Kylie Minogue - Burning Up Lyrics

Down to the disco
Everything stops
Walking in solo
Everyone drops

Hey summer madness
Totally cool
My heart starts racing
When i see you

I'm burning up baby
I'm burning up
Can you feel it burning me

My pulse is pumping
My heart may burst
If you drink me up i'm
Gonna quench your thirst

You're not honest
No you're not that nice
But if i kiss you once i'm
Gonna kiss you twice

I'm burning up baby
I'm burning up
Can you feel it burning me

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Kylie Minogue Burning Up Comments
  1. Yoyo Gresik

    I listen this song loud using my Harman kardon system with 20inch subwoofer. Amazing like a i cant tell it how it feel. Sadly the subwoofer it broken now. And In Indonesia the service centre is i cant tell you.

  2. Joe

    Why I was never familiar with this song. Amazing Kylie the live version is amazing and the show OMG

  3. Roberto Macias

    Can you feel it???

  4. Mete Arslan


  5. Hermione Jean Granger


  6. A Certain Booster

  7. Jochen Hansen


  8. Konstantinos Papacharalampos

    What an album! THE pop masterpiece!

  9. Manuel93

    2:18 - 2:35 BEST PART <3

  10. xxxTIN0xxx

    Favorite song off this album, it deserved a single release. I love the contrast between the verses and the chorus, the verses are slow and then all of a sudden the chorus bursts up with its catchy disco sound. Amazing song.

  11. Camille Reissig

    I'm burning up baby I'm burning up yeaaaaaaah ;D, really love FEVER!

  12. Simona La Rosa

    Still listening in 2017

  13. Charlie Manner


  14. ale gonzalez

    One of my faves song from her 💃

  15. Star

    Hey summer madness, totally cool. My hearts start racing when I see you. ;)

  16. StrickenWithFear

    If there was ever another song from this album that deserved a single release it would have to be this song.

    Alexander The Great

    I agree 1,000%!

    Rick Laitinen-Patel





    This was meant to be the fifth single, but Parlophone favoured focusing on the production of _Body Language_ instead.

    alan fox

    Bum humbug to the record company body language was not one of the best albums in Kyle canon

  17. Soaribb

    Love this one so much

  18. Floris 2015

    Kylie is a mystery prr sang( aRe ) eS 4 1001 % ;) :)

  19. archelonprime

    I'm surprised a music video of this song was never made.

  20. Kendra jailyne Argueta

    i love kylie minogue

  21. Kendra jailyne Argueta

    ok quien no escuche a kylie minogue  no sabe de lo que se pierde

    Mauricio Brodka

    Kendra jailyne Argueta ciertamente!

  22. Newecreator

    I don't know why they are uploading her album tracks but please put them into a playlist with the music videos. :/

    I am liking this so far; X and Aphrodite is up next!

  23. Luis Quevedo

    I wish this would have been released as a single with a freaking hot video... One of my favorites from the album and Kylie’s career probably,. This song stills on fire!

    Ernst T

    +lkumiksm I agree!


    +lkumiksm Ditto!!!


    Definitely. One of my favorite songs too.


    I agree. What an excellent song to conclude the album with!

    JW Davere

    Deffo would have been a great music video can just see it now

  24. Edson Hernandez

    Soy yo o se escucha muy bajo el audio? =/

  25. MJC

    Whys she done this :/? Xx