to 2001...
    Well, me too. Times when it just music enjoy, wait for that CD and video music... no Youtube, no Spotify, no toxic social networks.... beautiful Kylie... she still doing good pop music

  23. isaac Heres

    How many Kylie Minogues are in that store?

  24. Nathan Waggoner 432

    I love watching all the bad stuff happen so epic.

  25. NerdilyDone

    I'mma be real, the video is far better than the song. Too good for it. This is the kind of song that the 90s churned out by the truckload, and Michel Gondry put his usual technical genius into a song that quite frankly, is not otherwise memorable.

    I will say, though, I miss the days when the churned-out songs were this pleasant and listenable.

  26. 52 chanel

    Hight inovatif this video

  27. quỳnh nga ngô

    Perfect loops

  28. Mi ser En evolución

    Jjjjj que relajo 💞💞

  29. John R.

    I have a feeling that world would have been better if these many Kylies actually existed

  30. Tundra Vort3x

    With how many Kylies were walking around this whole music video would be complete anarchy by now

  31. BlueEyedSexyPants

    Oh, man. This is awesome. 5 Kylies increases my odds of getting with her to 5 x infinitesimal.

  32. [name.]

    I'd love to cry right now. Sometimes I'd like to get 2001 back again. And much more at 3 am.

  33. Necrowbot Haikal

    i finally find this MV after 18years looking for it.

  34. SULEYMAN Fidan

    Süpersin güzel kalpli güzel insan kolay gelsin sana güzel kalpli güzel insan

  35. 1307flako

    💞 💝 💞

  36. Beth Johnathan


  37. Ira Dilaveraki

    the only thing I don't miss are the low waisted pants. I adore everything else

  38. Wandherson Bento

    I miss old MTV.

  39. Melancholy Zhane

    That’s how crazy New York is

  40. The Starman

    Oh good

  41. Astrid A

    Kylie à Paris!

  42. Default Loginperson

    One of the truly greatest music videos, in music video history.

  43. Paweł Piotr

    Excellent idea for a video-clip

  44. Germán Cantero Mariano

    Kylie always gets the best videos. This is probably her bestest.

  45. Ерден Жумабеков

    People are roaming the streets with no smartphones.

  46. Lastri Marselina

    Kylie Minogue+the song+best video editing makes it best music video

  47. Daniela B.

    brava e bella


    Recuerdo que rotaban mucho este vídeo en MTV Latino américa en 2002.

  49. DeGeneral876

    hmmmmmm oic.......>>>>>>>

  50. Franck Lusito

    Toujours la en 2019

  51. Guram Gogitidze

    Can i get lyrics to this song?

  52. Sita Vety

    I just remember I was so in love with that cross bag

  53. sailorcarr

    Cool. 😊

  54. Viren vs

    She is by far the most beautiful woman I've ever seen

    Igor M.

    One of them for sure. Beautiful, elegant and sexy


    quien esta aquí por sklperu?

  56. Juan Pablo Rangel

    Quién más en Diciembre 2019?

  57. Peterq James

    Come, come come on her face

  58. Dell Gregore

    Outstanding video concept and music

  59. Luisa Monsalve

    Like si la escuchas finalizando 2019

  60. Кокот

    Ну,вот все время так,одно и то жде ))))

  61. Damien CHEVE

    Awesome.Video In Paris

  62. kotosqopos

    Cum! Cum!

  63. TELEX

    Al final del video parecia centro de lima en peru XD

  64. Jacob

    I don't get this video clip lol

  65. No Name

    Помню 2002 год крутили эту песню по MTV 👍

  66. Uni

    Honestly, this looks great, I guess that they have a camera on a rail and it replicates the movement for every take. This kind of stuff was not new but, the way it was used was.

  67. Edney Simon Paul

    la-la - - la - la-la

  68. Sagar Chatterjee

    All time favourite

  69. AK_kodiak Boots

    Brilliant! Thank you for the video.

  70. Ash Williams

    Who is listening to this wonderful song in December 2019?

    Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    Time does not matter when music is good... and I ain't no bubblegum pop kind of guy... but this is good

    Hans Landa

    This priceless music video is a timeless masterpiece like Kylie!!!

    next-door traveler

    Me! I can recall the days when this songs hit the charts. beautiful days, beautiful song and the video, simply unique.

    Jasper Newstead

    @Renzokuken Leneyoyo amen

  71. In The Beginning Was The Word

    I was walking around Paris just last week and unfortunately Kylie is still lost and walking around quite aimlessly singing to herself but good news is she looks wonderful, sounds great and seems as happy as Larry!

  72. In The Beginning Was The Word

    I forgot what a great track this was, heard on the radio here in Florida and all kinds of memories came flooding back from my time in the UK.

  73. Clint Tapper

    I would love to play this video to someone in 1968.

    I think it would blow their mind to such an extent that they would have their jaw open and be staring saying things like, "how in the fucking bejesus is this happening and what the fuck am I watching some kind of Witchcraft???"

  74. Ray Taylor

    Like if anyone's listening to this in 2020?

  75. Moloko

    2000's and something... when music wasnt shitty and videos were actually creative with limited digital tools!!!


    People may say shit 'bout KYLIE! But she is the shit,believe me,please!!!!xxxo

  77. Hermione Jean Granger

    Queen of Pop 💎

  78. Maciej Gatkowski

    Its magic music.............I love Kylie.........

    Hans Landa

    Hey! Look for " kylie come into my world live Manchester 2002 " ... it is special...

    Maciej Gatkowski

    @Hans Landa She is The Woman from my dreams.................:)

  79. smyrnianlink

    I need this video to teach memory leak.

  80. gunther giesl

    Every time I watch this music video I imagine myself as a professor working in a Center for Genetics and I devised a cloning technique to clone a female goddess, in this case Kylie Minogue, where as, I cloned her approx. 5 times...and all 5 female clones are fully grown, independent and extremely healthy, and all visit me together in a un named city...It's so nice living the dream eh!....damn it, than my dream ends when the video is finished...but then I click refresh and ta dah...dream continues...muhahahahaha <------ evil laugh!

  81. bex bexington

    Low rise

    No pleats or cordiroy

    I'm calling velvitine rabbit

    On her ass !

    Very long commechall

  82. Maryann

    Still don't know how they did this? 🤔 Great song! ♥️

  83. noayRL436

    Everyone has his own Kylie to hug if this clip never ends

  84. DatBwoiXERXESdem

    Movado - Come into my room

  85. guleet

    Its ok in the beginning ! as the video continues , my eyes are all over the place !!

  86. noam reneaume

    Michel Gondry for the win!

  87. Inti Jose David Muñoz Escobar

    Teacher: No copying!
    Kids in the back of the class:

  88. peter nolan


  89. peter nolan

    ohohoh hohoh

  90. DreadCannibal

    music videos are simply an ad for a very expensive hooker

  91. pscs mnl


  92. Billy Chia

    My dear World, stay tune to this. Hold On. We shall engage your Groups Economy Globally. Sincerely Billy Chia.

  93. Nombre Apellido

    Cómo editaron este vídeo???🤔,🤔, 🤔

  94. Gibrán Vázquez

    Kylie invented “The multiverse” in 2001.

  95. Karasuma Renya

    Kylie my love

  96. Márcio A.C.

    Cadê os brasileiros que acham esse videoclipe incrível? Muito bem feito.